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Fluorescence Imaging

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Fluorescence imaging is a technique using instruments such as fluorescence microscopes to visualize fluorescent dyes or proteins tagged to targets of interest. It is a sensitive and quantitative method that is widely used in molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry laboratories for a variety of experimental observations. Such observations include the location and dynamics of gene expression, protein expression and molecular interactions in cells and tissues. For subcellular imaging of organelles such as cell membranes, lysosome and mitochondria AAT Bioquest offers Cell Navigator fluorescence imaging kits. Each kit includes a set of robust fluorescence tools optimized for live cell imaging and analysis of cellular events in a spatial and temporal context.

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Fluorescence images of HeLa cells stained with Cell Navigator™ Mitochondrion Staining Kit *Green Fluorescence*. Live cells were stained with mitochondria dye MitoLite™ Green (Green) and imaged using fluorescence microscope with a FITC filter set. After fixation in 4% formaldehyde, the cells were labeled with F-actin dye iFluor™ 633-Phalloidin (Cat#23125, Red) and counterstained with Nuclear Blue™ DCS1 (Cat#17548, Blue).

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