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There are 4 citation(s) for Luminol [3-Aminophthalhydrazide] *CAS 521-31-3* (Cat No. 11050).

Linker histone H1. 2 and H1. 4 affect the neutrophil lineage determination
Authors: Sollberger, Gabriel and Streeck, Robert and Apel, Falko and Caffrey, Brian Edward and Skoultchi, Arthur I and Zychlinsky, Arturo
Journal: Elife (2020): e52563
Transaldolase 1 is required for Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) Formation
Authors: Morath, Jakob Paul
Journal: (2020)
Linker Histone H1 subtypes specifically regulate neutrophil differentiation
Authors: Sollberger, Gabriel and Streeck, Robert and Caffrey, Brian Edward and Zychlinsky, Arturo
Journal: bioRxiv (2019): 763482
Gasdermin D plays a vital role in the generation of neutrophil extracellular traps
Authors: Sollberger, Gabriel and Choidas, Axel and Burn, Garth Lawrence and Habenberger, Peter and Di Lucrezia, Raffaella and Kordes, Susanne and Menninger, Sascha and Eickhoff, Jan and Nussbaumer, Peter and Klebl, Bert and others,
Journal: Science immunology (2018): eaar6689

There are 14 reference(s) for Luminol [3-Aminophthalhydrazide] *CAS 521-31-3* (Cat No. 11050).

Luminol-hydrogen peroxide chemiluminescence produced by sweet potato peroxidase
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Ultrasensitive assay of azithromycin in medicine and bio-fluids based on its enhanced luminol-H(2)O(2) chemiluminescence reaction using flow injection technique
Authors: Song Z, Wang C.
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Application of an enhanced luminol chemiluminescence reaction using 4-[4,5-di(2-pyridyl)-1H-imidazol-2-yl]phenylboronic acid to photographic detection of horseradish peroxidase on a membrane
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