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There are 26 reference(s) for mFluor™ 510-VAD-FMK (Cat No. 13476).

Suppression of human T cell proliferation by the caspase inhibitors, z-VAD-FMK and z-IETD-FMK is independent of their caspase inhibition properties
Authors: Lawrence CP, Chow SC.
Journal: Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. (2012)
Inhibition of elicitation of allergic contact dermatitis by topical use of Z-VAD-FMK, a broad caspase inhibitor: experiment in mice
Authors: Li YY, Yan CL.
Journal: Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi (2012): 1992
Structure of human caspase-6 in complex with Z-VAD-FMK: New peptide binding mode observed for the non-canonical caspase conformation
Authors: Muller I, Lamers MB, Ritchie AJ, Dominguez C, Munoz-Sanjuan I, Kiselyov A.
Journal: Bioorg Med Chem Lett (2011): 5244
Intracochlear perfusion of leupeptin and z-VAD-FMK: influence of antiapoptotic agents on gunshot-induced hearing loss
Authors: Abaamrane L, Raffin F, Schmerber S, Sendowski I.
Journal: Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2011): 987
Plasmodium falciparum metacaspase PfMCA-1 triggers a z-VAD-fmk inhibitable protease to promote cell death
Authors: Meslin B, Beavogui AH, Fasel N, Picot S.
Journal: PLoS One (2011): e23867
Pretreatment with pancaspase inhibitor (Z-VAD-FMK) delays but does not prevent intraperitoneal heat-killed group B Streptococcus-induced preterm delivery in a pregnant mouse model
Authors: Equils O, Moffatt-Blue C, Ishikawa TO, Simmons CF, Ilievski V, Hirsch E.
Journal: Infect Dis Obstet Gynecol (2009): 749432
Attenuation of allergic contact dermatitis by Z-VAD-FMK, a broad caspase inhibitor: experiment with mice
Authors: Li YY, Yan CL, Xu W.
Journal: Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi (2008): 3153
Bodipy-VAD-Fmk, a useful tool to study yeast peptide N-glycanase activity
Authors: Witte MD, Descals CV, de Lavoir SV, Florea BI, van der Marel GA, Overkleeft HS.
Journal: Org Biomol Chem (2007): 3690
Effects of caspase inhibitors (z-VAD-fmk, z-VDVAD-fmk) on Nile Red fluorescence pattern in 7-ketocholesterol-treated cells: investigation by flow cytometry and spectral imaging microscopy
Authors: Vejux A, Lizard G, Tourneur Y, Riedinger JM, Frouin F, Kahn E.
Journal: Cytometry A (2007): 550
Caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK enhances the freeze-thaw survival rate of human embryonic stem cells
Authors: Heng BC, Clement MV, Cao T.
Journal: Biosci Rep (2007): 257
z-VAD-fmk-induced non-apoptotic cell death of macrophages: possibilities and limitations for atherosclerotic plaque stabilization
Authors: Martinet W, Schrijvers DM, Herman AG, De Meyer GR.
Journal: Autophagy (2006): 312
z-VAD-fmk inhibits peptide:N-glycanase and may result in ER stress
Authors: Misaghi S, Korbel GA, Kessler B, Spooner E, Ploegh HL.
Journal: Cell Death Differ (2006): 163
z-VAD-fmk augmentation of TNF alpha-stimulated neutrophil apoptosis is compound specific and does not involve the generation of reactive oxygen species
Authors: Cowburn AS, White JF, Deighton J, Walmsley SR, Chilvers ER.
Journal: Blood (2005): 2970
The augmentation of TNFalpha-induced cell death in murine L929 fibrosarcoma by the pan-caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-fmk through pre-mitochondrial and MAPK-dependent pathways
Authors: Huang J, Wu L, Tashiro S, Onodera S, Ikejima T.
Journal: Acta Med Okayama (2005): 253
Short-term culture with the caspase inhibitor z-VAD.fmk reduces beta cell apoptosis in transplanted islets and improves the metabolic outcome of the graft
Authors: Montolio M, Tellez N, Biarnes M, Soler J, Montanya E.
Journal: Cell Transplant (2005): 59
Rescue of defective branching nephrogenesis in renal-coloboma syndrome by the caspase inhibitor, Z-VAD-fmk
Authors: Clark P, Dziarmaga A, Eccles M, Goodyer P.
Journal: J Am Soc Nephrol (2004): 299
5-fluorouracil-induced oligodendrocyte death and inhibitory effect of cycloheximide, Trolox, and Z-VAD-FMK in murine cortical culture
Authors: Cho KH, Choi SM, Kim BC, Lee SH, Park MS, Kim MK, Kim JK.
Journal: Cancer (2004): 1484
Caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK potentiates heat shock-induced apoptosis and HSP70 synthesis in macrophages
Authors: Malyshev IY, Pshennikova MG, Shimkovich MV, Malysheva EV.
Journal: Bull Exp Biol Med (2004): 230
Inhibition of apoptosis by Z-VAD-fmk in SMN-depleted S2 cells
Authors: Ilangovan R, Marshall WL, Hua Y, Zhou J.
Journal: J Biol Chem (2003): 30993
Effects of BAPTA-AM, Forskolin, DSF and Z.VAD.fmk on PDT-induced apoptosis and m-THPC phototoxicity on B16 cells
Authors: Thibaut S, Bourre L, Hernot D, Rousset N, Lajat Y, Patrice T.
Journal: Apoptosis (2002): 99
Sensitivity of photoreceptor-derived cell line (661W) to baculoviral p35, Z-VAD.FMK, and Fas-associated death domain
Authors: Tuohy G, Millington-Ward S, Kenna PF, Humphries P, Farrar GJ.
Journal: Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci (2002): 3583
The history of Z-VAD-FMK, a tool for understanding the significance of caspase inhibition
Authors: Van Noorden CJ., undefined
Journal: Acta Histochem (2001): 241
Caspase inhibitor z-VAD-FMK inhibits keratocyte apoptosis, but promotes keratocyte necrosis, after corneal epithelial scrape
Authors: Kim WJ, Mohan RR, Wilson SE.
Journal: Exp Eye Res (2000): 225
Baculovirus p35 and Z-VAD-fmk inhibit thapsigargin-induced apoptosis of breast cancer cells
Authors: Qi XM, He H, Zhong H, Distelhorst CW.
Journal: Oncogene (1997): 1207
Camptothecin-induced apoptosis in p53-null human leukemia HL60 cells and their isolated nuclei: effects of the protease inhibitors Z-VAD-fmk and dichloroisocoumarin suggest an involvement of both caspases and serine proteases
Authors: Shimizu T, Pommier Y.
Journal: Leukemia (1997): 1238
Benzyloxycarbonyl-Val-Ala-Asp (OMe) fluoromethylketone (Z-VAD.FMK) inhibits apoptosis by blocking the processing of CPP32
Authors: Slee EA, Zhu H, Chow SC, MacFarlane M, Nicholson DW, Cohen GM.
Journal: Biochem J (1996): 21