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There are 4 citation(s) for iFluor® 790 succinimidyl ester (Cat No. 1368).

Multifunctional lipid-based nanocarriers with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities for treating MRSA bacteremia in mice
Authors: Liao, Chia-Chih and Yu, Huang-Ping and Yang, Shih-Chun and Alalaiwe, Ahmed and Dai, You-Shan and Liu, Fu-Chao and Fang, Jia-You
Journal: Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2021): 1--18
Concentrated growth factor matrices prepared using silica-coated plastic tubes are distinguishable from those prepared using glass tubes in platelet distribution: Application of a novel near-infrared imaging-based, quantitative technique
Authors: Yamaguchi, Sadahiro and Aizawa, Hachidai and Sato, Atsushi and Tsujino, Tetsuhiro and Isobe, Kazushige and Kitamura, Yutaka and Watanabe, Taisuke and Okudera, Hajime and Mour{\~a}o, Carlos Fernando and Kawase, Tomoyuki
Journal: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (2020): 600
Squarticles as the nanoantidotes to sequester the overdosed antidepressant for detoxification
Authors: Chen, Chun-Han and Huang, Tse-Hung and Elzoghby, Ahmed O and Wang, Pei-Wen and Chang, Chia-Wen and Fang, Jia-You
Journal: International journal of nanomedicine (2017): 8071
Nanovesicle delivery to the liver via retinol binding protein and platelet-derived growth factor receptors: how targeting ligands affect biodistribution
Authors: Hsu, Ching-Yun and Chen, Chun-Han and Aljuffali, Ibrahim A and Dai, You-Shan and Fang, Jia-You
Journal: Nanomedicine (2017)

There are 18 reference(s) for iFluor® 790 succinimidyl ester (Cat No. 1368).

A target cell-specific activatable fluorescence probe for in vivo molecular imaging of cancer based on a self-quenched avidin-rhodamine conjugate
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Fluorescence imaging in vivo: recent advances
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Ex vivo fluorescence imaging of normal and malignant urothelial cells to enhance early diagnosis
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In vivo monitoring the fate of Cy5.5-Tat labeled T lymphocytes by quantitative near-infrared fluorescence imaging during acute brain inflammation in a rat model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
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In Vivo Fluorescence Microscopic Imaging for Dynamic Quantitative Assessment of Intestinal Mucosa Permeability in Mice
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In vivo spectral fluorescence imaging of submillimeter peritoneal cancer implants using a lectin-targeted optical agent
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