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There are 8 citation(s) for iFluor® 860 maleimide (Cat No. 1408).

Pancreatic Cancer Cells Undergo Immunogenic Cell Death upon Exposure to Gas Plasma-Oxidized Ringer’s Lactate
Authors: Miebach, Lea and Mohamed, Hager and Wende, Kristian and Miller, Vandana and Bekeschus, Sander
Journal: Cancers (2023): 319
In-Vitro Biofilm Removal Efficacy Using Water Jet in Combination with Cold Plasma Technology on Dental Titanium Implants
Authors: Matthes, Rutger and Jablonowski, Lukasz and Miebach, Lea and Pitchika, Vinay and Holtfreter, Birte and Eberhard, Christian and Seifert, Leo and Gerling, Torsten and Schl{\"u}ter, Rabea and Kocher, Thomas and others,
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2023): 1606
Identification of distinct functional thymic programming of fetal and pediatric human $\gamma$$\delta$ thymocytes via single-cell analysis
Authors: Sanchez Sanchez, Guillem and Papadopoulou, Maria and Azouz, Abdulkader and Tafesse, Yohannes and Mishra, Archita and Chan, Jerry KY and Fan, Yiping and Verdebout, Isoline and Porco, Silvana and Libert, Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rick and others,
Journal: Nature communications (2022): 1--19
Conductive Gas Plasma Treatment Augments Tumor Toxicity of Ringer’s Lactate Solutions in a Model of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis
Authors: Miebach, Lea and Freund, Eric and Cecchini, Alessandra Louren{\c{c}}o and Bekeschus, Sander
Journal: Antioxidants (2022): 1439
A versatile platform for generating engineered extracellular vesicles with defined therapeutic properties
Authors: Dooley, Kevin and McConnell, Russell E and Xu, Ke and Lewis, Nuruddeen D and Haupt, Sonya and Youniss, Madeleine R and Martin, Shelly and Sia, Chang Ling and McCoy, Christine and Moniz, Raymond J and others,
Journal: Molecular Therapy (2021): 1729--1743
Soluble ST2 links inflammation to outcome after subarachnoid hemorrhage
Authors: Bevers, Matthew B and Wolcott, Zoe and Bache, Søren and Hansen, Christina and Sastre, Cristina and Mylvaganam, Ravi and Koch, Matthew J and Patel, Aman B and Møller, Kirsten and Kimberly, W Taylor
Journal: Annals of neurology (2019)
Nanovesicle delivery to the liver via retinol binding protein and platelet-derived growth factor receptors: how targeting ligands affect biodistribution
Authors: Hsu, Ching-Yun and Chen, Chun-Han and Aljuffali, Ibrahim A and Dai, You-Shan and Fang, Jia-You
Journal: Nanomedicine (2017)
18--Color Human Blood Phenotyping Made Easy with Flow Cytometry
Authors: McCracken, James and Lawson, Jonel

There are 18 reference(s) for iFluor® 860 maleimide (Cat No. 1408).

A target cell-specific activatable fluorescence probe for in vivo molecular imaging of cancer based on a self-quenched avidin-rhodamine conjugate
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Fluorescence imaging in vivo: recent advances
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