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There are 27 citation(s) for Cyanine 5 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy5® NHS ester] (Cat No. 151).

A broadly applicable protein-polymer adjuvant system for antiviral vaccines
Authors: Wang, Caiqian and Geng, Yuanyuan and Wang, Haoran and Ren, Zeheng and Hou, Qingxiu and Fang, An and Wu, Qiong and Wu, Liqin and Shi, Xiujuan and Zhou, Ming and others,
Journal: EMBO Molecular Medicine (2024): 1--33
Structural basis of ELKS/Rab6B interaction and its role in vesicle capturing enhanced by liquid-liquid phase separation
Authors: Jin, Gaowei and Lin, Leishu and Li, Kaiyue and Li, Jiashan and Yu, Cong and Wei, Zhiyi
Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry (2023): 104808
Temporal and spatial assembly of inner ear hair cell ankle link condensate through phase separation
Authors: Wang, Huang and Du, Haibo and Ren, Rui and Du, Tingting and Lin, Lin and Feng, Zhe and Zhao, Dange and Wei, Xiaoxi and Zhai, Xiaoyan and Wang, Hongyang and others,
Journal: Nature Communications (2023): 1657
Manganese regulation of COPII condensation controls circulating lipid homeostasis
Authors: Wang, Xiao and Huang, Runze and Wang, Yawei and Zhou, Wenjing and Hu, Yating and Yao, Yuanhang and Cheng, Kunlun and Li, Xin and Xu, Bolin and Zhang, Jie and others,
Journal: Nature Cell Biology (2023): 1--14
Phase separation-mediated condensation of Whirlin-Myo15-Eps8 stereocilia tip complex
Authors: Lin, Lin and Shi, Yingdong and Wang, Mengli and Wang, Chao and Lu, Qing and Zhu, Jinwei and Zhang, Rongguang
Journal: Cell Reports (2021): 108770
Highly Multiplexed Single-Cell In Situ RNA and DNA Analysis by Consecutive Hybridization
Authors: Xiao, Lu and Liao, Renjie and Guo, Jia
Journal: Molecules (2020): 4900
A novel matrix protein PfX regulates shell ultrastructure by binding to specific calcium carbonate crystal faces
Authors: Yang, Xue and Yang, Dong and Yan, Yi and Li, Shiguo and Han, Zaiming and Ji, Yinghui and Zheng, Guilan and Xie, Liping and Zhang, Rongqing
Journal: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (2020)
A basic protein, N25, from a mollusk modifies calcium carbonate morphology and shell biomineralization
Authors: Yang, Dong and Yan, Yi and Yang, Xue and Liu, Jun and Zheng, Guilan and Xie, Liping and Zhang, Rongqing
Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry (2019): jbc--RA118
Highly Multiplexed Single Cell In Situ Transcriptomic Analysis.
Authors: Xiao, Lu
Journal: (2019)
Myosin VII, USH1C, and ANKS4B or USH1G Together Form Condensed Molecular Assembly via Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
Authors: He, Yunyun and Li, Jianchao and Zhang, Mingjie
Journal: Cell reports (2019): 974--986
Single-cell in situ RNA analysis with switchable fluorescent oligonucleotides
Authors: Xiao, Lu and Guo, Jia
Journal: Frontiers in cell and developmental biology (2018): 42
Structurally modulated codelivery of siRNA and Argonaute 2 for enhanced RNA interference
Authors: Li, Jiahe and Wu, Connie and Wang, Wade and He, Yanpu and Elkayam, Elad and Joshua-Tor, Leemor and Hammond, Paula T
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018): E2696--E2705
Reconstituted postsynaptic density as a molecular platform for understanding synapse formation and plasticity
Authors: Zeng, Menglong and Chen, Xudong and Guan, Dongshi and Xu, Jia and Wu, Haowei and Tong, Penger and Zhang, Mingjie
Journal: Cell (2018): 1172--1187
A rapid test strip for diagnosing glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) based on fluorescent affinity immunochromatography
Authors: Ang, Chaoman and Lou, Doudou and Hu, Linling and Chen, Wei and Zhu, Yefei and Guo, Zhirui and Gu, Ning and Zhang, Yu
Journal: Analytical Sciences (2018): 18P135
Thermo-sensitive hydrogel PLGA-PEG-PLGA as a vaccine delivery system for intramuscular immunization
Authors: Wang, Xiaoyan and Zhang, Yu and Xue, Wei and Wang, Hong and Qiu, Xiaozhong and Liu, Zonghua
Journal: Journal of Biomaterials Applications (2017): 923--932
Cube-shaped theranostic paclitaxel prodrug nanocrystals with surface functionalization of SPC and MPEG-DSPE for imaging and chemotherapy
Authors: Guo, Fuqiang and Shang, Jiajia and Zhao, Hai and Lai, Kangrong and Li, Yang and Fan, Zhongxiong and Hou, Zhenqing and Su, Guanghao
Journal: Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2017)
Light/magnetic hyperthermia triggered drug released from multi-functional thermo-sensitive magnetoliposomes for precise cancer synergetic theranostics
Authors: Guo, Yuxin and Zhang, Yang and Ma, Jinyuan and Li, Qi and Li, Yang and Zhou, Xinyi and Zhao, Dan and Song, Hua and Chen, Qing and Zhu, Xuan
Journal: Journal of Controlled Release (2017)
Molecular Basis and Consequences of the Cytochrome c-tRNA Interaction
Authors: Liu, Cuiping and Stonestrom, Aaron J and Christian, Thomas and Yong, Jeongsik and Takase, Ryuichi and Hou, Ya-Ming and Yang, Xiaolu
Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry (2016): 10426--10436
Click-electron microscopy for imaging metabolically tagged nonprotein biomolecules
Authors: Ngo, John T and Adams, Stephen R and Deerinck, Thomas J and Boassa, Daniela and Rodriguez-Rivera, Frances and Palida, Sakina F and Bertozzi, Carolyn R and Ellisman, Mark H and Tsien, Roger Y
Journal: Nat Chem Biol (2016): 459--465
Design, synthesis and evaluation of VEGF-siRNA/CRS as a novel vector for gene delivery
Authors: Zhao, Wen and Zhang, Yifan and Jiang, Xueyun and Cui, Chunying
Journal: Drug Design, Development and Therapy (2016): 3851
Affinity-Controlled Protein Encapsulation into Sub-30 nm Telodendrimer Nanocarriers by Multivalent and Synergistic Interactions
Authors: Wang, Xu and Shi, Changying and Zhang, Li and Bodman, Alexa and Guo, D and an , undefined and Wang, Lili and Hall, Walter A and Wilkens, Stephan and Luo, Juntao
Journal: Biomaterials (2016)
Carboxymethyl Dextran-Stabilized Polyethylenimine-Poly (epsilon-caprolactone) Nanoparticles-Mediated Modulation of MicroRNA-34a Expression via Small-Molecule Modulator for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Therapy
Authors: Deng, Xiongwei and Yin, Zhaoxia and Zhou, Zhixiang and Wang, Yihui and Zhang, Fang and Hu, Qin and Yang, Yishu and Lu, Jianqing and Wu, Yan and Sheng, Wang and others, undefined
Journal: ACS applied materials & interfaces (2016): 17068--17079
Multiplexed single-cell in situ RNA analysis by reiterative hybridization
Authors: Xiao, Lu and Guo, Jia
Journal: Analytical Methods (2015): 7290--7295
Determination of the active transport of fucoidan derived from okinawa mozuku across the human intestinal caco-2 cells as assessed by size-exclusion chromatography
Authors: Nagamine, Takeaki and Hayakawa, Kou and Nakazato, Kyoumi and Iha, Masahiko
Journal: Journal of Chromatography B (2015): 187--193
Anti-tumor immune response of folate-conjugated chitosan nanoparticles containing the IP-10 gene in mice with hepatocellular carcinoma
Authors: Lai, Chunhui and Yu, Xia and Zhuo, Huiqin and Zhou, Nuo and Xie, Yuan and He, Jian and Peng, Yi and Xie, Xiaoxun and Luo, Guorong and Zhou, Sufang and others, undefined
Journal: Journal of biomedical nanotechnology (2014): 3576--3589
Aptamer-based competitive binding assay for one-step quantitation of hepatitis B surface antigen
Authors: Suh, Sung-Kwan and Song, Seongeun and Oh, Heung-Bum and Hwang, Sang-Hyun and Hah, Sang Soo
Journal: Analyst (2014): 4310--4314
Probe-based qPCR: Probe Compatibility and Multiplexing with Luna{\textregistered} Universal Probe qPCR Master Mix
Authors: Tanner, Nathan A and Gray, Andrew N and Nichols, Nicole M
Journal: Probe : 17

There are 21 reference(s) for Cyanine 5 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy5® NHS ester] (Cat No. 151).

Excitation of Cy5 in self-assembled lipid bilayers using optical microresonators
Authors: Freeman LM, Li S, Dayani Y, Choi HS, Malmstadt N, Armani AM.
Journal: Appl Phys Lett (2011): 143703
Theranostic cRGD-BioShuttle Constructs Containing Temozolomide- and Cy7 For NIR-Imaging and Therapy
Authors: Wiessler M, Hennrich U, Pipkorn R, Waldeck W, Cao L, Peter J, Ehemann V, Semmler W, Lammers T, Braun K.
Journal: Theranostics (2011): 381
Rational approach to select small peptide molecular probes labeled with fluorescent cyanine dyes for in vivo optical imaging
Authors: Berezin MY, Guo K, Akers W, Livingston J, Solomon M, Lee H, Liang K, Agee A, Achilefu S.
Journal: Biochemistry (2011): 2691
In vivo detection of embryonic stem cell-derived cardiovascular progenitor cells using Cy3-labeled Gadofluorine M in murine myocardium
Authors: Adler ED, Bystrup A, Briley-Saebo KC, Mani V, Young W, Giovanonne S, Altman P, Kattman SJ, Frank JA, Weinmann HJ, Keller GM, Fayad ZA.
Journal: JACC Cardiovasc Imaging (2009): 1114
Quantitative proteomics by fluorescent labeling of cysteine residues using a set of two cyanine-based or three rhodamine-based dyes
Authors: Volke D, Hoffmann R.
Journal: Electrophoresis (2008): 4516
Surface plasmon resonance-enhanced fluorescence implementation of a single-step competition assay: demonstration of fatty acid measurement using an anti-fatty acid monoclonal antibody and a Cy5-labeled fatty acid
Authors: Vareiro MM, Tranchant I, Maplin S, Zak K, Gani MM, Slevin CJ, Hailes HC, Tabor AB, Cameron PJ, Jenkins AT, Williams DE.
Journal: Anal Biochem (2008): 243
Thiazole orange and Cy3: improvement of fluorescent DNA probes with use of short range electron transfer
Authors: Menacher F, Rubner M, Berndl S, Wagenknecht HA.
Journal: J Org Chem (2008): 4263
Near-infrared fluorescence imaging of tumor integrin alpha v beta 3 expression with Cy7-labeled RGD multimers
Authors: Wu Y, Cai W, Chen X.
Journal: Mol Imaging Biol (2006): 226
Authors: Leung K., undefined
Journal: In: Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD), Bethesda (MD). (2004)
Cy7-Tetrameric arginine-glycine-aspartic acid peptide
Authors: Cheng KT., undefined
Journal: In: Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD), Bethesda (MD). (2004)
Carbobenzoxy-capped Phe-Lys(Cy5)-acyloxymethyl ketone
Authors: Shan L., undefined
Journal: In: Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD), Bethesda (MD). (2004)
Cy5-Tat-Glu-Pro-Asp-acyloxymethyl ketone
Authors: Shan L., undefined
Journal: In: Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD), Bethesda (MD). (2004)
Cys-Arg-Glu-Lys-Ala-superparamagnetic iron oxide-Cy7 nanoparticles
Authors: Leung K., undefined
Journal: In: Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD), Bethesda (MD). (2004)
Analysis and quantitation of biotinylated apoB-containing lipoproteins with streptavidin-Cy3
Authors: Berneis K, La Belle M, Blanche PJ, Krauss RM.
Journal: J Lipid Res (2002): 1155
Preparation of thiol-reactive Cy5 derivatives from commercial Cy5 succinimidyl ester
Authors: Gruber HJ, Kada G, Pragl B, Riener C, Hahn CD, Harms GS, Ahrer W, Dax TG, Hohenthanner K, Knaus HG.
Journal: Bioconjug Chem (2000): 161
Anomalous fluorescence enhancement of Cy3 and cy3.5 versus anomalous fluorescence loss of Cy5 and Cy7 upon covalent linking to IgG and noncovalent binding to avidin
Authors: Gruber HJ, Hahn CD, Kada G, Riener CK, Harms GS, Ahrer W, Dax TG, Knaus HG.
Journal: Bioconjug Chem (2000): 696
Visible diode laser induced fluorescence detection for capillary electrophoretic analysis of amantadine in human plasma following precolumn derivatization with Cy5.29.OSu
Authors: Nagaraj S, Rahavendran SV, Karnes HT.
Journal: J Pharm Biomed Anal (1998): 411
Cyanine fluorochrome-labeled antibodies in vivo: assessment of tumor imaging using Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, and Cy7
Authors: Ballou B, Fisher GW, Deng JS, Hakala TR, Srivastava M, Farkas DL.
Journal: Cancer Detect Prev (1998): 251
Two-laser dual-immunofluorescence confocal laser scanning microscopy using Cy2- and Cy5-conjugated secondary antibodies: unequivocal detection of co-localization of neuronal markers
Authors: Wouterlood FG, Van Denderen JC, Blijleven N, Van Minnen J, Hartig W.
Journal: Brain Res Brain Res Protoc (1998): 149
Double-label immunofluorescence with the laser scanning confocal microscope using cyanine dyes
Authors: Sargent PB., undefined
Journal: Neuroimage (1994): 288
PE-CY5. A new fluorescent antibody label for three-color flow cytometry with a single laser
Authors: Waggoner AS, Ernst LA, Chen CH, Rechtenwald DJ.
Journal: Ann N Y Acad Sci (1993): 185