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There are 18 citation(s) for DCFH-DA [2',7'-Dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate] *CAS 4091-99-0* (Cat No. 15204).

Reinforced Immunogenic Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Oxidative Stress via an Orchestrated Nanophotoinducer to Boost Cancer Photoimmunotherapy
Authors: Yang, Zhenzhen and Teng, Yulu and Lin, Meng and Peng, Yiwei and Du, Yitian and Sun, Qi and Gao, Datong and Yuan, Quan and Zhou, Yu and Yang, Yiliang and others,
Journal: ACS nano (2024)
Ketogenic Diet Alleviates Brain Iron Deposition and Cognitive Dysfunction via Nrf2-mediated Ferroptosis pathway in APP/PS1 Mouse
Authors: Qin, Yaya and Bai, Dazhang and Tang, Ming and Zhang, Ming and Zhao, Li and Li, Jia and Yang, Rui and Jiang, Guohui
Journal: Brain Research (2023): 148404
Lactate-upregulated NADPH-dependent NOX4 expression via HCAR1/PI3K pathway contributes to ROS-induced osteoarthritis chondrocyte damage
Authors: Huang, Yi-Fan and Wang, Guan and Ding, Lu and Bai, Zi-Ran and Leng, Yi and Tian, Jun-Wei and Zhang, Jian-Zeng and Li, Yan-Qi and Qin, Yuan-Hua and Li, Xia and others,
Journal: Redox Biology (2023): 102867
Oral Pyroptosis Nanoinhibitor for the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Authors: Zhu, Zhenxing and Zhou, Dongtao and Yin, Yi and Li, Zhun and Guo, Zhen and Pan, Yongchun and Gao, Yanfeng and Yang, Jingjing and Zhu, Weiming and Song, Yujun and others,
Journal: Nano Research (2023)
Increased oxidative stress contributes to impaired peripheral CD56dimCD57+ NK cells from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
Authors: Lu, Zhimin and Tian, Yao and Bai, Ziran and Liu, Jiaqing and Zhang, Yan and Qi, Jingjing and Jin, Minli and Zhu, Jie and Li, Xia
Journal: Arthritis research \& therapy (2022): 1--15
Melatonin inhibits NaIO3-induced ARPE-19 cell apoptosis via suppression of HIF-1$\alpha$/BNIP3-LC3B/mitophagy signaling
Authors: Wang, Kai and Chen, Yong-Syuan and Chien, Hsiang-Wen and Chiou, Hui-Ling and Yang, Shun-Fa and Hsieh, Yi-Hsien
Journal: Cell \& bioscience (2022): 1--15
Two-Pronged Intracellular Co-Delivery of Antigen and Adjuvant for Synergistic Cancer Immunotherapy
Authors: Meng, Junli and Zhang, Peisen and Chen, Qizhe and Wang, Zihua and Gu, Yuan and Ma, Jie and Li, Wang and Yang, Chen and Qiao, Yuanyuan and Hou, Yi and others,
Journal: Advanced Materials (2022): 2202168
Protective role of melatonin against testicular damage caused by polymicrobial sepsis in adult rats
Authors: Doganay, Songul and Budak, Ozcan and Toprak, Veysel and Erman, Gulay and Sahin, Arzu
Journal: Ulus Travma Acil Cerrahi Derg (2022): 723--729
Biomimetic nanoparticles directly remodel immunosuppressive microenvironment for boosting glioblastoma immunotherapy
Authors: Wang, Tingting and Zhang, Hao and Qiu, Weibao and Han, Yaobao and Liu, Hanghang and Li, Zhen
Journal: Bioactive Materials (2022)
Phototherapy and anti-GITR antibody-based therapy synergistically reinvigorate immunogenic cell death and reject established cancers
Authors: Sun, Qi and Yang, Zhenzhen and Lin, Meng and Peng, Yiwei and Wang, Rudong and Du, Yitian and Zhou, Yu and Li, Jiajia and Qi, Xianrong
Journal: Biomaterials (2021): 120648
Inhalation of Salvianolic acid B Prevents Fine Particulate Matter-Induced Acute Airway Inflammation and Oxidative Stress by Downregulating the LTR4/MyD88/NLRP3 Pathway
Authors: Li, Liucheng and Kan, Liandi and Xie, Qiangmin
Journal: (2021)
Down--regulating miR-217-5p Protects Cardiomyocytes against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury by Restoring Mitochondrial Function via Targeting SIRT1
Authors: Qi, Yujuan and Zhang, Kai and Li, Peijun and Wu, Zhenhua
Journal: Inflammation (2020): 1--14
16-Hydroxycleroda-3, 13-dien-15, 16-olide induces apoptosis in human bladder cancer cells through cell cycle arrest, mitochondria ROS overproduction, and inactivation of EGFR-related signalling pathways
Authors: Chen, Yu-Chi and Wang, Po-Yu and Huang, Bu-Miin and Chen, Yu-Jen and Lee, Wei-Chang and Chen, Yung-Chia
Journal: Molecules (2020): 3958
HIF-1$\alpha$/Actl6a/H3K9ac axis is critical for pluripotency and lineage differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells
Authors: Cui, Peng and Zhang, Ping and Zhang, Yanmin and Sun, Lihua and Cui, Guanghui and Guo, Xin and Wang, He and Zhang, Xiaowei and Shi, Yu and Yu, Zhendong
Journal: The FASEB Journal (2020): 5740--5753
Albumin-Based Nanotheranostic Probe with Hypoxia Alleviating Potentiates Synchronous Multimodal Imaging and Phototherapy for Glioma
Authors: Yang, Zhenzhen and Du, Yitian and Sun, Qi and Peng, Yiwei and Wang, Rudong and Zhou, Yu and Wang, Yuqi and Zhang, Chunli and Qi, Xianrong
Journal: ACS nano (2020): 6191--6212
Boosting H2O2-Guided Chemodynamic Therapy of Cancer by Enhancing Reaction Kinetics through Versatile Biomimetic Fenton Nanocatalysts and the Second Near-Infrared Light Irradiation
Authors: Wang, Tingting and Zhang, Hao and Liu, Hanghang and Yuan, Qiang and Ren, Feng and Han, Yaobao and Sun, Qiao and Li, Zhen and Gao, Mingyuan
Journal: Advanced Functional Materials (2019): 1906128
Modulation of MHC class I surface expression in B16F10 melanoma cells by methylseleninic acid
Authors: Lennicke, Claudia and Rahn, Jette and Bukur, J{\"u}rgen and Hochgr{\"a}fe, Falko and Wessjohann, Ludger A and Lichtenfels, Rudolf and Seliger, Barbara
Journal: Oncoimmunology (2017): e1259049
Oral pyroptosis nanoinhibitor for the treatment of inflammatory bowel
Authors: Zhu, Zhenxing and Zhou, Dongtao and Yin, Yi and Li, Zhun and Guo, Zhen and Pan, Yongchun and Gao, Yanfeng and Yang, Jingjing and Zhu, Weiming and Song, Yujun and others,

There are 11 reference(s) for DCFH-DA [2',7'-Dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate] *CAS 4091-99-0* (Cat No. 15204).

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Dihydrofluorescein diacetate is superior for detecting intracellular oxidants: comparison with 2',7'-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate, 5(and 6)-carboxy-2',7'-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate, and dihydrorhodamine 123
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