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There are 4 citation(s) for Cy3® goat anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) (Cat No. 16870).

Overexpression of CXCR2 predicts poor prognosis in patients with colorectal cancer.
Authors: Zhao, Jingkun and Ou, Baochi and Feng, Hao and Wang, Puxiongzhi and Yin, Shuai and Zhu, Congcong and Wang, Shenjie and Chen, Chun and Zheng, Minhua and Zong, Yaping and others, undefined
Journal: Oncotarget (2017)
Cadherin-12 enhances proliferation in colorectal cancer cells and increases progression by promoting EMT
Authors: Ma, Junjun and Zhao, Jingkun and Lu, Jun and Wang, Puxiongzhi and Feng, Hao and Zong, Yaping and Ou, Baochi and Zheng, Minhua and Lu, Aiguo
Journal: Tumor Biology (2016): 1--12
Transplantation of RADA16-BDNF peptide scaffold with human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells forced with CXCR4 and activated astrocytes for repair of traumatic brain injury
Authors: Shi, W and Huang, CJ and Xu, XD and Jin, GH and Huang, RQ and Huang, JF and Chen, YN and Ju, SQ and Wang, Y and Shi, YW and others, undefined
Journal: Acta Biomaterialia (2016): 247--261
The migration and differentiation of hUC-MSCsCXCR4/GFP encapsulated in BDNF/chitosan scaffolds for brain tissue engineering
Authors: Huang, Chuanjun and Zhao, Longxiang and Gu, Jun and Nie, Dekang and Chen, Yinan and Zuo, Hao and Huan, Wei and Shi, Jinlong and Chen, Jian and Shi, Wei
Journal: Biomedical Materials (2016): 035004

There are 191 reference(s) for Cy3® goat anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) (Cat No. 16870).

Antiprothrombin antibodies in a patient with secondary antiphospholipid syndrome and bleeding
Authors: Gonzalez Leon R, Garcia Hern and ez FJ, Castillo Palma MJ, Sanchez Roman J.
Journal: Med Clin (Barc) (2011): 668
Assessment of EGFR/HER2 dimerization by FRET-FLIM utilizing Alexa-conjugated secondary antibodies in relation to targeted therapies in cancers
Authors: Waterhouse BR, Gijsen M, Barber PR, Tullis ID, Vojnovic B, Kong A.
Journal: Oncotarget (2011): 728
Falsely elevated tacrolimus levels caused by immunoassay interference secondary to beta-galactosidase antibodies in an infected liver transplant recipient
Authors: Knorr JP, Grewal KS, Balasubramanian M, Young N, Zaki R, Khanmoradi K, Araya V, Ortiz J.
Journal: Pharmacotherapy (2010): 954
Prevalence of anti-Epstein-Barr virus antibodies in children and adolescents with secondary immunodeficiency
Authors: Buckova A., undefined
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Analysis of the effectiveness of reused primary and secondary antibodies in Western blotting analysis
Authors: Boonrod K, Roth B, Leong Ngar S, Krczal G.
Journal: Anal Biochem (2010): 124
Nanosilver-doped DNA polyion complex membrane for electrochemical immunoassay of carcinoembryonic antigen using nanogold-labeled secondary antibodies
Authors: Wu W, Yi P, He P, Jing T, Liao K, Yang K, Wang H.
Journal: Anal Chim Acta (2010): 126
Three siblings with self-resolving congenital hyperthyrotropinaemia secondary to thyrotropin receptor blocking antibodies
Authors: Azzopardi P, Forrester M, Ehtisham S.
Journal: J Paediatr Child Health (2010): 439
Double-blotting: a solution to the problem of nonspecific binding of secondary antibodies in immunoblotting procedures
Authors: Lasne F., undefined
Journal: Methods Mol Biol (2009): 213
Parkinsonism/dystonia syndrome secondary to multiple sclerosis with anti-basal-ganglia antibodies
Authors: Delgado S, Baez S, Singer C, Sengun C, Sheremata WA, Papapetropoulos S.
Journal: Mov Disord (2009): 309
Neutralizing antibodies and secondary therapy failure after treatment with botulinum toxin type A: much ado about nothing
Authors: Lange O, Bigalke H, Dengler R, Wegner F, deGroot M, Wohlfarth K.
Journal: Clin Neuropharmacol (2009): 213
Serum anti-GAGA4 IgM antibodies differentiate relapsing remitting and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis from primary progressive multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases
Authors: Brettschneider J, Jaskowski TD, Tumani H, Abdul S, Husebye D, Seraj H, Hill HR, Fire E, Spector L, Yarden J, Dotan N, Rose JW.
Journal: J Neuroimmunol (2009): 95
TTF-1 expression in ovarian and uterine epithelial neoplasia and its potential significance, an immunohistochemical assessment with multiple monoclonal antibodies and different secondary detection systems
Authors: Zhang PJ, Gao HG, Pasha TL, Litzky L, Livolsi VA.
Journal: Int J Gynecol Pathol (2009): 10
Severe insulin resistance secondary to insulin antibodies: successful treatment with the immunosuppressant MMF
Authors: Segal T, Webb E, Viner R, Pusey C, Wild G, Allgrove J.
Journal: Pediatr Diabetes (2008): 250
Antibodies play a greater role than immune cells in heterologous protection against secondary dengue virus infection in a mouse model
Authors: Kyle JL, Balsitis SJ, Zhang L, Beatty PR, Harris E.
Journal: Virology (2008): 296
Chlamydia trachomatis-specific heat shock proteins 60 antibodies can serve as prognostic marker in secondary infertile women
Authors: Dutta R, Jha R, Salhan S, Mittal A.
Journal: Infection (2008): 374
Fever of unknown origin secondary to type I crescentic glomerulonephritis and anti-SCl 70 antibodies without clinical manifestations of systemic sclerosis
Authors: Vega Stieb J, Goecke Saavedra H, Mendez Olivieri G.
Journal: Clin Exp Nephrol (2008): 388
Current based antibodies detection from human serum enhanced by secondary antibodies labelled with gold nanoparticles immobilized in a nanogap
Authors: Marcon L, Melnyk O, Stievenard D.
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A systematic review of secondary thromboprophylaxis in patients with antiphospholipid antibodies
Authors: Ruiz-Irastorza G, Hunt BJ, Khamashta MA.
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Kinetics of antibodies in sera, saliva, and urine samples from adult patients with primary or secondary dengue 3 virus infections
Authors: Vazquez S, Cabezas S, Perez AB, Pupo M, Ruiz D, Calzada N, Bernardo L, Castro O, Gonzalez D, Serrano T, Sanchez A, Guzman MG.
Journal: Int J Infect Dis (2007): 256
Immunohistochemical analysis of peritoneal mesothelioma and primary and secondary serous carcinoma of the peritoneum: antibodies to estrogen and progesterone receptors are useful
Authors: Barnetson RJ, Burnett RA, Downie I, Harper CM, Roberts F.
Journal: Am J Clin Pathol (2006): 67
Differential reactivity of anti-primate and anti-human secondary antibodies against human and monkey immunoglobulins: implications for determining the sensitivity of immunogenicity assays
Authors: Bourdage JS, Br and t JT, Lee TN, Konrad RJ.
Journal: J Immunol Methods (2005): 76
Gene immunization may induce secondary antibodies reacting with DNA
Authors: Isaguliants MG, Iakimtchouk K, Petrakova NV, Yermalovich MA, Zuber AK, Kashuba VI, Belikov SV, Andersson S, Kochetkov SN, Klinman DM, Wahren B.
Journal: Vaccine (2004): 1576
Detection of anti-microsporidial antibodies in patients with secondary immunodeficiency
Authors: Halanova M, Cislakova L, Adam J, Valencakova A, Balent P.
Journal: Epidemiol Mikrobiol Imunol (2004): 78
Eye muscle antibodies in Graves' ophthalmopathy: pathogenic or secondary epiphenomenon
Authors: Mizokami T, Salvi M, Wall JR.
Journal: J Endocrinol Invest (2004): 221
Recovery of pure red-cell aplasia secondary to antierythropoietin antibodies after cessation of recombinant human erythropoietin
Authors: Panchapakesan U, Austin SK, Shafransky A, Lawrence JA, Savdie E.
Journal: Intern Med J (2003): 468
Cow's milk antibodies in patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes: primary or secondary
Authors: Knip M., undefined
Journal: Pediatr Diabetes (2003): 155
Anti-Hu antibodies may indicate a positive response to chemotherapy in paraneoplastic syndrome secondary to small cell lung cancer
Authors: Douglas CA, Ellershaw J.
Journal: Palliat Med (2003): 638
Fluctuating levels of anti-GBM antibodies following a fungal infection in a patient with secondary amyloidosis
Authors: Tsagalis GC, Margelos V, Nikolopoulou N, Hadjiconstantinou VE.
Journal: Clin Nephrol (2003): 150
Double-blotting: a solution to the problem of nonspecific binding of secondary antibodies in immunoblotting procedures
Authors: Lasne F., undefined
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Pure red-cell aplasia secondary to antierythropoietin antibodies
Authors: Guest SS, Levitt L.
Journal: N Engl J Med (2003): 2572
Neutralizing antibodies as a potential secondary protective mechanism during chronic SHIV infection in CD8+ T-cell-depleted macaques, by Rasmussen et al
Authors: Clerici M., undefined
Journal: AIDS (2003): S97
Effect of maternally derived antibodies on the clinical signs and immune response in pigs after primary and secondary infection with an influenza H1N1 virus
Authors: Loeffen WL, Heinen PP, Bianchi AT, Hunneman WA, Verheijden JH.
Journal: Vet Immunol Immunopathol (2003): 23
Neutralizing antibodies during treatment of secondary progressive MS with interferon beta-1b
Authors: Giovannoni G., undefined
Journal: Neurology (2003): 1025; author reply 1025
The human immune response to Plasmodium falciparum includes both antibodies that inhibit merozoite surface protein 1 secondary processing and blocking antibodies
Authors: Nwuba RI, Sodeinde O, Anumudu CI, Omosun YO, Odaibo AB, Holder AA, Nwagwu M.
Journal: Infect Immun (2002): 5328
Neutralizing antibodies as a potential secondary protective mechanism during chronic SHIV infection in CD8+ T-cell-depleted macaques
Authors: Rasmussen RA, Hofmann-Lehmann R, Li PL, Vlasak J, Schmitz JE, Reimann KA, Kuroda MJ, Letvin NL, Montefiori DC, McClure HM, Ruprecht RM.
Journal: AIDS (2002): 829
What is your diagnosis? Diffuse dermal angiomatosis secondary to anitcardiolipin antibodies
Authors: Pichardo RO, Lu D, Sangueza OP, Guitart J.
Journal: Am J Dermatopathol (2002): 502
Secondary predation: quantification of food chain errors in an aphid-spider-carabid system using monoclonal antibodies
Authors: Harwood JD, Phillips SW, Sunderl and KD, Symondson WO.
Journal: Mol Ecol (2001): 2049
Randomized study of antibodies to IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
Authors: Skurkovich S, Boiko A, Beliaeva I, Buglak A, Alekseeva T, Smirnova N, Kulakova O, Tchechonin V, Gurova O, Deomina T, Favorova OO, Skurkovic B, Gusev E.
Journal: Mult Scler (2001): 277
Hypothalamus-hypophysis-thyroid axis, triiodothyronine and antithyroid antibodies in patients with primary and secondary Sjogren's syndrome
Authors: Ozgen AG, Keser G, Erdem N, Aksu K, Gumusdis G, Kabalak T, Doganavsargil E.
Journal: Clin Rheumatol (2001): 44
Level of serum antibodies to opportunistic microflora as a marker of the secondary immunodeficiency processes in children
Authors: Stenina MA, Voevodin DA, Skripnik A, Rozanova GN, Cheredeev AN.
Journal: Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol (2001): 50
A general strategy for epitope mapping by direct MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry using secondary antibodies and cross-linking
Authors: Peter JF, Tomer KB.
Journal: Anal Chem (2001): 4012
Double-blotting: a solution to the problem of non-specific binding of secondary antibodies in immunoblotting procedures
Authors: Lasne F., undefined
Journal: J Immunol Methods (2001): 125
Nonlabeled secondary antibodies augment/maintain the binding of primary, specific antibodies to cell membrane antigens
Authors: Lamvik J, Hella H, Liabakk NB, Halaas O.
Journal: Cytometry (2001): 187
Secondary non-response due to development of neutralising antibodies to botulinum toxin A during treatment of children with cerebral palsy
Authors: Herrmann J, Mall V, Bigalke H, Geth K, Korinthenberg R, Heinen F.
Journal: Neuropediatrics (2000): 333
Activating beta-1-adrenoceptor antibodies are not associated with cardiomyopathies secondary to valvular or hypertensive heart disease
Authors: Jahns R, Boivin V, Siegmund C, Boege F, Lohse MJ, Inselmann G.
Journal: J Am Coll Cardiol (1999): 1545
Antibodies to CD44 and integrin alpha4, but not L-selectin, prevent central nervous system inflammation and experimental encephalomyelitis by blocking secondary leukocyte recruitment
Authors: Brocke S, Piercy C, Steinman L, Weissman IL, Veromaa T.
Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (1999): 6896
IgA-antigliadin antibodies in patients with IgA nephropathy: the secondary phenomenon
Authors: Ots M, Uibo O, Metskula K, Uibo R, Salupere V.
Journal: Am J Nephrol (1999): 453
Quantitative measurement of proteins by western blotting with Cy5-coupled secondary antibodies
Authors: Fradelizi J, Friederich E, Beckerle MC, Golsteyn RM.
Journal: Biotechniques (1999): 484
Importance of B cells, but not specific antibodies, in primary and secondary protective immunity to the intracellular bacterium Francisella tularensis live vaccine strain
Authors: Elkins KL, Bosio CM, Rhinehart-Jones TR.
Journal: Infect Immun (1999): 6002
Reduced amide pseudopeptide analogues of a malaria peptide possess secondary structural elements responsible for induction of functional antibodies which react with native proteins expressed in Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte stages
Authors: Lozano JM, Espejo F, Diaz D, Salazar LM, Rodriguez J, Pinzon C, Calvo JC, Guzman F, Patarroyo ME.
Journal: J Pept Res (1998): 457
Arterial disease in lupus and secondary antiphospholipid syndrome: association with anti-beta2-glycoprotein I antibodies but not with antibodies against oxidized low-density lipoprotein
Authors: Romero FI, Amengual O, Atsumi T, Khamashta MA, Tinahones FJ, Hughes GR.
Journal: Br J Rheumatol (1998): 883
Depletion of neutralising antibodies resensitises a secondary non-responder to botulinum A neurotoxin
Authors: Naumann M, Toyka KV, Mansouri Taleghani B, Ahmadpour J, Reiners K, Bigalke H.
Journal: J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry (1998): 924
Increased circulating antiganglioside antibodies in primary and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
Authors: Sadatipour BT, Greer JM, Pender MP.
Journal: Ann Neurol (1998): 980
Secondary force-mediated perturbations of antifluorescein monoclonal antibodies 4-4-20 and 9-40 as determined by circular dichroism
Authors: Mummert ME, Voss EW, Jr.
Journal: J Protein Chem (1998): 237
Two-laser dual-immunofluorescence confocal laser scanning microscopy using Cy2- and Cy5-conjugated secondary antibodies: unequivocal detection of co-localization of neuronal markers
Authors: Wouterlood FG, Van Denderen JC, Blijleven N, Van Minnen J, Hartig W.
Journal: Brain Res Brain Res Protoc (1998): 149
Blot analyses and immunocytochemistry of neural antigens with digoxigenylated primary and secondary antibodies
Authors: Hartig W, Kirazov L, Bruckner G, Holzer M, Gartner U, Bigl V.
Journal: Brain Res Brain Res Protoc (1997): 35
Antibodies to glutamic acid decarboxylase in Japanese diabetic patients with secondary failure of oral hypoglycaemic therapy
Authors: Fukui M, Nakano K, Shigeta H, Yoshimori K, Fujii M, Kitagawa Y, Mori H, Kajiyama S, Nakamura N, Abe N, Obayashi H, Fukui I, Ohta K, Ohta M, Kondo M.
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Cell types of secondary cataract: an immunohistochemical analysis with antibodies to cytoskeletal elements and macrophages
Authors: Uusitalo M, Kivela T.
Journal: Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol (1997): 506
Diagnostic significance of antibodies to glutamic acid decarboxylase in Japanese diabetic patients with secondary oral hypoglycemic agents failure
Authors: Fukui M, Nakano K, Maruya E, Saji H, Ohta K, Ohta M, Obayashi H, Mori H, Kajiyama S, Wada S, Shigeta H, Kitagawa Y, Nakamura N, Kondo M.
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Glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies in non-insulin-dependent diabetes patients with secondary sulfonylurea failure in Thailand
Authors: Rattarasarn C, Aguilar Diosdado M, Soonthornpun S.
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Secondary antibodies as tools to improve tumor to non tumor ratio at radioimmunolocalisation and radioimmunotherapy
Authors: Ullen A, Ahlstrom KR, Heitala S, Nilsson B, Arlestig L, Stigbr and T., undefined
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Intussusception secondary to Meckel's diverticulum detection with Tc-99m monoclonal antibodies to granulocytes (Leukoscan)
Authors: Barron BJ, Robins DB, Lamki LM, Daniels W, Chopra L, Black CT.
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Study of lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood and secondary lymphoid organs in the goat using monoclonal antibodies to surface markers of bovine lymphocytes
Authors: Navarro JA, Caro MR, Seva J, Rosillo MC, Gomez MA, Gallego MC.
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IgY Antibodies as Secondary Reagent in FACS Analysis
Authors: Hommel U, Behn II, Hauschildt S.
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Binding of autoreactive mouse anti-type II collagen antibodies derived from the primary and the secondary immune response investigated with the biosensor technique
Authors: Karlsson R, Mo JA, Holmdahl R.
Journal: J Immunol Methods (1995): 63
Lymphocytic 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase activity increases prior to the appearance of neutralizing antibodies and immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G antibodies after primary and secondary immunization with yellow fever vaccine
Authors: Bonnevie-Nielsen V, Heron I, Monath TP, Calisher CH.
Journal: Clin Diagn Lab Immunol (1995): 302
Single exposure of mice to Borrelia burgdorferi elicits immunoglobulin G antibodies characteristic of secondary immune response without production of interleukin-4 by immune T cells
Authors: Frey AB, Rao TD.
Journal: Infect Immun (1995): 2596
Characterization of the endothelial surface proteins recognized by anti-endothelial antibodies in primary and secondary autoimmune vasculitis
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Effects of syngeneic anti-IgE antibodies on the development of IgE memory and on the secondary IgE response
Authors: Haba S, Nisonoff A.
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Autoimmune hemolytic anemia with cold antibodies and hemoglobinuria secondary to EBV infection
Authors: Cataldo F, Varrica D, Mele A, Oddo S, Varvara MG, Albeggiani A.
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Association of anti-Sm antibodies with organic brain syndrome secondary to systemic lupus erythematosus
Authors: Hirohata S, Kosaka M.
Journal: Lancet (1994): 796
Detection of polypeptides on immunoblots using secondary antibodies or protein A
Authors: Kruger NJ., undefined
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F(ab) secondary antibodies: a general method for double immunolabeling with primary antisera from the same species. Efficiency control by chemiluminescence
Authors: Negoescu A, Labat-Moleur F, Lorimier P, Lamarcq L, Guillermet C, Chambaz E, Brambilla E.
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Monoclonal anticardiolipin antibodies derived from mice with experimental lupus erythematosus: characterization and the induction of a secondary antiphospholipid syndrome
Authors: Sthoeger ZM, Tartakovsky B, Bentwich Z, Mozes E.
Journal: J Clin Immunol (1993): 127
Enhancement of antigenic site detection with gold labeled secondary and tertiary antibodies using the immunogold-silver staining method
Authors: Giffin BF, Gao K, Morris RE, Cardell RR.
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A multinuclear NMR study of the affinity maturation of anti-NP mouse monoclonal antibodies: comparison of antibody combining sites of primary response antibody N1G9 and secondary response antibody 3B62
Authors: Nakayama T, Arata Y, Shimada I.
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Authors: , undefined
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Class I-specific antibodies inhibit proliferation in primary but not secondary mouse T cell responses
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A new protein conjugate that replaces the use of secondary antibodies engineered from the two staphylococcal enzymes protein A and 6-phospho-beta-galactosidase
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Cytomegalovirus-specific antibodies to an immediate early antigen and a late membrane antigen and their possible role in controlling secondary cytomegalovirus infection
Authors: van Zanten J, van der Giessen M, van der Voort LH, van Son WJ, van der Bij W, The TH.
Journal: Clin Exp Immunol (1991): 102
Affinity repertoire of monoclonal antibodies obtained by primary or secondary in vitro immunization
Authors: Wallen M, Borrebaeck CA.
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A new lymphocyte serotyping using cytotoxic antibodies from secondary recurrent aborters and its application in cases of recurrent abortion and infertility
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Comparative study of insulin antibodies in diabetic patients with primary insulin-dependence (type I) and secondary insulin-dependence (type II)
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Immobilization of proteins (antibodies) to supports with a constantly high retention of immunoreactivity involving the formation of a Schiff-base and subsequent reduction to a secondary amine with sodium borohydride or sodium cyanoborohydride has been prob
Authors: Gr, undefined and ics P., undefined
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The monoclonal antibodies Trop-4 and 4F2 detect the same membrane antigen that is expressed at an early stage of lymphocyte activation and is retained on secondary lymphocytes
Authors: Suomalainen HA., undefined
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Subclass distribution and molecular form of immunoglobulin A hemagglutinin antibodies in sera and nasal secretions after experimental secondary infection with influenza A virus in humans
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