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There are 4 citation(s) for Cy3®-streptavidin conjugate (Cat No. 16912).

Deciphering the Interactome of Histone Marks in Living Cells via Genetic Code Expansion Combined with Proximity Labeling
Authors: Huang, Yepei and Zhai, Guijin and Li, Yanan and Han, Yue and Chen, Chen and Lu, Congcong and Zhang, Kai
Journal: Analytical Chemistry (2022)
Functional and Structural Development of Mouse Cone Photoreceptor Ribbon Synapses
Authors: Davison, Adam and Gierke, Kaspar and Brandst{\"a}tter, Johann Helmut and Babai, Norbert
Journal: Investigative Ophthalmology \& Visual Science (2022): 21--21
Alloantigen-activated (AAA) CD4+ T cells reinvigorate host endogenous T cell immunity to eliminate pre-established tumors in mice
Authors: Mochizuki, Kazuhiro and Kobayashi, Shogo and Takahashi, Nobuhisa and Sugimoto, Kotaro and Sano, Hideki and Ohara, Yoshihiro and Mineishi, Shin and Zhang, Yi and Kikuta, Atsushi
Journal: Journal of Experimental \& Clinical Cancer Research (2021): 1--18
Overexpression of MACC1 and the association with hepatocyte growth factor/c-Met in epithelial ovarian cancer
Authors: Li, Hongyu and Zhang, Hui and Zhao, Shujun and Shi, Yun and Yao, Junge and Zhang, Yanyan and Guo, Huanhuan and Liu, Xingsuo
Journal: Oncology letters (2015): 1989--1996

There are 47 reference(s) for Cy3®-streptavidin conjugate (Cat No. 16912).

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Gp120 Binds Cooperatively to Several Biologically Relevant Glycosphingolipids: Quantitative Measurements at Equilibrium by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy This research was supported by the NIH (AI40359-02), the NSF (CHE-9726132 and CHE-9
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