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There are 6 reference(s) for ReadiUse™ dNTP Mix Set *10 mM PCR Grade* (Cat No. 17258).

Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Salmonella in Chickens Using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Combined with a Lateral Flow Dipstick.
Authors: Liu, Zhi and Zhang, Qiu and Yang, Ning-Ning and Xu, Ming-Guo and Xu, Jin-Feng and Jing, Ming-Long and Wu, Wen-Xing and Lu, Ya-Dong and Shi, Feng and Chen, Chuang-Fu
Journal: Journal of microbiology and biotechnology (2019): 454-464
Simple and Highly Sensitive Molecular Diagnosis of Zika Virus by Lateral Flow Assays.
Authors: Lee, Dohwan and Shin, Yong and Chung, Seok and Hwang, Kyo Seon and Yoon, Dae Sung and Lee, Jeong Hoon
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2016): 12272-12278
Molecular Detection of the Laurel Wilt Fungus, Raffaelea lauricola.
Authors: Jeyaprakash, A and Davison, D A and Schubert, T S
Journal: Plant disease (2014): 559-564
A loop-mediated isothermal amplification method for the detection of members of the genus Ranavirus.
Authors: Min, Zhang and Hongli, Jing and Lifeng, Zhang and Na, Wang and Shaoqiang, Wu and Xiangmei, Lin
Journal: Archives of virology (2013): 2121-6
The mitochondrial genome of the predatory mite Metaseiulus occidentalis (Arthropoda: Chelicerata: Acari: Phytoseiidae) is unexpectedly large and contains several novel features.
Authors: Jeyaprakash, Ayyamperumal and Hoy, Marjorie A
Journal: Gene (2007): 264-74
Plasmodium falciparum: differential display analysis of gene expression during gametocytogenesis.
Authors: Cui, L and Rzomp, K A and Fan, Q and Martin, S K and Williams, J
Journal: Experimental parasitology (2001): 244-54