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There are 2 citation(s) for CYTO-13 *5 mM DMSO solution* (Cat No. 17553).

Evaluation of an Alternative Staining Method Using SYTO 13 to Determine Reticulated Platelets
Authors: Hille, L., Cederqvist, M., Hromek, J., Stratz, C., Trenk, D., Nuhrenberg, T. G.
Journal: Thromb Haemost (2019): 779-785
SYTO-13, a Viability Marker as a New Tool to Monitor In Vitro Pharmacodynamic Parameters of Anti-Pneumocystis Drugs
Authors: St, undefined and aert-Vitse, A., Aliouat-Denis, C. M., Martinez, A., Khalife, S., Pottier, M., Gantois, N., Dei-Cas, E., Aliouat el, M.
Journal: PLoS One (2015): e0130358

There are 1 reference(s) for CYTO-13 *5 mM DMSO solution* (Cat No. 17553).

Use of nucleic acid dyes SYTO-13, TOTO-1, and YOYO-1 in the study of Escherichia coli and marine prokaryotic populations by flow cytometry
Authors: Guindulain T, Comas J, Vives-Rego J.
Journal: Appl Environ Microbiol (1997): 4608