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There are 6 reference(s) for DiPO™-1 [equivalent to POPO®-1] *1 mM DMSO Solution* (Cat No. 17582).

Determination of restriction enzyme activity when cutting DNA labeled with the TOTO dye family.
Authors: Maschmann, April and Kounovsky-Shafer, Kristy L
Journal: Nucleosides, nucleotides & nucleic acids (2017): 406-417
Myosin Va and kinesin II motor proteins are concentrated in ribosomal domains (periaxoplasmic ribosomal plaques) of myelinated axons.
Authors: Sotelo-Silveira, José R and Calliari, Aldo and Cárdenas, Magdalena and Koenig, Edward and Sotelo, José R
Journal: Journal of neurobiology (2004): 187-96
Analysis of dimeric cyanine-nucleic acid dyes by capillary zone electrophoresis in N,N-dimethylacetamide as non-aqueous organic solvent.
Authors: Muzikar, Jan and Rozing, Gerard and van de Goor, Tom and Eberwein, Christine and Kenndler, Ernst
Journal: Journal of chromatography. A (2002): 249-55
Efficient detection of single DNA fragments in flowing sample streams by two-photon fluorescence excitation.
Authors: Van Orden, A and Cai, H and Goodwin, P M and Keller, R A
Journal: Analytical chemistry (1999): 2108-16
DNA-binding and fluorescence properties of the DNA bis-intercalating purple oxazole dimer POPO-1.
Authors: Winter, S and Loeber, G
Journal: Journal of biomedical optics (1997): 125-30
Fluorescently Labeled Virus Probes Show that Natural Virus Populations Can Control the Structure of Marine Microbial Communities.
Authors: Hennes, K P and Suttle, C A and Chan, A M
Journal: Applied and environmental microbiology (1995): 3623-7