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There are 4 citation(s) for Helixyte™ Green dsDNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution* (Cat No. 17597).

Bovine Fibroblast-Derived Extracellular Matrix Promotes the Growth and Preserves the Stemness of Bovine Stromal Cells during In Vitro Expansion
Authors: Lee, Kathleen and Jackson, Anisha and John, Nikita and Zhang, Ryan and Ozhava, Derya and Bhatia, Mohit and Mao, Yong
Journal: Journal of Functional Biomaterials (2023): 218
Arthropods, nematodes, fungi, and bacteria associated with penguin carrion in Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica
Authors: ZAINI, NUR ADILLA and Low, Van Lun and Gebrelassie, Selam Solomon and Ismail, Siti Sofo and Mahmud, Mohd Hafizi and Houssaini, Jamal and Lee, Won Young and Tomberlin, Jeffery K and Heo, Chong Chin
Journal: (2023)
Faecal DNA metabarcoding reveals novel bacterial community patterns of critically endangered Southern River Terrapin, Batagur affinis
Authors: Salleh, Mohd Hairul Mohd and Esa, Yuzine and Ngalimat, Mohamad Syazwan and Chen, Pelf Nyok
Journal: PeerJ (2022): e12970
Archaeal and methanogenic communities in the rice field under different fertilizer applications
Authors: Fatma, Yuli and RUSMANA, IMAN and WAHYUDI, ARIS TRI and others,
Journal: Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity (2019)

There are 31 reference(s) for Helixyte™ Green dsDNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution* (Cat No. 17597).

Inhibitors of Streptococcus pneumoniae surface endonuclease EndA discovered by high-throughput screening using a PicoGreen fluorescence assay
Authors: Peterson EJ, Kireev D, Moon AF, Midon M, Janzen WP, Pingoud A, Pedersen LC, Singleton SF.
Journal: J Biomol Screen (2013): 247
Validation of a PicoGreen-based DNA quantification integrated in an RNA extraction method for two-dimensional and three-dimensional cell cultures
Authors: Chen Y, Sonnaert M, Roberts SJ, Luyten FP, Schrooten J.
Journal: Tissue Eng Part C Methods (2012): 444
Characterization of PicoGreen interaction with dsDNA and the origin of its fluorescence enhancement upon binding
Authors: Dragan AI, Casas-Finet JR, Bishop ES, Strouse RJ, Schenerman MA, Geddes CD.
Journal: Biophys J (2010): 3010
Comparison of SYBR Green I-, PicoGreen-, and [3H]-hypoxanthine-based assays for in vitro antimalarial screening of plants from Nigerian ethnomedicine
Authors: Abiodun OO, Gbotosho GO, Ajaiyeoba EO, Happi CT, Hofer S, Wittlin S, Sowunmi A, Brun R, Oduola AM.
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Metal-enhanced PicoGreen fluorescence: application to fast and ultra-sensitive pg/ml DNA quantitation
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Quantification of dsDNA using the Hitachi F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer and PicoGreen dye
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Authors: Holden MJ, Haynes RJ, Rabb SA, Satija N, Yang K, Blasic JR, Jr.
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Development and characterization of a novel host cell DNA assay using ultra-sensitive fluorescent nucleic acid stain "PicoGreen"
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Label-free DNA sequence detection with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity using cationic conjugated polymers and PicoGreen
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Novel DNA staining method and processing technique for the quantification of undamaged double-stranded DNA in epidermal tissue sections by PicoGreen probe staining and microspectrophotometry
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Use of a capillary electrophoresis instrument with laser-induced fluorescence detection for DNA quantitation. Comparison of YO-PRO-1 and PicoGreen assays
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Plasmodium vivax: isotopic, PicoGreen, and microscopic assays for measuring chloroquine sensitivity in fresh and cryopreserved isolates
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Analysis of solid-phase allele-specific primer extension characteristics on biochip in combination with modified primers and PicoGreen staining method
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PicoGmeter, a custom-made fluorometer for the quantification of dsDNA by PicoGreen fluorescence
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