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There are 32 citation(s) for Portelite™ Fluorimetric DNA Quantitation Kit with Broad Dynamic Range *Optimized for Cytocite™ and Qubit™ Fluorometers* (Cat No. 17665).

A new reporter design based on DNA origami nanostructures for quantification of short oligonucleotides using microbeads
Authors: Choi, Y., Schmidt, C., Tinnefeld, P., Bald, I., Rodiger, S.
Journal: Sci Rep (2019): 4769
Flat-top TIRF illumination boosts DNA-PAINT imaging and quantification
Authors: Stehr, F., Stein, J., Schueder, F., Schwille, P., Jungmann, R.
Journal: Nat Commun (2019): 1268
Effects of Quantification Methods, Isolation Kits, Plasma Biobanking, and Hemolysis on Cell-Free DNA Analysis in Plasma
Authors: Streleckiene, G., Forster, M., Inciuraite, R., Lukosevicius, R., Skieceviciene, J.
Journal: Biopreserv Biobank (2019): ersion="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>17645.enlEndN
A universal fluorescence-based toolkit for real-time quantification of DNA and RNA nuclease activity
Authors: Sheppard, E. C., Rogers, S., Harmer, N. J., Chahwan, R.
Journal: Sci Rep (2019): 8853
Molecular-Recognition-Based DNA Nanodevices for Enhancing the Direct Visualization and Quantification of Single Vesicles of Tumor Exosomes in Plasma Microsamples
Authors: He, D., Ho, S. L., Chan, H. N., Wang, H., Hai, L., He, X., Wang, K., Li, H. W.
Journal: Anal Chem (2019): 2768-2775
Quantification of fixed adherent cells using a strong enhancer of the fluorescence of DNA dyes
Authors: Ligasova, A., Koberna, K.
Journal: Sci Rep (2019): 8701
Identification and Quantification of Heterogeneously-methylated DNA Fragments Using Epiallele-sensitive Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (EAST-ddPCR)
Authors: Menschikowski, M., J and eck, C., Friedemann, M., Richter, S., Thiem, D., Lange, B. S., Suttorp, M.
Journal: Cancer Genomics Proteomics (2018): 299-312
A fluorescent reporter for quantification and enrichment of DNA editing by APOBEC-Cas9 or cleavage by Cas9 in living cells
Authors: St Martin, A., Salamango, D., Serebrenik, A., Shaban, N., Brown, W. L., Donati, F., Munagala, U., Conticello, S. G., Harris, R. S.
Journal: Nucleic Acids Res (2018): e84
Three-Dimensional FRET Multiplexing for DNA Quantification with Attomolar Detection Limits
Authors: Qiu, X., Guo, J., Xu, J., Hildebr and t, N.
Journal: J Phys Chem Lett (2018): 4379-4384
Quantification of plasmid DNA standards for U.S. EPA fecal indicator bacteria qPCR methods by droplet digital PCR analysis
Authors: Sivaganesan, M., Varma, M., Siefring, S., Haugl and , R.
Journal: J Microbiol Methods (2018): 135-142
Ultraspecific and Amplification-Free Quantification of Mutant DNA by Single-Molecule Kinetic Fingerprinting
Authors: Hayward, S. L., Lund, P. E., Kang, Q., Johnson-Buck, A., Tewari, M., Walter, N. G.
Journal: J Am Chem Soc (2018): 11755-11762
Quantification of DNA and Protein Adducts of 1-Nitropyrene: Significantly Higher Levels of Protein than DNA Adducts in the Internal Organs of 1-Nitropyrene Exposed Rats
Authors: Chan, W., Wong, S. K., Li, W.
Journal: Chem Res Toxicol (2018): 680-687
Cell Type-Specific Quantification of Telomere Length and DNA Double-strand Breaks in Individual Lung Cells by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization and Fluorescent Immunohistochemistry
Authors: van Batenburg, A. A., Kazemier, K. M., Peeters, T., van Oosterhout, M. F. M., van der Vis, J. J., Grutters, J. C., Goldschmeding, R., van Moorsel, C. H. M.
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Real-Time Visualization and Quantification of Human Cytomegalovirus Replication in Living Cells Using the ANCHOR DNA Labeling Technology
Authors: Mariame, B., Kappler-Gratias, S., Kappler, M., Balor, S., Gallardo, F., Bystricky, K.
Journal: J Virol (2018): se name="17645.enl" path="C:\Users\aatbi\Drop
Accuracy of human sperm DNA oxidation quantification and threshold determination using an 8-OHdG immuno-detection assay
Authors: Vorilhon, S., Brugnon, F., Kocer, A., Dollet, S., Bourgne, C., Berger, M., Janny, L., Pereira, B., Aitken, R. J., Moazamian, A., Gharagozloo, P., Drevet, J., Pons-Rejraji, H.
Journal: Hum Reprod (2018): 553-562
Pixel Counting of Fluorescence Spots Triggered by DNA Walkers for Ultrasensitive Quantification of Nucleic Acid
Authors: Zhu, L., Liu, Q., Yang, B., Ju, H., Lei, J.
Journal: Anal Chem (2018): 6357-6361
Image-Based High Content Screening: Automating the Quantification Process for DNA Damage-Induced Foci
Authors: Lim, Y. C.
Journal: Methods Mol Biol (2017): 71-84
A Microneedle Functionalized with Polyethyleneimine and Nanotubes for Highly Sensitive, Label-Free Quantification of DNA
Authors: Saadat-Moghaddam, D., Kim, J. H.
Journal: Sensors (Basel) (2017): se name="17645.enl" path="C:\Users\aatbi\Drop
Library Quantification: Fluorometric Quantitation of Double-Stranded or Single-Stranded DNA Samples Using the Qubit System
Authors: Mardis, E., McCombie, W. R.
Journal: Cold Spring Harb Protoc (2017): pdb prot094730
Amplification of unscheduled DNA synthesis signal enables fluorescence-based single cell quantification of transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair
Authors: Wienholz, F., Vermeulen, W., Marteijn, J. A.
Journal: Nucleic Acids Res (2017): e68
Accurate Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction Quantification of Challenging Samples Applying Inhibitor-Tolerant DNA Polymerases
Authors: Sidstedt, M., Romsos, E. L., Hedell, R., Ansell, R., Steffen, C. R., Vallone, P. M., Radstrom, P., Hedman, J.
Journal: Anal Chem (2017): 1642-1649
Quantification of cell-free DNA in blood plasma and DNA damage degree in lymphocytes to evaluate dysregulation of apoptosis in schizophrenia patients
Authors: Ershova, E. S., Jestkova, E. M., Chestkov, I. V., Porokhovnik, L. N., Izevskaya, V. L., Kutsev, S. I., Veiko, N. N., Shmarina, G., Dolgikh, O., Kostyuk, S. V.
Journal: J Psychiatr Res (2017): 15-22
Evaluation of assays for quantification of DNA in canine plasma as an indirect marker of NETosis
Authors: Smith, S. A., Lawson, C. M., McMichael, M. A., Jung, K., O'Brien, M., Achiel, R.
Journal: Vet Clin Pathol (2017): 278-286
A novel automatic quantification method for high-content screening analysis of DNA double strand-break response
Authors: Feng, J., Lin, J., Zhang, P., Yang, S., Sa, Y., Feng, Y.
Journal: Sci Rep (2017): 9581
Spectroscopic quantification of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in genomic DNA using boric acid-functionalized nano-microsphere fluorescent probes
Authors: Chen, H. Y., Wei, J. R., Pan, J. X., Zhang, W., Dang, F. Q., Zhang, Z. Q., Zhang, J.
Journal: Biosens Bioelectron (2017): 328-333
A sensitive high performance liquid chromatography assay for the quantification of doxorubicin associated with DNA in tumor and tissues
Authors: Lucas, A. T., O'Neal, S. K., Santos, C. M., White, T. F., Zamboni, W. C.
Journal: J Pharm Biomed Anal (2016): 122-9
A direct droplet digital PCR method for quantification of residual DNA in protein drugs produced in yeast cells
Authors: Hussain, M., Fantuzzo, R., Mercorelli, S., Cullen, C.
Journal: J Pharm Biomed Anal (2016): 128-31
Pitfalls of DNA Quantification Using DNA-Binding Fluorescent Dyes and Suggested Solutions
Authors: Nakayama, Y., Yamaguchi, H., Einaga, N., Esumi, M.
Journal: PLoS One (2016): e0150528
UV-Visible Spectroscopy-Based Quantification of Unlabeled DNA Bound to Gold Nanoparticles
Authors: Baldock, B. L., Hutchison, J. E.
Journal: Anal Chem (2016): 12072-12080
Multiplex quantification of four DNA targets in one reaction with Bio-Rad droplet digital PCR system for GMO detection
Authors: Dobnik, D., Stebih, D., Blejec, A., Morisset, D., Zel, J.
Journal: Sci Rep (2016): 35451
Quantification of total phosphorothioate in bacterial DNA by a bromoimane-based fluorescent method
Authors: Xiao, L., Xiang, Y.
Journal: Biotechnol J (2016): 824-30
Radiation dose determines the method for quantification of DNA double strand breaks
Authors: Bulat, T., Keta, O., Koricanac, L., Zakula, J., Petrovic, I., Ristic-Fira, A., Todorovic, D.
Journal: An Acad Bras Cienc (2016): 127-36