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There are 50 reference(s) for Helixyte™ iFluor® 350 Nucleic Acid Labeling Dye *Optimized for Labeling 2x100 ug DNA/RNA* (Cat No. 17950).

Visualizing DNA replication by single-molecule analysis of replicated DNA.
Authors: Madireddy, Advaitha and Gerhardt, Jeannine
Journal: STAR protocols (2023): 102721
Glass Nanopipette-Based Plasmonic SERS Platform for Single-Cell MicroRNA-21 Sensing during Apoptosis.
Authors: Wang, Yong and Wang, Dandan and Qi, Guohua and Hu, Ping and Wang, Erkang and Jin, Yongdong
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2023): 16234-16242
Rapid, inexpensive, sequence-independent fluorescent labeling of phosphorothioate DNA.
Authors: Satusky, Matthew J and Johnson, Caitlin V and Erie, Dorothy A
Journal: Biophysical journal (2023): 1211-1218
A Step toward Amino Acid-Labeled DNA Sequencing: Boosting Transmission Sensitivity of Graphene Nanogap.
Authors: Mittal, Sneha and Pathak, Biswarup
Journal: ACS applied bio materials (2023): 218-227
Inhibition of N-Acetyltransferase 10 Suppresses the Progression of Prostate Cancer through Regulation of DNA Replication.
Authors: Ma, Ningning and Liu, Haijing and Wu, Yaqian and Yao, Mengfei and Zhang, Bo
Journal: International journal of molecular sciences (2022)
KAS-seq: genome-wide sequencing of single-stranded DNA by N3-kethoxal-assisted labeling.
Authors: Lyu, Ruitu and Wu, Tong and Zhu, Allen C and West-Szymanski, Diana C and Weng, Xiaocheng and Chen, Mengjie and He, Chuan
Journal: Nature protocols (2022): 402-420
Authors: Ostersehlt, Lynn M and Jans, Daniel C and Wittek, Anna and Keller-Findeisen, Jan and Inamdar, Kaushik and Sahl, Steffen J and Hell, Stefan W and Jakobs, Stefan
Journal: Nature methods (2022): 1072-1075
Design of Hydrogel Silk-Based Microarrays and Molecular Beacons for Reagentless Point-of-Care Diagnostics.
Authors: Sampieri, Alicia and Monroy-Contreras, Ricardo and Asanov, Alexander and Vaca, Luis
Journal: Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology (2022): 881679
Bioorthogonal Chemical Signature Enabling Amplified Visualization of Cellular Oxidative Thymines.
Authors: Bai, Min and Cao, Xiaowen and Chen, Feng and Xue, Jing and Zhao, Yue and Zhao, Yongxi
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2021): 10495-10501
Electrical DNA Sequence Mapping Using Oligodeoxynucleotide Labels and Nanopores.
Authors: Chen, Kaikai and Gularek, Felix and Liu, Boyao and Weinhold, Elmar and Keyser, Ulrich F
Journal: ACS nano (2021): 2679-2685
Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Physicochemical Characteristics and Historical Developments to Commercialization for Potential Technological Applications.
Authors: Etemadi, Hossein and Buchanan, Jenna K and Kandile, Nadia G and Plieger, Paul G
Journal: ACS biomaterials science & engineering (2021): 5432-5450
Lsh/HELLS is required for B lymphocyte development and immunoglobulin class switch recombination.
Authors: He, Yafeng and Ren, Jianke and Xu, Xiaoping and Ni, Kai and Schwader, Andrew and Finney, Richard and Wang, Can and Sun, Lei and Klarmann, Kimberly and Keller, Jonathan and Tubbs, Anthony and Nussenzweig, Andre and Muegge, Kathrin
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2020): 20100-20108
High specificity and tight spatial restriction of self-biotinylation by DNA and RNA G-Quadruplexes complexed in vitro and in vivo with Heme.
Authors: Lat, Prince Kumar and Liu, Kun and Kumar, Dev N and Wong, Kenneth K L and Verheyen, Esther M and Sen, Dipankar
Journal: Nucleic acids research (2020)
An improved 4'-aminomethyltrioxsalen-based nucleic acid crosslinker for biotinylation of double-stranded DNA or RNA.
Authors: Wielenberg, Kevin and Wang, Miao and Yang, Min and Ozer, Abdullah and Lis, John T and Lin, Hening
Journal: RSC advances (2020): 39870-39874
Selective functionalization at N2-position of guanine in oligonucleotides via reductive amination.
Authors: Bhoge, Bapurao A and Mala, Purnima and Kurian, Jo S and Srinivasan, Varadharajan and Saraogi, Ishu
Journal: Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) (2020): 13832-13835
Long-term Preservation of Testicular Tissue Integrity and Viability Using Vitrification in the Endangered Black-Footed Ferret (Mustela Nigripes).
Authors: Lima, David Baruc Cruvinel and Silva, Lúcia Daniel Machado da and Marinari, Paul and Comizzoli, Pierre
Journal: Animals : an open access journal from MDPI (2020)
Visible-Light Photocatalysis as an Enabling Technology for Drug Discovery: A Paradigm Shift for Chemical Reactivity.
Authors: Li, Peijun and Terrett, Jack A and Zbieg, Jason R
Journal: ACS medicinal chemistry letters (2020): 2120-2130
Direct Cyanine-dCTP Labeling of DNA for Microarrays.
Authors: Rando, Oliver
Journal: Cold Spring Harbor protocols (2019)
Visualizing Poxvirus Replication and Recombination Using Live-Cell Imaging.
Authors: Kieser, Quinten and Paszkowski, Patrick and Lin, James and Evans, David and Noyce, Ryan
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2019): 221-235
Detection and Quantitation of Acetylated Histones on Replicating DNA Using In Situ Proximity Ligation Assay and Click-It Chemistry.
Authors: Lazarchuk, Pavlo and Roy, Sunetra and Schlacher, Katharina and Sidorova, Julia
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2019): 29-45
Detection of the Enzymatic Cleavage of DNA through Supramolecular Chiral Induction to a Cationic Polythiophene.
Authors: Fossépré, Mathieu and Trévisan, Marie E and Cyriaque, Valentine and Wattiez, Ruddy and Beljonne, David and Richeter, Sébastien and Clément, Sébastien and Surin, Mathieu
Journal: ACS applied bio materials (2019): 2125-2136
A Proximity Ligation-Based Method to Detect RNA-DNA Association.
Authors: Fenstermaker, Tyler K and Sun, Guizhi and Mazo, Alexander and Petruk, Svetlana
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2019): 121-129
Fluorescent fusions of the N protein of phage Mu label DNA damage in living cells.
Authors: Kotlajich, Matthew V and Xia, Jun and Zhai, Yin and Lin, Hsin-Yu and Bradley, Catherine C and Shen, Xi and Mei, Qian and Wang, Anthony Z and Lynn, Erica J and Shee, Chandan and Chen, Li-Tzu and Li, Lei and Miller, Kyle M and Herman, Christophe and Hastings, P J and Rosenberg, Susan M
Journal: DNA repair (2018): 86-92
A method for tracing exogenous DNA uptake in live spermatozoa and embryos.
Authors: Mu, Y and Jiao, M and Zhao, Y and Lv, J and Wang, J and Hao, J and Zhang, X and Kong, Q and Liu, Z
Journal: Polish journal of veterinary sciences (2018): 193-202
Are Tooth Prints a Hard Tissue Equivalence of Finger Print in Mass Disaster: A Rationalized Review.
Authors: Sha, Shaik Kamal and Rao, B Vengal and Rao, M Sirisha and Kumari, K V Halini and Chinna, Sudarshan Kumar and Sahu, Divya
Journal: Journal of pharmacy & bioallied sciences (2017): S29-S33
Labeling DNA Replication Foci to Visualize Chromosome Territories In Vivo.
Authors: Maya-Mendoza, Apolinar and Jackson, Dean A
Journal: Current protocols in cell biology (2017): 22.21.1-22.21.16
Microfluidic System for Detection of Viral RNA in Blood Using a Barcode Fluorescence Reporter and a Photocleavable Capture Probe.
Authors: Du, Ke and Park, Myeongkee and Griffiths, Anthony and Carrion, Ricardo and Patterson, Jean and Schmidt, Holger and Mathies, Richard
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2017): 12433-12440
BiFCROS: A Low-Background Fluorescence Repressor Operator System for Labeling of Genomic Loci.
Authors: Milbredt, Sarah and Waldminghaus, Torsten
Journal: G3 (Bethesda, Md.) (2017): 1969-1977
A CAPS-based binding assay provides semi-quantitative validation of protein-DNA interactions.
Authors: Xie, Yongyao and Zhang, Yaling and Zhao, Xiucai and Liu, Yao-Guang and Chen, Letian
Journal: Scientific reports (2016): 21030
Multiplexed labeling of genomic loci with dCas9 and engineered sgRNAs using CRISPRainbow.
Authors: Ma, Hanhui and Tu, Li-Chun and Naseri, Ardalan and Huisman, Maximiliaan and Zhang, Shaojie and Grunwald, David and Pederson, Thoru
Journal: Nature biotechnology (2016): 528-30
Development of ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine chemical probes for cell proliferation.
Authors: Lovitt, Carrie J and Hilko, David H and Avery, Vicky M and Poulsen, Sally-Ann
Journal: Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry (2016): 4272-4280
Patterning protein complexes on DNA nanostructures using a GFP nanobody.
Authors: Sommese, R F and Hariadi, R F and Kim, K and Liu, M and Tyska, M J and Sivaramakrishnan, S
Journal: Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society (2016): 2089-2094
Mitochondria-Directed Fluorescent Probe for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide near Mitochondrial DNA.
Authors: Wen, Ying and Liu, Keyin and Yang, Huiran and Liu, Yi and Chen, Liming and Liu, Zhongkuan and Huang, Chunhui and Yi, Tao
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2015): 10579-84
Incorporation of thymidine analogs for studying replication kinetics in fission yeast.
Authors: Rhind, Nicholas
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2015): 99-104
Aggresome-Autophagy Involvement in a Sarcopenic Patient with Rigid Spine Syndrome and a p.C150R Mutation in FHL1 Gene.
Authors: Sabatelli, Patrizia and Castagnaro, Silvia and Tagliavini, Francesca and Chrisam, Martina and Sardone, Francesca and Demay, Laurence and Richard, Pascale and Santi, Spartaco and Maraldi, Nadir M and Merlini, Luciano and Sandri, Marco and Bonaldo, Paolo
Journal: Frontiers in aging neuroscience (2014): 215
Disodium pentaborate decahydrate (DPD) induced apoptosis by decreasing hTERT enzyme activity and disrupting F-actin organization of prostate cancer cells.
Authors: Korkmaz, Mehmet and Avcı, Cigir Biray and Gunduz, Cumhur and Aygunes, Duygu and Erbaykent-Tepedelen, Burcu
Journal: Tumour biology : the journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine (2014): 1531-8
Lighting up individual DNA damage sites by in vitro repair synthesis.
Authors: Zirkin, Shahar and Fishman, Sivan and Sharim, Hila and Michaeli, Yael and Don, Jeremy and Ebenstein, Yuval
Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014): 7771-6
2-methoxyestradiol induces mitotic arrest, apoptosis, and synergistic cytotoxicity with arsenic trioxide in human urothelial carcinoma cells.
Authors: Kuo, Kuan-Lin and Lin, Wei-Chou and Ho, I-Lin and Chang, Hong-Chiang and Lee, Ping-Yi and Chung, Yuan-Ting and Hsieh, Ju-Ton and Pu, Yeong-Shiau and Shi, Chung-Sheng and Huang, Kuo-How
Journal: PloS one (2013): e68703
A simple "clickable" biosensor for colorimetric detection of copper(II) ions based on unmodified gold nanoparticles.
Authors: Shen, Qinpeng and Li, Wenhua and Tang, Shiyun and Hu, Yufang and Nie, Zhou and Huang, Yan and Yao, Shouzhuo
Journal: Biosensors & bioelectronics (2013): 663-8
The radiosensitization effect of titanate nanotubes as a new tool in radiation therapy for glioblastoma: a proof-of-concept.
Authors: Mirjolet, C and Papa, A L and Créhange, G and Raguin, O and Seignez, C and Paul, C and Truc, G and Maingon, P and Millot, N
Journal: Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (2013): 136-42
Labeling DNA (or RNA) for single-molecule FRET.
Authors: Joo, Chirlmin and Ha, Taekjip
Journal: Cold Spring Harbor protocols (2012): 1005-8
In vitro assembly of semi-artificial molecular machine and its use for detection of DNA damage.
Authors: Minchew, Candace L and Didenko, Vladimir V
Journal: Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE (2012): e3628
Label-free DNA hybridization detection by various spectroscopy methods using triphenylmethane dyes as a probe.
Authors: Tu, Jiaojiao and Cai, Changqun and Ma, Ying and Luo, Lin and Weng, Chao and Chen, Xiaoming
Journal: Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy (2012): 1-6
Single cell DNA damage/repair assay using HaloChip.
Authors: Qiao, Yong and Wang, Chaoming and Su, Ming and Ma, Liyuan
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2012): 1112-6
Magnolol-induced apoptosis in HCT-116 colon cancer cells is associated with the AMP-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.
Authors: Park, Jun Beom and Lee, Myung Sun and Cha, Eun Young and Lee, Jin Sun and Sul, Ji Young and Song, In Sang and Kim, Ji Yeon
Journal: Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin (2012): 1614-20
Isolation of live label-retaining cells and cells undergoing asymmetric cell division via nonrandom chromosomal cosegregation from human cancers.
Authors: Hari, Danielle and Xin, Hong-Wu and Jaiswal, Kshama and Wiegand, Gordon and Kim, Bo-Kyu and Ambe, Che and Burka, Douglas and Koizumi, Tomotake and Ray, Satyajit and Garfield, Susan and Thorgeirsson, Snorri and Avital, Itzhak
Journal: Stem cells and development (2011): 1649-58
A python module to normalize microarray data by the quantile adjustment method.
Authors: Baber, Ibrahima and Tamby, Jean Philippe and Manoukis, Nicholas C and Sangaré, Djibril and Doumbia, Seydou and Traoré, Sekou F and Maiga, Mohamed S and Dembélé, Doulaye
Journal: Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases (2011): 765-8
Genome-wide comparison of paired fresh frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded gliomas by custom BAC and oligonucleotide array comparative genomic hybridization: facilitating analysis of archival gliomas.
Authors: Mohapatra, Gayatry and Engler, David A and Starbuck, Kristen D and Kim, James C and Bernay, Derek C and Scangas, George A and Rousseau, Audrey and Batchelor, Tracy T and Betensky, Rebecca A and Louis, David N
Journal: Acta neuropathologica (2011): 529-43
Labeling DNA for single-molecule experiments: methods of labeling internal specific sequences on double-stranded DNA.
Authors: Zohar, Hagar and Muller, Susan J
Journal: Nanoscale (2011): 3027-39
PCR synthesis of double stranded DNA labeled with 5-bromouridine. A step towards finding a bromonucleoside for clinical trials.
Authors: Michalska, Barbara and Sobolewski, Ireneusz and Polska, Katarzyna and Zielonka, Justyna and Zylicz-Stachula, Agnieszka and Skowron, Piotr and Rak, Janusz
Journal: Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis (2011): 671-7