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There are 50 reference(s) for Cell Meter™ Live Cell Caspase 8 Binding Assay Kit *Red Fluorescence* (Cat No. 20116).

Cigarette smoke inhibits the NLRP3 inflammasome and leads to caspase-1 activation via the TLR4-TRIF-caspase-8 axis in human macrophages.
Authors: Buscetta, Marco and Di Vincenzo, Serena and Miele, Monica and Badami, Ester and Pace, Elisabetta and Cipollina, Chiara
Journal: FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (2020): 1819-1832
The nonreceptor tyrosine kinase SYK drives caspase-8/NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated autoinflammatory osteomyelitis.
Authors: Dasari, Tejasvi K and Geiger, Rechel and Karki, Rajendra and Banoth, Balaji and Sharma, Bhesh Raj and Gurung, Prajwal and Burton, Amanda and Kanneganti, Thirumala-Devi
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (2020): 3394-3400
New insights into the regulation of apoptosis, necroptosis, and pyroptosis by receptor interacting protein kinase 1 and caspase-8.
Authors: Schwarzer, Robin and Laurien, Lucie and Pasparakis, Manolis
Journal: Current opinion in cell biology (2020): 186-193
Caspase-8: The double-edged sword.
Authors: Mandal, Ranadip and Barrón, Joan Compte and Kostova, Izabela and Becker, Sven and Strebhardt, Klaus
Journal: Biochimica et biophysica acta. Reviews on cancer (2020): 188357
Triggering apoptosis by oroxylin A through caspase-8 activation and p62/SQSTM1 proteolysis.
Authors: Zhao, Yue and Zhu, Qin and Bu, Xiumin and Zhou, Yihui and Bai, Dongsheng and Guo, Qinglong and Gao, Yuan and Lu, Na
Journal: Redox biology (2020): 101392
Cancer Cells Employ Nuclear Caspase-8 to Overcome the p53-Dependent G2/M Checkpoint through Cleavage of USP28.
Authors: Müller, Ines and Strozyk, Elwira and Schindler, Sebastian and Beissert, Stefan and Oo, Htoo Zarni and Sauter, Thomas and Lucarelli, Philippe and Raeth, Sebastian and Hausser, Angelika and Al Nakouzi, Nader and Fazli, Ladan and Gleave, Martin E and Liu, He and Simon, Hans-Uwe and Walczak, Henning and Green, Douglas R and Bartek, Jiri and Daugaard, Mads and Kulms, Dagmar
Journal: Molecular cell (2020): 970-984.e7
Viral FLIP blocks Caspase-8 driven apoptosis in the gut in vivo.
Authors: Ruder, Barbara and Günther, Claudia and Stürzl, Michael and Neurath, Markus Friedrich and Cesarman, Ethel and Ballon, Gianna and Becker, Christoph
Journal: PloS one (2020): e0228441
A matter of life and death for caspase 8.
Authors: Willson, Joseph
Journal: Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology (2020): 63
Pharmacological Inhibition of Caspase-8 Suppresses Inflammation-Induced Angiogenesis in the Cornea.
Authors: Tian, Yunzhe and Li, He and Liu, Xiuxing and Xie, Lihui and Huang, Zhaohao and Li, Weihua and Li, Zhuang and Pan, Yuan and Chen, Xiaoqing and Su, Wenru
Journal: Biomolecules (2020)
High-Concentrate Feeding to Dairy Cows Induces Apoptosis via the NOD1/Caspase-8 Pathway in Mammary Epithelial Cells.
Authors: Ul Aabdin, Zain and Cheng, Xiaoye and Dai, Hongyu and Wang, Yan and Sahito, Benazir and Roy, Animesh Chandra and Memon, Meena Arif and Shen, Xiangzhen
Journal: Genes (2020)
Yansuanmalingua inhibits replication of type 2 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus via activating the caspase-8 apoptosis pathway.
Authors: Ding, Yaozhong and Li, Guoxiu and Cheng, Fangzhen and Dai, Junfei and Hu, Yonghao and Zhang, Jie
Journal: Journal of basic microbiology (2020)
Chrm3 protects against acinar cell necrosis by stabilizing caspase-8 expression in severe acute pancreatitis mice model.
Authors: Huang, Ning and Murtaza, Ghulam and Wang, Lujing and Luan, Jing and Wang, Xinlei and Sun, Yumiao and Wu, Xing and Tao, Yuxi and Shi, Shuoxi and Cao, Peihua and Qiao, Yu and Han, Dong and Kou, Jiayuan and Ma, Ning and Gao, Xu
Journal: Journal of cellular biochemistry (2020): 2618-2631
Ptpn6 inhibits caspase-8- and Ripk3/Mlkl-dependent inflammation.
Authors: Speir, Mary and Nowell, Cameron J and Chen, Alyce A and O'Donnell, Joanne A and Shamie, Isaac S and Lakin, Paul R and D'Cruz, Akshay A and Braun, Roman O and Babon, Jeff J and Lewis, Rowena S and Bliss-Moreau, Meghan and Shlomovitz, Inbar and Wang, Shu and Cengia, Louise H and Stoica, Anca I and Hakem, Razq and Kelliher, Michelle A and O'Reilly, Lorraine A and Patsiouras, Heather and Lawlor, Kate E and Weller, Edie and Lewis, Nathan E and Roberts, Andrew W and Gerlic, Motti and Croker, Ben A
Journal: Nature immunology (2020): 54-64
Luteolin-regulated MicroRNA-301-3p Targets Caspase-8 and Modulates TRAIL Sensitivity in PANC-1 Cells.
Authors: Moeng, Sokviseth and Son, Seung Wan and Seo, Hyun Ah and Lee, Jong Sun and Kim, Chung Kwon and Kuh, Hyo Jeong and Park, Jong Kook
Journal: Anticancer research (2020): 723-731
Target inhibition of caspase-8 alleviates brain damage after subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Authors: Ke, Da-Qiang and Chen, Zhi-Yang and Li, Zhou-Ling and Huang, Xia and Liang, Hui
Journal: Neural regeneration research (2020): 1283-1289
Edwardsiella piscicida type III protein EseJ suppresses apoptosis through down regulating type 1 fimbriae, which stimulate the cleavage of caspase-8.
Authors: He, Tian Tian and Zhou, Ying and Liu, Ying Li and Li, Duan You and Nie, Pin and Li, Ai Hua and Xie, Hai Xia
Journal: Cellular microbiology (2020): e13193
Dissecting DISC regulation via pharmacological targeting of caspase-8/c-FLIPL heterodimer.
Authors: Hillert, Laura K and Ivanisenko, Nikita V and Busse, Denise and Espe, Johannes and König, Corinna and Peltek, Sergey E and Kolchanov, Nikolai A and Ivanisenko, Vladimir A and Lavrik, Inna N
Journal: Cell death and differentiation (2020)
Expression levels of EPHB4, EFNB2 and caspase-8 are associated with clinicopathological features and progression of esophageal squamous cell cancer.
Authors: Ni, Qianzhi and Chen, Pingping and Zhu, Bing and Li, Jingjing and Xie, Dong and Ma, Xingyuan
Journal: Oncology letters (2020): 917-929
Caspase-8 Induces Lysosome-Associated Cell Death in Cancer Cells.
Authors: Zhong, Benfu and Liu, Miao and Bai, Changsen and Ruan, Yuxia and Wang, Yuanyuan and Qiu, Li and Hong, Yang and Wang, Xin and Li, Lifang and Li, Binghui
Journal: Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy (2020)
Association of Caspase-8 Genotypes With Bladder Cancer Risk.
Authors: Chen, Meng and Tsai, Yueh-Ting and Chang, Wen-Shin and Shih, Liang-Chun and Shen, Te-Chun and Lin, Meng-Liang and Chao, Che-Yi and Wang, Yun-Chi and Tsai, Chia-Wen and Bau, DA-Tian
Journal: Anticancer research (2019): 4767-4773
LncRNA MEG3 influences the proliferation and apoptosis of psoriasis epidermal cells by targeting miR-21/caspase-8.
Authors: Jia, Hai-Yan and Zhang, Kai and Lu, Wen-Jing and Xu, Gui-Wen and Zhang, Jian-Fen and Tang, Zhan-Li
Journal: BMC molecular and cell biology (2019): 46
FF-10501 induces caspase-8-mediated apoptotic and endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated necrotic cell death in hematological malignant cells.
Authors: Matsumoto, Taichi and Jimi, Shiro and Migita, Keisuke and Terada, Kazuki and Mori, Masayoshi and Takamatsu, Yasushi and Suzumiya, Junji and Hara, Shuuji
Journal: International journal of hematology (2019): 606-617
Association of caspase 8 promoter variants and haplotypes with the risk of breast cancer and its molecular profile in an Iranian population: A case-control study.
Authors: Bagherabad, Matineh Barati and Afzaljavan, Fahimeh and Vahednia, Elham and Rivandi, Mahdi and Vakili, Fatemeh and Sadr, Susan Sadat Hashemi and Shandiz, Fatemeh Homaei and Pasdar, Alireza
Journal: Journal of cellular biochemistry (2019): 16435-16444
Association of caspase 8 polymorphisms -652 6N InsDel and Asp302His with progression-free survival and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in early breast cancer.
Authors: Kuhlmann, Jan Dominik and Bachmann, Hagen Sjard and Link, Theresa and Wimberger, Pauline and Kröber, Eric and Thomssen, Christoph and Mallé, Brahima and Bethmann, Daniel and Vetter, Martina and Kantelhardt, Eva Johanna
Journal: Scientific reports (2019): 12594
Sustained Secretion of the Antimicrobial Peptide S100A7 Is Dependent on the Downregulation of Caspase-8.
Authors: Bhatt, Tanay and Bhosale, Aishwarya and Bajantri, Bhavya and Mathapathi, Mruthyunjaya Swamy and Rizvi, Abrar and Scita, Giorgio and Majumdar, Amitabha and Jamora, Colin
Journal: Cell reports (2019): 2546-2555.e4
Cleavage of RIPK1 by caspase-8 is crucial for limiting apoptosis and necroptosis.
Authors: Newton, Kim and Wickliffe, Katherine E and Dugger, Debra L and Maltzman, Allie and Roose-Girma, Merone and Dohse, Monika and Kőműves, László and Webster, Joshua D and Dixit, Vishva M
Journal: Nature (2019): 428-431
Activity of caspase-8 determines plasticity between cell death pathways.
Authors: Newton, Kim and Wickliffe, Katherine E and Maltzman, Allie and Dugger, Debra L and Reja, Rohit and Zhang, Yue and Roose-Girma, Merone and Modrusan, Zora and Sagolla, Meredith S and Webster, Joshua D and Dixit, Vishva M
Journal: Nature (2019): 679-682
Caspase-8 modulates physiological and pathological angiogenesis during retina development.
Authors: Tisch, Nathalie and Freire-Valls, Aida and Yerbes, Rosario and Paredes, Isidora and La Porta, Silvia and Wang, Xiaohong and Martín-Pérez, Rosa and Castro, Laura and Wong, Wendy Wei-Lynn and Coultas, Leigh and Strilic, Boris and Gröne, Hermann-Josef and Hielscher, Thomas and Mogler, Carolin and Adams, Ralf H and Heiduschka, Peter and Claesson-Welsh, Lena and Mazzone, Massimiliano and López-Rivas, Abelardo and Schmidt, Thomas and Augustin, Hellmut G and Ruiz de Almodovar, Carmen
Journal: The Journal of clinical investigation (2019): 5092-5107
Caspase-8 Regulates Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Induced Necroptosis Independent of the Apoptosis Pathway in Auditory Cells.
Authors: Kishino, Akihiro and Hayashi, Ken and Maeda, Miyoko and Jike, Toyoharu and Hidai, Chiaki and Nomura, Yasuyuki and Oshima, Takeshi
Journal: International journal of molecular sciences (2019)
CUL7 promotes cancer cell survival through promoting Caspase-8 ubiquitination.
Authors: Kong, Yanjie and Wang, Zehua and Huang, Maobo and Zhou, Zhongmei and Li, Yi and Miao, Huilai and Wan, Xing and Huang, Jian and Mao, Xiaoyun and Chen, Ceshi
Journal: International journal of cancer (2019): 1371-1381
Caspase-8 is the molecular switch for apoptosis, necroptosis and pyroptosis.
Authors: Fritsch, Melanie and Günther, Saskia D and Schwarzer, Robin and Albert, Marie-Christine and Schorn, Fabian and Werthenbach, J Paul and Schiffmann, Lars M and Stair, Neil and Stocks, Hannah and Seeger, Jens M and Lamkanfi, Mohamed and Krönke, Martin and Pasparakis, Manolis and Kashkar, Hamid
Journal: Nature (2019): 683-687
Machine Learning From Molecular Dynamics Trajectories to Predict Caspase-8 Inhibitors Against Alzheimer's Disease.
Authors: Jamal, Salma and Grover, Abhinav and Grover, Sonam
Journal: Frontiers in pharmacology (2019): 780
Caspase-8, receptor-interacting protein kinase 1 (RIPK1), and RIPK3 regulate retinoic acid-induced cell differentiation and necroptosis.
Authors: Someda, Masataka and Kuroki, Shunsuke and Miyachi, Hitoshi and Tachibana, Makoto and Yonehara, Shin
Journal: Cell death and differentiation (2019)
A tandem death effector domain-containing protein inhibits the IMD signaling pathway via forming amyloid-like aggregates with the caspase-8 homolog DREDD.
Authors: Hu, Jie and Wang, Xinyi and Xiao, Xiaoyi and Sun, Chang and Xia, Qingyou and Wang, Fei
Journal: Insect biochemistry and molecular biology (2019): 103225
Highlight report: caspase 8 as a therapeutic target in chronic liver disease.
Authors: Bolt, Hermann M
Journal: Archives of toxicology (2019): 2709-2710
Junduqing extractive promotes the apoptosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells through down-regulating Mcl-1 and Bcl-xL and up-regulating Caspase-3, Caspase-8 and Caspase-9.
Authors: Zhao, Weiguo and Tang, Lei and Gao, Shan and Xin, Ling and Zhang, Haiyong and Li, Yunjing
Journal: Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology (2019): 3904-3912
TRAF2 Controls Death Receptor-Induced Caspase-8 Processing and Facilitates Proinflammatory Signaling.
Authors: Kreckel, Jennifer and Anany, Mohammed A and Siegmund, Daniela and Wajant, Harald
Journal: Frontiers in immunology (2019): 2024
Association of Polo-Like Kinase 3 and PhosphoT273 Caspase 8 Levels With Disease-Related Outcomes Among Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients Treated With Chemoradiation and Brachytherapy.
Authors: Fleischmann, Max and Martin, Daniel and Peña-Llopis, Samuel and Oppermann, Julius and von der Grün, Jens and Diefenhardt, Markus and Chatzikonstantinou, Georgios and Fokas, Emmanouil and Rödel, Claus and Strebhardt, Klaus and Becker, Sven and Rödel, Franz and Tselis, Nikolaos
Journal: Frontiers in oncology (2019): 742
Interferon-γ induces the cell surface exposure of phosphatidylserine by activating the protein MLKL in the absence of caspase-8 activity.
Authors: Chen, Jiancheng and Kuroki, Shunsuke and Someda, Masataka and Yonehara, Shin
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (2019): 11994-12006
The combination of TPL2 knockdown and TNFα causes synthetic lethality via caspase-8 activation in human carcinoma cell lines.
Authors: Serebrennikova, Oksana B and Paraskevopoulou, Maria D and Aguado-Fraile, Elia and Taraslia, Vasiliki and Ren, Wenying and Thapa, Geeta and Roper, Jatin and Du, Keyong and Croce, Carlo M and Tsichlis, Philip N
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2019): 14039-14048
Cyprinid Herpesvirus 2 miR-C12 Attenuates Virus-Mediated Apoptosis and Promotes Virus Propagation by Targeting Caspase 8.
Authors: Lu, Jianfei and Shen, Zhaoyuan and Lu, Liqun and Xu, Dan
Journal: Frontiers in microbiology (2019): 2923
ASB3 knockdown promotes mitochondrial apoptosis via activating the interdependent cleavage of Beclin1 and caspase-8 in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Authors: Zhang, Wenli and Liu, Fuchen and Che, Zhihui and Wu, Mengmeng and Tang, Zihui and Liu, Jie and Yang, Dongqin
Journal: Science China. Life sciences (2019): 1692-1702
Caspase-8 restricts antiviral CD8 T cell hyperaccumulation.
Authors: Feng, Yanjun and Daley-Bauer, Lisa P and Roback, Linda and Guo, Hongyan and Koehler, Heather S and Potempa, Marc and Lanier, Lewis L and Mocarski, Edward S
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2019): 15170-15177
Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome protein desensitizes breast cancer cells to apoptosis in stiff matrices by repressing the caspase 8-mediated pathway.
Authors: Lee, Jieun and Ko, Panseon and You, Eunae and Jeong, Jangho and Keum, Seula and Kim, Jaegu and Rahman, Mizanur and Lee, Dong Ho and Rhee, Sangmyung
Journal: Animal cells and systems (2019): 414-421
Caspase-8 restricts natural killer cell accumulation during MCMV Infection.
Authors: Feng, Yanjun and Daley-Bauer, Lisa P and Roback, Linda and Potempa, Marc and Lanier, Lewis L and Mocarski, Edward S
Journal: Medical microbiology and immunology (2019): 543-554
Heterogeneous responses to low level death receptor activation are explained by random molecular assembly of the Caspase-8 activation platform.
Authors: Matveeva, Anna and Fichtner, Michael and McAllister, Katherine and McCann, Christopher and Sturrock, Marc and Longley, Daniel B and Prehn, Jochen H M
Journal: PLoS computational biology (2019): e1007374
ITCH-dependent proteasomal degradation of c-FLIP induced by the anti-HER3 antibody 9F7-F11 promotes DR5/caspase 8-mediated apoptosis of tumor cells.
Authors: Le Clorennec, Christophe and Lazrek, Yassamine and Dubreuil, Olivier and Sampaio, Carla and Larbouret, Christel and Lanotte, Romain and Poul, Marie-Alix and Barret, Jean-Marc and Prost, Jean-François and Pèlegrin, André and Chardès, Thierry
Journal: Cell communication and signaling : CCS (2019): 106
Targeting p53/TRAIL/caspase-8 signaling by adiponectin reverses thioacetamide-induced hepatocellular carcinoma in rats.
Authors: Nazmy, Entsar A and El-Khouly, Omar A and Zaki, Marwa M A and Elsherbiny, Nehal M and Said, Eman and Al-Gayyar, Mohammed M H and Salem, Hatem A
Journal: Environmental toxicology and pharmacology (2019): 103240
Caspase-8-dependent control of NK- and T cell responses during cytomegalovirus infection.
Authors: Feng, Yanjun and Daley-Bauer, Lisa P and Mocarski, Edward S
Journal: Medical microbiology and immunology (2019): 555-571
Effects of etanercept on the apoptosis of ganglion cells and expression of Fas, TNF-α, caspase-8 in the retina of diabetic rats.
Authors: Ye, Qin and Lin, Yu-Ni and Xie, Mao-Song and Yao, Yi-Hua and Tang, Shu-Min and Huang, Yan and Wang, Xiao-Hui and Zhu, Yi-Hua
Journal: International journal of ophthalmology (2019): 1083-1088