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Role of Mitochondrial ROS for Calcium Alternans in Atrial Myocytes
Authors: Oropeza-Almaz{\'a}n, Yuriana and Blatter, Lothar A
Journal: Biomolecules (2024): 144
Authors: Shcherban, Igor V and Fedotova, Victoria S and Matukhno, Aleksey E and Shepelev, Igor E and Shcherban, Oxana G and Lysenko, Larisa V
Journal: Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2024): 110097
Multibeam continuous axial scanning two-photon microscopy for in vivo volumetric imaging in mouse brain
Authors: Ataka, Mitsutoshi and Otomo, Kohei and Enoki, Ryosuke and Ishii, Hirokazu and Tsutsumi, Motosuke and Kozawa, Yuichi and Sato, Shunichi and Nemoto, Tomomi
Journal: Biomedical Optics Express (2024): 1089--1101
ER and SOCE Ca2+ signals are not required for directed cell migration in human microglia
Authors: Granzotto, Alberto and McQuade, Amanda and Chadarevian, Jean Paul and Davtyan, Hayk and Sensi, Stefano L and Parker, Ian and Blurton-Jones, Mathew and Smith, Ian
Journal: bioRxiv (2024): 2024--01
The method for assessment of local permutations in the glomerular patterns of the rat olfactory bulb by aligning interindividual odor maps
Authors: Matukhno, Aleksey E and Petrushan, Mikhail V and Kiroy, Valery N and Arsenyev, Fedor V and Lysenko, Larisa V
Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience (2023): 1--12
An ON-type direction-selective ganglion cell in primate retina
Authors: Wang, Anna YM and Kulkarni, Manoj M and McLaughlin, Amanda J and Gayet, Jacqueline and Smith, Benjamin E and Hauptschein, Max and McHugh, Cyrus F and Yao, Yvette Y and Puthussery, Teresa
Journal: Nature (2023): 1--6
Annexe A: SARS-CoV-2 deregulates the vascular and immune functions of brain pericytes via Spike protein.
Authors: Khaddaj-Mallata, Rayan and Aldiba, Natija and Bernarda, Maxime and Paquettea, Anne-Sophie and Ferreirab, Aymeric and Lecordiera, Sarah and Saghatelyanb, Armen and Flamanda, Louis and ElAlia, Ayman
Journal: Analyse d'{\'e}v{\`e}nements neurobiologiques h{\'e}t{\'e}rog{\`e}nes {\`a} l'aide d'outils computationnels. (2023): 200
Differential CpG methylation at Nnat in the early establishment of beta cell heterogeneity
Authors: Yu, Vanessa and Yong, Fiona and Marta, Angellica and Khadayate, Sanjay and Osakwe, Adrien and Bhattacharya, Supriyo and Varghese, Sneha S and Chabosseau, Pauline and Tabibi, Sayed M and Chen, Keran and others,
Journal: bioRxiv (2023)
A genetically encoded sensor measures temporal oxytocin release from different neuronal compartments
Authors: Qian, Tongrui and Wang, Huan and Wang, Peng and Geng, Lan and Mei, Long and Osakada, Takuya and Wang, Lei and Tang, Yan and Kania, Alan and Grinevich, Valery and others,
Journal: Nature Biotechnology (2023): 1--14
Infiltrating CD8+ T cells exacerbate Alzheimer’s disease pathology in a 3D human neuroimmune axis model
Authors: Jorfi, Mehdi and Park, Joseph and Hall, Clare K and Lin, Chih-Chung Jerry and Chen, Meng and von Maydell, Djuna and Kruskop, Jane M and Kang, Byunghoon and Choi, Younjung and Prokopenko, Dmitry and others,
Journal: Nature Neuroscience (2023): 1--16
Glutamate drives ‘local Ca2+ release’in cardiac pacemaker cells
Authors: Xie, Duanyang and Xiong, Ke and Su, Xuling and Wang, Guanghua and Zou, Qicheng and Wang, Luxin and Zhang, Caihong and Cao, Yuting and Shao, Beihua and Zhang, Yixin and others,
Journal: Cell Research (2022): 1--12
Genetic activation of glucokinase in a minority of pancreatic beta cells causes hypoglycemia in mice
Authors: Chen, Kevin H and Doliba, Nicolai and May, Catherine L and Roman, Jeffrey and Ustione, Alessandro and Tembo, Teguru and Negron, Ariel and Radovick, Sally and Piston, David W and Glaser, Benjamin and others,
Journal: Life Sciences (2022): 120952
Gi/o protein--coupled receptor inhibition of beta--cell electrical excitability and insulin secretion depends on Na+/K+ ATPase activation
Authors: Dickerson, Matthew T and Dadi, Prasanna K and Zaborska, Karolina E and Nakhe, Arya Y and Schaub, Charles M and Dobson, Jordyn R and Wright, Nicole M and Lynch, Joshua C and Scott, Claire F and Jacobson, David A
Journal: bioRxiv (2022)
The Retinal Basis of Light Aversion in Neonatal Mice
Authors: Caval-Holme, Franklin S and Aranda, Marcos L and Chen, Andy Q and Tiriac, Alexandre and Zhang, Yizhen and Smith, Benjamin and Birnbaumer, Lutz and Schmidt, Tiffany M and Feller, Marla B
Journal: Journal of Neuroscience (2022): 4101--4115
Development of small, engineered heart tissues and their acute response to implantation
Authors: Huethorst, Eline
Journal: (2022)
Homeostatic calcium fluxes, ER calcium release, SOCE, and calcium oscillations in cultured astrocytes are interlinked by a small calcium toolkit
Authors: Schulte, Annemarie and Bieniussa, Linda and Gupta, Rohini and Samtleben, Samira and Bischler, Thorsten and Doering, Kristina and Sodmann, Philipp and Rittner, Heike and Blum, Robert
Journal: Cell Calcium (2022): 102515
TMBIM5 loss of function alters mitochondrial matrix ion homeostasis and causes a skeletal myopathy
Authors: Zhang, Li and Dietsche, Felicia and Seitaj, Bruno and Rojas-Charry, Liliana and Latchman, Nadina and Tomar, Dhanendra and W{\"u}st, Rob CI and Nickel, Alexander and Frauenknecht, Katrin BM and Schoser, Benedikt and others,
Journal: Life science alliance (2022)
Piezo1 channels restrain regulatory T cells but are dispensable for effector CD4+ T cell responses
Authors: Jairaman, Amit and Othy, Shivashankar and Dynes, Joseph L and Yeromin, Andriy V and Zavala, Angel and Greenberg, Milton L and Nourse, Jamison L and Holt, Jesse R and Cahalan, Stuart M and Marangoni, Francesco and others,
Journal: Science advances (2021): eabg5859
SARS-CoV-2 deregulates the vascular and immune functions of brain pericytes via Spike protein
Authors: Khaddaj-Mallat, Rayan and Aldib, Natija and Bernard, Maxime and Paquette, Anne-Sophie and Ferreira, Aymeric and Lecordier, Sarah and Saghatelyan, Armen and Flamand, Louis and ElAli, Ayman
Journal: Neurobiology of disease (2021): 105561
Simultaneous two-photon imaging of action potentials and subthreshold inputs in vivo
Authors: Bando, Yuki and Wenzel, Michael and Yuste, Rafael
Journal: Nature Communications (2021): 1--12
Optically Selective Neuron Stimulation with a Wavefront Shaping-Empowered Multimode Fiber
Authors: Zhong, Tianting and Qiu, Zhihai and Wu, Yong and Guo, Jinghui and Li, Huanhao and Yu, Zhipeng and Cheng, Shengfu and Zhou, Yingying and Zhu, Jiejun and Tian, Jie and others,
Journal: Advanced Photonics Research (2021): 2100231
Neuromuscular Junction Model Optimized for Electrical Platforms
Authors: Solomon, Emilia A and Rooney, Allison M and Rodriguez, Arasely M and Micheva-Viteva, Sofiya and Bashir, Rashid and Iyer, Rashi and Harris, Jennifer Foster
Journal: Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods (2021): 242--252
Methods for calculating the stereotaxic coordinates of rat brain structures by pixel coordinates of the image obtained by confocal and two-photon laser scanning microscopy
Authors: Arefev, RA and Kiroy, VN and Bulat, NV and Petrushan, MV and Burbelov, MO and Sazhin, SL and Vladimirskiy, BM and Matukhno, AE and Chechevatova, VV and Semynina, VG and others,
Journal: Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2021): 109273
KRAP tethers IP3 receptors to actin and licenses them to evoke cytosolic Ca2+ signals
Authors: Thillaiappan, Nagendra Babu and Smith, Holly A and Atakpa-Adaji, Peace and Taylor, Colin W
Journal: Nature communications (2021): 1--13
Neuropathy-causing TRPV4 mutations disrupt TRPV4-RhoA interactions and impair neurite extension
Authors: McCray, Brett A and Diehl, Erika and Sullivan, Jeremy M and Aisenberg, William H and Zaccor, Nicholas W and Lau, Alexander R and Rich, Dominick J and Goretzki, Benedikt and Hellmich, Ute A and Lloyd, Thomas E and others,
Journal: Nature communications (2021): 1--17
Impact of Na+ permeation on collective migration of pulmonary arterial endothelial cells
Authors: Xu, Ningyong and Ayers, Linn and Pastukh, Viktoriya and Alexeyev, Mikhail and Stevens, Troy and Tambe, Dhananjay T
Journal: Plos one (2021): e0250095
MICAL2 is essential for myogenic lineage commitment
Authors: Giarratana, Nefele and Conti, Filippo and La Rovere, Rita and Gijsbers, Rik and Carai, Paolo and Duelen, Robin and Vervliet, Tim and Bultynck, Geert and Ronzoni, Flavio and Piciotti, Roberto and others,
Journal: Cell death \& disease (2020): 1--19
Generation of Functional Human 3D Cortico-Motor Assembloids
Authors: Andersen, Jimena and Revah, Omer and Miura, Yuki and Thom, Nicholas and Amin, Neal D and Kelley, Kevin W and Singh, Mandeep and Chen, Xiaoyu and Thete, Mayuri Vijay and Walczak, Elisabeth M and others,
Journal: Cell (2020)
Kinetics of Agonist-Induced Calcium Signals in Human Airway Smooth Muscle Cells
Authors: Rich, T and Southers, DD and Annamdevula, NS and Deal, J and Bobinger, H and Britain, A and Francis, M and Deshpande, DA
Journal: (2020): A1258--A1258
Heterochromatin-driven nuclear softening protects the genome against mechanical stress-induced damage
Authors: Nava, Michele M and Miroshnikova, Yekaterina A and Biggs, Leah C and Whitefield, Daniel B and Metge, Franziska and Boucas, Jorge and Vihinen, Helena and Jokitalo, Eija and Li, Xinping and Arcos, Juan Manuel Garc{\'\i}a and others,
Journal: Cell (2020)
The long noncoding RNA neuroLNC regulates presynaptic activity by interacting with the neurodegeneration-associated protein TDP-43
Authors: Keihani, S and Kluever, V and M, undefined and ad, S and Bansal, V and Rahman, R and Fritsch, E and Gomes, L Caldi and Gärtner, A and Kügler, S and Urlaub, H and others, undefined
Journal: Science Advances (2019): eaay2670
Gnrh1-induced responses are indirect in female medaka Fsh cells, generated through cellular networks
Authors: Hodne, Kjetil and Fontaine, Romain and Ager-Wick, Eirill and Weltzien, Finn-Arne
Journal: Endocrinology (2019)
Gap junction coupling shapes the encoding of light in the developing retina
Authors: Caval-Holme, Franklin and Zhang, Yizhen and Feller, Marla B
Journal: Current Biology (2019): 4024--4035
Single-cell analysis of event-time correlations in signaling cascades
Authors: Murschhauser, Alex and ra, undefined
Journal: (2019)
Behavioral role of the reciprocal inhibition between a pair of Mauthner cells during fast escapes in zebrafish
Authors: Shimazaki, Takashi and Tanimoto, Masashi and Oda, Yoichi and Higashijima, Shin-ichi
Journal: Journal of Neuroscience (2019): 1182--1194
Development of a deep two-photon calcium imaging method for the analysis of cortical processing in the mammalian brain
Authors: Birkner, Antje
Journal: (2019)
A practicable method to prepare nitrated proteins with peroxynitrite and low concentration of sodium hydroxide
Authors: Zhang, Nan and Gao, Xiaochen and Zhang, Weijia and Higazy, Doaa and Wang, Ke and Fu, Zhenfang and Cui, Min
Journal: Molecular Biology Reports (2019): 1--6
Multiplex imaging relates quantal glutamate release to presynaptic Ca 2+ homeostasis at multiple synapses in situ
Authors: Jensen, Thomas P and Zheng, Kaiyu and Cole, Nicholas and Marvin, Jonathan S and Looger, Loren L and Rusakov, Dmitri A
Journal: Nature Communications (2019): 1414
Deep Two-Photon Imaging In Vivo with a Red-Shifted Calcium Indicator
Authors: Birkner, Antje and Konnerth, Arthur
Journal: (2019): 15--26
Multiplex imaging of quantal glutamate release and presynaptic Ca2+ at multiple synapses in situ
Authors: Jensen, Thomas P and Zheng, Kaiyu and Cole, Nicholas and Marvin, Jonathan S and Looger, Loren L and Rusakov, Dmitri A
Journal: bioRxiv (2019): 336891
Spontaneous activity patterns are altered in the developing visual cortex of the Fmr1 knockout mouse
Authors: Cheyne, Juliette E and Zabouri, Nawal and Baddeley, David and Lohmann, Christian
Journal: Frontiers in neural circuits (2019): 57
Pharmacological properties of the type 1 tyramine receptor in the Diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella
Authors: Ma, Haihao and Huang, Qingting and Lai, Xiaoyi and Liu, Jia and Zhu, Hang and Zhou, Yong and Deng, Xile and Zhou, Xiaomao
Journal: International journal of molecular sciences (2019): 2953
Fundamentals of selective ultrasonic brain stimulation
Authors: Qiu, Zhihai and others,
Journal: (2019)
Glutamate imaging reveals multiple sites of stochastic release in the CA3 giant mossy fiber boutons
Authors: Rama, Sylvain and Jensen, Thomas P and Rusakov, Dmitri A
Journal: Frontiers in cellular neuroscience (2019): 243
Kv2. 1 mediates spatial and functional coupling of L-type calcium channels and ryanodine receptors in mammalian neurons
Authors: Vierra, Nicholas C and Kirmiz, Michael and van der List, Deborah and Santana, L Fernando and Trimmer, James S
Journal: Elife (2019): e49953
In Vivo Functional Mapping of a Cortical Column at Single-Neuron Resolution
Authors: Tischbirek, Carsten H and Noda, Takahiro and Tohmi, Manabu and Birkner, Antje and Nelken, Israel and Konnerth, Arthur
Journal: Cell reports (2019): 1319--1326
A genetically encoded fluorescent sensor for rapid and specific in vivo detection of norepinephrine
Authors: Feng, Jiesi and Zhang, Changmei and Lischinsky, Julieta E and Jing, Miao and Zhou, Jingheng and Wang, Huan and Zhang, Yajun and Dong, Ao and Wu, Zhaofa and Wu, Hao and others,
Journal: Neuron (2019): 745--761
Concepts of All-Optical Physiology
Authors: Doering, Jan and Fu, Ting and Arnoux, Isabelle and Stroh, Albrecht
Journal: (2018): 153--174
Optical probes for neurobiological sensing and imaging
Authors: Kim, Eric H and Chin, Gregory and Rong, Guoxin and Poskanzer, Kira E and Clark, Heather A
Journal: Accounts of chemical research (2018): 1023--1032
Mapping the functional micro-architecture of the primary auditory cortex with single-cell resolution in vivo
Authors: Tischbirek, Carsten
Journal: (2018)
Optogenetic Control of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels
Authors: Ma, Guolin and Liu, Jindou and Ke, Yuepeng and Liu, Xin and Li, Minyong and Wang, Fen and Han, Gang and Huang, Yun and Wang, Youjun and Zhou, Yubin
Journal: Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2018): 7019--7022
A 3D human triculture system modeling neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's disease
Authors: Park, Joseph and Wetzel, Isaac and Marriott, Ian and Dréau, Didier and D'Avanzo, Carla and Kim, Doo Yeon and Tanzi, Rudolph E and Cho, Hansang
Journal: Nature neuroscience (2018): 941
Ca 2+ signals initiate at immobile IP 3 receptors adjacent to ER-plasma membrane junctions
Authors: Thillaiappan, Nagendra Babu and Chavda, Alap P and Tovey, Stephen C and Prole, David L and Taylor, Colin W
Journal: Nature Communications (2017): 1505
$\alpha$V$\beta$3 Integrin regulates astrocyte reactivity
Authors: Lagos-Cabr{\'e}, Ra{\'u}l and Alvarez, Alvaro and Kong, Milene and Burgos-Bravo, Francesca and C{\'a}rdenas, Areli and Rojas-Mancilla, Edgardo and P{\'e}rez-Nu{\~n}ez, Ram{\'o}n and Herrera-Molina, Rodrigo and Rojas, Fabiola and Schneider, Pascal and others,
Journal: Journal of neuroinflammation (2017): 1--13
Ca2+ signals initiate at immobile IP3 receptors adjacent to ER-plasma membrane junctions
Authors: Thillaiappan, Nagendra Babu and Chavda, Alap P and Tovey, Stephen C and Prole, David L and Taylor, Colin W
Journal: Nature communications (2017): 1--16
Dendritic calcium spikes are clearly detectable at the cortical surface
Authors: Suzuki, Mototaka and Larkum, Matthew E
Journal: Nature communications (2017): 1--11
Spontaneous activity in the piriform cortex extends the dynamic range of cortical odor coding
Authors: Tantirigama, Malinda LS and Huang, Helena H-Y and Bekkers, John M
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017): 2407--2412
In vivo deep two-photon imaging of neural circuits with the fluorescent Ca2+ indicator Cal-590
Authors: Tischbirek, Carsten H and Birkner, Antje and Konnerth, Arthur
Journal: The Journal of physiology (2017): 3097--3105
α V β 3 Integrin regulates astrocyte reactivity
Authors: Lagos-Cabré, Raúl and Alvarez, Alvaro and Kong, Milene and Burgos-Bravo, Francesca and Cárdenas, Areli and Rojas-Mancilla, Edgardo and Pérez-Nunez, Ramón and Herrera-Molina, Rodrigo and Rojas, Fabiola and Schneider, Pascal and others, undefined
Journal: Journal of Neuroinflammation (2017): 194
In vivo deep two-photon imaging of neural circuits with the fluorescent Ca2+ indicator Cal-590
Authors: Tischbirek, Carsten H and Birkner, Antje and Konnerth, Arthur
Journal: The Journal of Physiology (2016)
Communication of Ca2+ signals via tunneling membrane nanotubes is mediated by transmission of inositol trisphosphate through gap junctions
Authors: Lock, Jeffrey T and Parker, Ian and Smith, Ian F
Journal: Cell Calcium (2016): 266--272
Response to comments regarding article," Wnt5a inhibited human trophoblast cell line HTR8/SVneo invasion: implications for early placentation and preeclampsia".
Authors: Chen, Ying and Zhang, Yi and Deng, Qinyin and Shan, Nan and Xin, Luo and Zhang, Hua and Baker, Philip N and Tong, Chao and Qi, Hongbo
Journal: (2016)
Analysis of ATP Production Efficiency of Beat-To-Beat Calcium Fluctuations in Cardiac Mitochondria
Authors: Shukla, Sangeeta and Lederer, W Jonathan and Jafri, M Saleet
Journal: Biophysical Journal (2015): 109a
Diversity of Mitochondrial Ca (2+) Signaling: Evidence from Genetically Encoded Probes
Authors: Zhang, Xiaohua and Yamaguchi, Naohiro and Cleemann, Lars and Morad, Martin
Journal: Biophysical Journal (2015): 109a
Deep two-photon brain imaging with a red-shifted fluorometric Ca2+ indicator
Authors: Tischbirek, Carsten and Birkner, Antje and Jia, Hongbo and Sakmann, Bert and Konnerth, Arthur
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2015): 11377--11382
In vivo Temperature Sensitivity of the Calcium Affinity of fluo-5F and mag-fluo4
Authors: Hagen, Brian M and Kao, Joseph PY and Lederer, W Jonathan
Journal: Biophysical Journal (2015): 109a
Optogenetic control of iPS cell-derived neurons in 2D and 3D culture systems using channelrhodopsin-2 expression driven by the synapsin-1 and calcium-calmodulin kinase II promoters
Authors: Lee, Si-Yuen and George, Julian H and Nagel, David A and Ye, Hua and Kueberuwa, Gray and Seymour, Leonard W
Journal: Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Page Type: Customer Story Voltage Imaging Customer Stories
Authors: Aroso, Miguel
Towards detection of cancer biomarkers in human exhaled air by transfer-learning-powered analysis of odor-evoked calcium activity in rat olfactory bulb
Authors: Kopeliovich, Mikhail V and Petrushan, Mikhail V and Matukhno, Aleksey E and Lysenko, Larisa V
Journal: Heliyon