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There are 7 citation(s) for Tide Quencher™ 4WS maleimide [TQ4WS maleimide] (Cat No. 2064).

A mechanistic model to predict effects of cathepsin B and cystatin C on β-amyloid aggregation and degradation
Authors: Perlenfein, Tyler J and Murphy, Regina M
Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry (2017): jbc--M117
Real-Time Detection of a Self-Replicating RNA Enzyme
Authors: Olea, Charles and Joyce, Gerald F
Journal: Molecules (2016): 1310
Maternal serum glycosylated fibronectin as a point-of-care biomarker for assessment of preeclampsia
Authors: Rasanen, Juha and Quinn, Matthew J and Laurie, Amber and Bean, Eric and Roberts, Charles T and Nagalla, Srinivasa R and Gravett, Michael G
Journal: American journal of obstetrics and gynecology (2015): 82--e1
Development of Multi-Parametric/Multimodal Spectroscopy Apparatus for Characterization of Functional Interfaces
Authors: Zhou, Lang and Arugula, Mary and Easley, Christopher J and Shannon, Curtis and Simonian, Aleks and r, undefined
Journal: ECS Transactions (2015): 9--16
Array of biodegradable microrafts for isolation and implantation of living, adherent cells
Authors: Wang, Yuli and Phillips, Colleen N and Herrera, Gabriela S and Sims, Christopher E and Yeh, Jen Jen and Allbritton, Nancy L
Journal: RSC advances (2013): 9264--9272
Development of SNAP-Tag Fluorogenic Probes for Wash-Free Fluorescence Imaging
Authors: Sun, Xiaoli and Zhang, Aihua and Baker, Brenda and Sun, Luo and Howard, Angela and Buswell, John and Maurel, Damien and Masharina, Anastasiya and Johnsson, Kai and Noren, Christopher J and others, undefined
Journal: ChemBioChem (2011): 2217--2226
Authors: Soriani, Frederico Marianetti and Russo, Remo Castro

There are 25 reference(s) for Tide Quencher™ 4WS maleimide [TQ4WS maleimide] (Cat No. 2064).

Time-resolved FRET method for typing polymorphic alleles of the human leukocyte antigen system by using a single DNA probe
Authors: Andreoni A, Bondani M, Nardo L.
Journal: Photochem Photobiol Sci (2009): 1202
Tumor-specific detection of an optically targeted antibody combined with a quencher-conjugated neutravidin "quencher-chaser": a dual "quench and chase" strategy to improve target to nontarget ratios for molecular imaging of cancer
Authors: Ogawa M, Kosaka N, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Journal: Bioconjug Chem (2009): 147
The detection of platelet derived growth factor using decoupling of quencher-oligonucleotide from aptamer/quantum dot bioconjugates
Authors: Kim GI, Kim KW, Oh MK, Sung YM.
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Development of a cell-based hepatitis C virus infection fluorescent resonance energy transfer assay for high-throughput antiviral compound screening
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An improved cell-penetrating, caspase-activatable, near-infrared fluorescent peptide for apoptosis imaging
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Feasibility of single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping with a single-probe by time-resolved Forster resonance energy transfer
Authors: Andreoni A, Bondani M, Nardo L.
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Photodynamic molecular beacon triggered by fibroblast activation protein on cancer-associated fibroblasts for diagnosis and treatment of epithelial cancers
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Rapid detection and quantification of Propionibacteriaceae
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Development of DNA aptamers to a foot-and-mouth disease peptide for competitive FRET-based detection
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Interaction of the Lys(3614)-Asn(3643) calmodulin-binding domain with the Cys(4114)-Asn(4142) region of the type 1 ryanodine receptor is involved in the mechanism of Ca2+/agonist-induced channel activation
Authors: Gangopadhyay JP, Ikemoto N.
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Near-infrared fluorescent oligodeoxyribonucleotide reporters for sensing NF-kappaB DNA interactions in vitro
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Development of a red-shifted fluorescence-based assay for SARS-coronavirus 3CL protease: identification of a novel class of anti-SARS agents from the tropical marine sponge Axinella corrugata
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Time gating improves sensitivity in energy transfer assays with terbium chelate/dark quencher oligonucleotide probes
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Photoluminescence and electrochemiluminescence of a Ru(II)(bpy)3-quencher dual-labeled oligonucleotide probe
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Synthesis and evaluation of phosphorescent oligonucleotide probes for hybridisation assays
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A peptide-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer assay for Bacillus anthracis lethal factor protease
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Homogeneous Competitive Hybridization Assay Based on Two-Photon Excitation Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
Authors: Liu L, Dong X, Lian W, Peng X, Liu Z, He Z, Wang Q
Journal: Anal Chem