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There are 167 citation(s) for Fluo-8®, AM (Cat No. 21080).

Contractile force measurement of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac cell sheet-tissue
Authors: Daisuke Sasaki, Katsuhisa Matsuura, Hiroyoshi Seta, Yuji Haraguchi, Teruo Okano, Tatsuya Shimizu
Journal: PloS one (2018): e0198026

Dual-functional Dendritic Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Nanospheres for Calcium-Influx Mediated Specific Tumor-Suppression and Controlled Drug Delivery in vivo
Authors: Baiyan Sui, Xin Liu, Jiao Sun
Journal: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2018)

Effects of corticotropin-releasing hormone on the expression of adenosine triphosphate-sensitive potassium channels (Kir6. 1/SUR2B) in human term pregnant myometrium
Authors: Joo Young Kim, Wen Hao Wu, Jin Hyun Jun, Jeenah Sohn, Yong Soo Seo
Journal: Obstetrics & Gynecology Science (2018): 14--22

Exogenous hydrogen peroxide inhibits primary root gravitropism by regulating auxin distribution during Arabidopsis seed germination
Authors: Lina Zhou, Hongzhou Hou, Tao Yang, Yuke Lian, Yan Sun, Zhiyuan Bian, Chongying Wang
Journal: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (2018): 126--133

Furin inhibitor protects against neuronal cell death induced by activated NMDA receptors
Authors: Mariko Yamada, Hideki Hayashi, Moe Yuuki, Nahoko Matsushima, Bo Yuan, Norio Takagi
Journal: Scientific Reports (2018): 5212

Increased Ca++ uptake by erythrocytes infected with malaria parasites: evidence for exported proteins and novel inhibitors
Authors: Ambuj K Kushwaha, Liana Apolis, Daisuke Ito, Sanjay A Desai
Journal: Cellular microbiology (2018): e12853

Mechanically induced Ca 2+ oscillations in osteocytes release extracellular vesicles and enhance bone formation
Authors: Andrea E Morrell, Genevieve N Brown, Samuel T Robinson, Rachel L Sattler, Andrew D Baik, Gehua Zhen, Xu Cao, Lynda F Bonewald, Weiyang Jin, Lance C Kam
Journal: Bone research (2018): 6

Spatio-temporal dynamics of calcium electrotransfer during cell membrane permeabilization
Authors: Alexis Guionet, S Moosavi Nejad, Justin Teissié, Takashi Sakugawa, Sunao Katsuki, Hidenori Akiyama, Hamid Hosseini
Journal: Drug Delivery and Translational Research (2018): 1--10

Supra-pharmacological concentration of capsaicin stimulates brown adipogenesis through induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress
Authors: Ryosuke Kida, Taiki Noguchi, Masaru Murakami, Osamu Hashimoto, Teruo Kawada, Tohru Matsui, Masayuki Funaba
Journal: Scientific reports (2018): 845

Three-dimensional contractile muscle tissue consisting of human skeletal myocyte cell line
Authors: Ai Shima, Yuya Morimoto, H Lee Sweeney, Shoji Takeuchi
Journal: Experimental cell research (2018)

2-OMe-lysophosphatidylcholine analogues are GPR119 ligands and activate insulin secretion from βTC-3 pancreatic cells: Evaluation of structure-dependent biological activity
Authors: Anna Drzazga, Agata Sowińska, Agnieszka Krzemińska, Andrzej Okruszek, Piotr Paneth, Maria Koziolkiewicz, Edyta Gendaszewska-Darmach
Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids (2017)

A new electro-optical approach for conductance measurement: an assay for the study of drugs acting on ligand-gated ion channels
Authors: A Menegon, S Pitassi, N Mazzocchi, L Redaelli, R Rizzetto, JF Rolland, C Poli, M Imberti, A Lanati, F Grohovaz
Journal: Scientific Reports (2017)

Altered spontaneous calcium signaling of in situ chondrocytes in human osteoarthritic cartilage
Authors: Xiaoyuan Gong, Wenbin Xie, Bin Wang, Lingchuan Gu, Fuyou Wang, Xiang Ren, Cheng Chen, Liu Yang
Journal: Scientific reports (2017): 17093

Analysis of Ca2+ response of osteocyte network by three-dimensional time-lapse imaging in living bone
Authors: Tomoyo Tanaka, Mitsuhiro Hoshijima, Junko Sunaga, Takashi Nishida, Mana Hashimoto, Naoya Odagaki, Ryuta Osumi, Taiji Aadachi, Hiroshi Kamioka
Journal: Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism (2017): 1--10

Aryl-and alkyl-phosphorus-containing flame retardants induced mitochondrial impairment and cell death in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO-k1) cells
Authors: Chao Huang, Na Li, Shengwu Yuan, Xiaoya Ji, Mei Ma, Kaifeng Rao, Zijian Wang
Journal: Environmental Pollution (2017): 775--786

Bystander effects elicited by single-cell photo-oxidative blue-light stimulation in retinal pigment epithelium cell networks
Authors: Masaaki Ishii, Bärbel Rohrer
Journal: Cell Death Discovery (2017): 16071

Ca 2+ signals initiate at immobile IP 3 receptors adjacent to ER-plasma membrane junctions
Authors: Nagendra Babu Thillaiappan, Alap P Chavda, Stephen C Tovey, David L Prole, Colin W Taylor
Journal: Nature Communications (2017): 1505

Cells smell on a CMOS: A portable odorant detection system using cell-laden collagen pillars
Authors: Yusuke Hirata, Yuya Morimoto, Eunryel Nam, Shotaro Yoshida, Shoji Takeuchi
Journal: (2017): 13--16

Ex vivo replication of phenotypic functions of osteocytes through biomimetic 3D bone tissue construction
Authors: Qiaoling Sun, Saba Choudhary, Ciaran Mannion, Yair Kissin, Jenny Zilberberg, Woo Y Lee
Journal: Bone (2017)

High Glucose Enhances Isoflurane-Induced Neurotoxicity by Regulating TRPC-Dependent Calcium Influx
Authors: ZhongJie Liu, ChangQing Ma, Wei Zhao, QingGuo Zhang, Rui Xu, HongFei Zhang, HongYi Lei, ShiYuan Xu
Journal: Neurochemical Research (2017): 1--14

High-throughput screen detects calcium signaling dysfunction in typical sporadic autism spectrum disorder
Authors: Galina Schmunk, Rachel L Nguyen, David L Ferguson, Kenny Kumar, Ian Parker, J Jay Gargus
Journal: Scientific Reports (2017): 40740

Human lysophosphatidic acid receptor 2-K1. 31 and K7. 36 gatekeeper functions provide new insight into robust affinity for LPA-type agonists.
Authors: Olaposi I Omotuyi
Journal: Journal of Systems Biology & Proteome Research (2017)

Hyperforin/HP-β-Cyclodextrin Enhances Mechanosensitive Ca2
Authors: Hiroya Takada, Jun Yonekawa, Masami Matsumoto, Kishio Furuya, Masahiro Sokabe
Journal: BioMed Research International (2017)

L-Type Calcium Channel Inhibition Contributes to the Proarrhythmic Effects of Aconitine in Human Cardiomyocytes
Authors: Jianjun Wu, Xiangchong Wang, Ying Ying Chung, Cai Hong Koh, Zhenfeng Liu, Huicai Guo, Qiang Yuan, Chuan Wang, Suwen Su, Heming Wei
Journal: PloS one (2017): e0168435

Laminarin counteracts diet-induced obesity associated with glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion
Authors: Liusong Yang, Lina Wang, Canjun Zhu, Junguo Wu, Yexian Yuan, Lulu Yu, Yaqiong Xu, Jingren Xu, Tao Wang, Zhengrui Liao
Journal: Oncotarget (2017): 99470

Lysophosphatidylcholine elicits intracellular calcium signaling in GPR55-dependent manner
Authors: Anna Drzazga, Agata Sowinska, Agnieszka Krzeminska, Przemyslaw Rytczak, Maria Koziolkiewicz, Edyta Gendaszewska-Darmach
Journal: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2017)

Map and correlate intracellular calcium response and matrix deposition in cartilage under physiological oxygen tensions
Authors: Jin Zhou, Danyang Yue, Yuying Bai, Fei Kong, Jun Pan
Journal: Journal of cellular physiology (2017)

New ruthenium compounds bearing semicarbazone 2-formylopyridine moiety: Playing with auxiliary ligands for tuning the mechanism of biological activity
Authors: Michal Lomzik, Olga Mazuryk, Dorota Rutkowska-Zbik, Grazyna Stochel, Philippe C Gros, Malgorzata Brindell
Journal: Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2017)

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug delays corneal wound healing by reducing production of 12-hydroxyheptadecatrienoic acid, a ligand for leukotriene B4 receptor 2
Authors: Satoshi Iwamoto, Tomoaki Koga, Mai Ohba, Toshiaki Okuno, Masato Koike, Akira Murakami, Akira Matsuda, Takehiko Yokomizo
Journal: Scientific Reports (2017)

Protective effect of quercetin on bupivacaine-induced neurotoxicity via T-type calcium channel inhibition
Authors: Chao Jin, Huisheng Wu, Chaoliang Tang, Jianjuan Ke, Yanlin Wang
Journal: Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (2017): 1827--1833

Screening for AMPA receptor auxiliary subunit specific modulators
Authors: Caleigh M Azumaya, Emily L Days, Paige N Vinson, Shaun Stauffer, Gary Sulikowski, C David Weaver, Terunaga Nakagawa
Journal: PloS one (2017): e0174742

The establishment of appropriate methods for egg-activation by human PLCZ1 RNA injection into human oocyte
Authors: Takashi Yamaguchi, Masahiko Ito, Keiji Kuroda, Satoru Takeda, Atsushi Tanaka
Journal: Cell Calcium (2017)

The trivalent cerium-induced cell death and alteration of ion flux in sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam]
Authors: Jiaojiao Jiang, Jianzhong Hu, Zeyi Xie, Qinghe Cao, Daifu Ma, Yonghua Han, Zongyun Li
Journal: Journal of Rare Earths (2017)

Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induced caspase-3 activation-related iNOS gene expression in ADP-activated platelets
Journal: Turkish Journal of Biology (2017): 31--40

UNC93B1 interacts with the calcium sensor STIM1 for efficient antigen cross-presentation in dendritic cells
Authors: Sophia Maschalidi, Paula Nunes-Hasler, Clarissa R Nascimento, Ignacio Sallent, Valérie Lannoy, Meriem Garfa-Traore, Nicolas Cagnard, Fernando E Sepulveda, Pablo Vargas, Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil
Journal: Nature Communications (2017): 1640

Z-360 Suppresses Tumor Growth in MIA PaCa-2-bearing Mice via Inhibition of Gastrin-induced Anti-Apoptotic Effects
Journal: Anticancer Research (2017): 4127--4137

5-HTR3 and 5-HTR4 located on the mitochondrial membrane and functionally regulated mitochondrial functions
Authors: Qingyi Wang, Huiyuan Zhang, Hao Xu, Dongqing Guo, Hui Shi, Yuan Li, Weiwei Zhang, Yuchun Gu
Journal: Scientific Reports (2016)

A nonsense mutation of Stim1 identified in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats decreased the store-operated calcium entry in astrocytes
Authors: Hiroki Ohara, Toru Nabika
Journal: Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2016)

Beneficial effects of β-sitosterol on type 1 cholecystokinin receptor dysfunction induced by elevated membrane cholesterol
Authors: Aditya J Desai, Maoqing Dong, Laurence J Miller
Journal: Clinical Nutrition (2016)

Calcium dysregulation contributes to neurodegeneration in FTLD patient iPSC-derived neurons
Authors: Keiko Imamura, Naruhiko Sahara, Nicholas M Kanaan, Kayoko Tsukita, Takayuki Kondo, Yumiko Kutoku, Yutaka Ohsawa, Yoshihide Sunada, Koichi Kawakami, Akitsu Hotta
Journal: Scientific Reports (2016)

Cellular and network-level adaptations to in utero methadone exposure along the ventral respiratory column in the neonate rat
Authors: Boris Gourévitch, Jun Cai, Nicholas Mellen
Journal: Experimental neurology (2016)

Effects of a Protein Kinase Inhibitor on Sperm Motility in the Japanese Quail
Authors: Mei Matsuzaki, Shusei Mizushima, Yoshinobu Ichikawa, Kogiku Shiba, Kazuo Inaba, Tomohiro Sasanami
Journal: The Journal of Poultry Science (2016): 0160079

Effects of Osmolarity on the Spontaneous Calcium Signaling of In Situ Juvenile and Adult Articular Chondrocytes
Authors: Yilu Zhou, Michael A David, Xingyu Chen, Leo Q Wan, Randall L Duncan, Liyun Wang, X Lucas Lu
Journal: Annals of biomedical engineering (2016): 1138--1147

Effects of Suilysin on Streptococcus suis-Induced Platelet Aggregation
Authors: Shengwei Zhang, Junping Wang, Shaolong Chen, Jiye Yin, Zhiyuan Pan, Keke Liu, Lin Li, Yuling Zheng, Yuan Yuan, Yongqiang Jiang
Journal: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology (2016)

Excess Nitric Oxide Activates TRPV1-Ca2+-Calpain Signaling and Promotes PEST-dependent Degradation of Liver X Receptor α
Authors: Jin-Feng Zhao, Song-Kun Shyue, Tzong-Shyuan Lee
Journal: International journal of biological sciences (2016): 18

Functional and therapeutic importance of purinergic signaling in polycystic kidney disease
Authors: Daria V Ilatovskaya, Oleg Palygin, Alexander Staruschenko
Journal: American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology (2016): ajprenal--00406

GPR120 promotes adipogenesis through intracellular calcium and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 signal pathway
Authors: Tongxing Song, Yuanfei Zhou, Jian Peng, Ya-Xiong Tao, Yang Yang, Tao Xu, Jie Peng, Jiao Ren, Quanhang Xiang, Hongkui Wei
Journal: Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology (2016)

Histamine induces the production of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in human astrocytic cultures via H1-receptor subtype
Authors: Aarti Patel, Vishnu Vasanthan, Wen Fu, Richard P Fahlman, David MacTavish, Jack H Jhamandas
Journal: Brain Structure and Function (2016): 1845--1860

Interaction between novel oscillation within the ventromedial hypothalamus and the sympathetic nervous system
Authors: Kamon Iigaya, Shuntaro Okazaki, Yoshino Minoura, Hiroshi Onimaru
Journal: Neuroscience (2016)

Lck Inhibits Heat Shock Protein 65--Mediated Reverse Cholesterol Transport in T Cells
Authors: Tiantian Luo, Jing Hu, Dan Xi, Haowei Xiong, Wenshuai He, Jichen Liu, Menghao Li, Hao Lu, Jinzhen Zhao, Wenyan Lai
Journal: The Journal of Immunology (2016): 3861--3870

Long-term non-invasive interrogation of human dorsal root ganglion neuronal cultures on an integrated microfluidic multielectrode array platform
Authors: HA Enright, SH Felix, NO Fischer, EV Mukerjee, D Soscia, M Mcnerney, K Kulp, J Zhang, G Page, P Miller
Journal: Analyst (2016): 5346--5357

Loss of Free Fatty Acid Receptor 2 leads to impaired islet mass and beta cell survival
Authors: Stephanie R Villa, Medha Priyadarshini, Miles H Fuller, Tanya Bhardwaj, Michael R Brodsky, Anthony R Angueira, Rockann E Mosser, Bethany A Carboneau, Sarah A Tersey, Helena Mancebo
Journal: Scientific Reports (2016)

Microtubule-Mediated Misregulation of Junctophilin-2 Underlies T-Tubule Disruptions and Calcium Mishandling in mdx Mice
Authors: Kurt W Prins, Michelle L Asp, Huiliang Zhang, Wang Wang, Joseph M Metzger
Journal: JACC: Basic to Translational Science (2016): 122--130

Organotypic slice cultures containing the preBötzinger complex generate respiratory-like rhythms
Authors: Wiktor S Phillips, Mikkel Herly, Christopher A Del Negro, Jens C Rekling
Journal: Journal of neurophysiology (2016): 1063--1070

Oxidative Stress Induced Ventricular Arrhythmia and Impairment of Cardiac Function in Nos1ap Deleted Mice
Authors: Koji Sugiyama, Tetsuo Sasano, Junko Kurokawa, Kentaro Takahashi, Tadashi Okamura, Norihiro Kato, Mitsuaki Isobe, Tetsushi Furukawa
Journal: International heart journal (2016): 341--349

PAR 2 -dependent activation of GSK3β regulates the survival of colon stem/progenitor cells
Authors: Imen Nasri, Delphine Bonnet, Bailey Zwarycz, Emilie d'Aldebert, Sokchea Khou, Raoudha Mezghani-Jarraya, Muriel Quaranta, Corinne Rolland, Chrystelle Bonnart, Emmanuel Mas
Journal: (2016)

Patient-Specific Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model Assessed with Electrical Pacing Validates S107 as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia
Authors: Kenichi Sasaki, Takeru Makiyama, Yoshinori Yoshida, Yimin Wuriyanghai, Tsukasa Kamakura, Suguru Nishiuchi, Mamoru Hayano, Takeshi Harita, Yuta Yamamoto, Hirohiko Kohjitani
Journal: PloS one (2016): e0164795

Platelets Proteomic Profiles of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients
Authors: Ozge Cevik, Ahmet Tarik Baykal, Azize Sener
Journal: PloS one (2016): e0158287

Role of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 channels in Alzheimer's disease
Authors: Kuan-I Lee, Hsueh-Te Lee, Hui-Ching Lin, Huey-Jen Tsay, Feng-Chuan Tsai, Song-Kun Shyue, Tzong-Shyuan Lee
Journal: Journal of neuroinflammation (2016): 1

Role of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 in regulating erythropoietin-induced activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase
Authors: Yuan-Bin Yu, Kuo-Hui Su, Yu Ru Kou, Bei-Chia Guo, Kuan-I Lee, Jeng Wei, Tzong-Shyuan Lee
Journal: Acta Physiologica (2016)

Screening to Identify Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein Inhibitors with Neuroblastoma-Selective Cytotoxicity
Authors: Noritaka Nakamichi, Takahiro Ishimoto, Yoshihide Yamauchi, Yusuke Masuo, Yukio Kato
Journal: Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin (2016): 1638--1645

Stimulation of neuronal cells by culture supernatant of T lymphocytes triggered by anti-CD3 mAb followed by propagation in the presence of interleukin-2
Authors: Masae Ishiguro, Alan Okada, Kiyofumi Asai, Kiyohide Kojima, Hidechika Okada
Journal: Microbiology and immunology (2016): 47--55

Structure and function of cross-class complexes of G protein-coupled secretin and angiotensin 1a receptors
Authors: Kaleeckal G Harikumar, Mary Lou Augustine, Leo TO Lee, Billy KC Chow, Laurence J Miller
Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry (2016): 17332--17344

Suilysin-induced Platelet-Neutrophil Complexes Formation is Triggered by Pore Formation-dependent Calcium Influx
Authors: Shengwei Zhang, Yuling Zheng, Shaolong Chen, Shujing Huang, Keke Liu, Qingyu Lv, Yongqiang Jiang, Yuan Yuan
Journal: Scientific Reports (2016)

T-Type voltage-sensitive calcium channels mediate mechanically-induced intracellular calcium oscillations in osteocytes by regulating endoplasmic reticulum calcium dynamics
Authors: Genevieve N Brown, Pui L Leong, X Edward Guo
Journal: Bone (2016): 56--63

Taste substance binding elicits conformational change of taste receptor T1r heterodimer extracellular domains
Authors: Eriko Nango, Shuji Akiyama, Saori Maki-Yonekura, Yuji Ashikawa, Yuko Kusakabe, Elena Krayukhina, Takahiro Maruno, Susumu Uchiyama, Nipawan Nuemket, Koji Yonekura
Journal: Scientific reports (2016)

Teleocidin A2 inhibits human proteinase-activated receptor 2 signaling in tumor cells
Authors: Sonja Stahn, Lisa Thelen, Ina-Maria Albrecht, Jens Bitzer, Thomas Henkel, Nicole Elisabeth Teusch
Journal: Pharmacology Research & Perspectives (2016)

Thymidine 5'-O-monophosphorothioate induces HeLa cell migration by activation of the P2Y6 receptor
Authors: Edyta Gendaszewska-Darmach, Marcin Szustak
Journal: Purinergic signalling (2016): 199--209

Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 Channel Involved in Atherosclerosis and Macrophage-Foam Cell Formation
Authors: Jin-Feng Zhao, Song-Kun Shyue, Yu Ru Kou, Tse-Min Lu, Tzong-Shyuan Lee
Journal: International Journal of Biological Sciences (2016): 812--823

A comparison of fluorescent Ca 2+ indicators for imaging local Ca 2+ signals in cultured cells
Authors: Jeffrey T Lock, Ian Parker, Ian F Smith
Journal: Cell calcium (2015): 638--648

An acetate-specific GPCR, FFAR2, regulates insulin secretion
Authors: Medha Priyadarshini, Stephanie R Villa, Miles Fuller, Barton Wicksteed, Charles R Mackay, Thierry Alquier, Vincent Poitout, Helena Mancebo, Raghavendra G Mirmira, Annette Gilchrist
Journal: Molecular Endocrinology (2015): 1055--1066

Application of Parallel Multiparametric Cell-Based FLIPR Detection Assays for the Identification of Modulators of the Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor 4 (M4)
Authors: Emery Smith, Peter Chase, Colleen M Niswender, Thomas J Utley, Douglas J Sheffler, Meredith J Noetzel, Atin Lamsal, Michael R Wood, P Jeffrey Conn, Craig W Lindsley
Journal: Journal of biomolecular screening (2015): 858--868

Assessment of TTX-s and TTX-r Action Potential Conduction along Neurites of NGF and GDNF Cultured Porcine DRG Somata
Authors: Robin Jonas, Andreas Klusch, Martin Schmelz, Marlen Petersen, Richard W Carr
Journal: PloS one (2015): e0139107

Calcium and Phospholipase β Signaling Through Dopamine Receptors
Authors: Lani S Chun, R Benjamin Free, David R Sibley
Journal: Dopamine Receptor Technologies (2015): 251--263

Carboxypeptidase B2 deficiency reveals opposite effects of complement C3a and C5a in a murine polymicrobial sepsis model
Authors: Z Shao, T Nishimura, LLK Leung, J Morser
Journal: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (2015): 1090--1102

Cardiac myocyte alternans in intact heart: Influence of cell--cell coupling and β-adrenergic stimulation
Authors: Karin P Hammer, Senka Ljubojevic, Crystal M Ripplinger, Burkert M Pieske, Donald M Bers
Journal: Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology (2015): 1--9

Development of a highly selective allosteric antagonist radioligand for the type 1 cholecystokinin receptor and elucidation of its molecular basis of binding
Authors: Maoqing Dong, Ashton M Vattelana, Polo C-H Lam, Andrew J Orry, Ruben Abagyan, Arthur Christopoulos, Patrick M Sexton, David R Haines, Laurence J Miller
Journal: Molecular pharmacology (2015): 130--140

Early pathogenesis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy modelled in patient-derived human induced pluripotent stem cells
Authors: Emi Shoji, Hidetoshi Sakurai, Tokiko Nishino, Tatsutoshi Nakahata, Toshio Heike, Tomonari Awaya, Nobuharu Fujii, Yasuko Manabe, Masafumi Matsuo, Atsuko Sehara-Fujisawa
Journal: Scientific reports (2015)

Elabela-apelin receptor signaling pathway is functional in mammalian systems
Authors: Zhi Wang, Daozhan Yu, Mengqiao Wang, Qilong Wang, Jennifer Kouznetsova, Rongze Yang, Kun Qian, Wenjun Wu, Alan Shuldiner, Carole Sztalryd
Journal: Scientific reports (2015)

Fast neuronal labeling in live tissue using a biocytin conjugated fluorescent probe
Authors: Mads Harsløf, Felix C Müller, Julie Rohrberg, Jens C Rekling
Journal: Journal of neuroscience methods (2015): 101--109

Functional properties of submucosal venules in the rat stomach
Authors: Retsu Mitsui, Hikaru Hashitani
Journal: Pfl{"u}gers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology (2015): 1327--1342

Glucose Evokes Rapid Ca 2+ and Cyclic AMP Signals by Activating the Cell-Surface Glucose-Sensing Receptor in Pancreatic β-Cells
Authors: Yuko Nakagawa, Masahiro Nagasawa, Johan Medina, Itaru Kojima
Journal: PloS one (2015): e0144053

Hyperosmolarity-Induced Down-Regulation of Claudin-2 Mediated by Decrease in PKCβ-Dependent GATA-2 in MDCK Cells
Authors: Akira Ikari, Naoko Fujii, Shinya Hahakabe, Hisayoshi Hayashi, Masahiko Yamaguchi, Yasuhiro Yamazaki, Satoshi Endo, Toshiyuki Matsunaga, Junko Sugatani
Journal: Journal of cellular physiology (2015): 2776--2787

Impact of ursodeoxycholic acid on a CCK1R cholesterol-binding site may contribute to its positive effects in digestive function
Authors: Aditya J Desai, Maoqing Dong, Kaleeckal G Harikumar, Laurence J Miller
Journal: American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology (2015): G377--G386

Implementing Patch Clamp and Live Fluorescence Microscopy to Monitor Functional Properties of Freshly Isolated PKD Epithelium
Authors: Tengis S Pavlov, Daria V Ilatovskaya, Oleg Palygin, Vladislav Levchenko, Oleh Pochynyuk, Alexander Staruschenko
Journal: JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) (2015): e53035--e53035

IRE1α/XBP1-mediated branch of the unfolded protein response regulates osteoclastogenesis
Authors: Takahide Tohmonda, Masaki Yoda, Takao Iwawaki, Morio Matsumoto, Masaya Nakamura, Katsuhiko Mikoshiba, Yoshiaki Toyama, Keisuke Horiuchi
Journal: The Journal of clinical investigation (2015): 3269

Lung Epithelial TRPA1 Transduces the Extracellular ROS into Transcriptional Regulation of Lung Inflammation Induced by Cigarette Smoke: The Role of Influxed Ca2
Authors: An-Hsuan Lin, Meng-Han Liu, Hsin-Kuo Ko, Diahn-Warng Perng, Tzong-Shyuan Lee, Yu Ru Kou
Journal: Mediators of inflammation (2015)

Oral dosing of chemical indicators for in vivo monitoring of Ca 2+ dynamics in insect muscle
Authors: Satoshi Arai, Shin'ichi Ishiwata, Madoka Suzuki, Hirotaka Sato
Journal: PloS one (2015): e0116655

Phytochemicals from Ruta graveolens Activate TAS2R Bitter Taste Receptors and TRP Channels Involved in Gustation and Nociception
Authors: Giuseppe Mancuso, Gigliola Borgonovo, Leonardo Scaglioni, Angela Bassoli
Journal: Molecules (2015): 18907--18922

Polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis is involved in phenylephrine-mediated calcium release in vascular smooth muscle cells
Authors: Nicola A Irvine, Karen A Lillycrop, Barbara Fielding, Christopher Torrens, Mark A Hanson, Graham C Burdge
Journal: Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids (PLEFA) (2015): 31--39

Protein-fluctuation-induced water-pore formation in ion channel voltage-sensor translocation across a lipid bilayer membrane
Authors: Suneth P Rajapaksha, Nibedita Pal, Desheng Zheng, H Peter Lu
Journal: Physical Review E (2015): 052719

Shared functional defect in IP3R-mediated calcium signaling in diverse monogenic autism syndromes
Authors: G Schmunk, BJ Boubion, IF Smith, I Parker, JJ Gargus
Journal: Translational psychiatry (2015): e643

Sulfur-and Acyl Chain-Dependent Influence of 2-Methoxy-Lysophosphatidylcholine Analogues on β Pancreatic Cells
Authors: Anna Drzazga, Anna Ciesielska, Edyta Gendaszewska-Darmach
Journal: Current topics in medicinal chemistry (2015): 2395--2405

The effect of chemically defined medium on spontaneous calcium signaling of in situ chondrocytes during long-term culture
Authors: Yilu Zhou, Miri Park, Enoch Cheung, Liyun Wang, X Lucas Lu
Journal: Journal of biomechanics (2015): 990--996

Yhhu4488, a novel GPR40 agonist, promotes GLP-1 secretion and exerts anti-diabetic effect in rodent models
Authors: Dan-yang Guo, De-wen Li, Meng-meng Ning, Xiang-yu Dang, Li-na Zhang, Li-min Zeng, You-hong Hu, Ying Leng
Journal: Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2015): 740--747

A kinetic fluorescence assay reveals unusual features of Ca++ uptake in Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes
Authors: Elizabeth M Zipprer, McKinzie Neggers, Ambuj Kushwaha, Kempaiah Rayavara, Sanjay A Desai
Journal: Malaria journal (2014): 1

A knock-in mouse model of N-terminal R420W mutation of cardiac ryanodine receptor exhibits arrhythmogenesis with abnormal calcium dynamics in cardiomyocytes
Authors: Noriyuki Okudaira, Masayoshi Kuwahara, Yutaka Hirata, Yoshitaka Oku, Hajime Nishio
Journal: Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2014): 665--668

A type 1 cholecystokinin receptor mutant that mimics the dysfunction observed for wild type receptor in a high cholesterol environment
Authors: Aditya J Desai, Kaleeckal G Harikumar, Laurence J Miller
Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry (2014): 18314--18326

Auto-oxidation products of epigallocatechin gallate activate TRPA1 and TRPV1 in sensory neurons
Authors: Mako Kurogi, Yasushi Kawai, Katsuhiro Nagatomo, Michihiro Tateyama, Yoshihiro Kubo, Osamu Saitoh
Journal: Chemical senses (2014): bju057

Characterization of the NT2-derived neuronal and astrocytic cell lines as alternative in vitro models for primary human neurons and astrocytes
Authors: Yohannes Haile, Wen Fu, Beipei Shi, David Westaway, Glen Baker, Jack Jhamandas, Fabrizio Giuliani
Journal: Journal of neuroscience research (2014): 1187--1198

Discovery and Characterization of a G Protein--Biased Agonist That Inhibits $eta$-Arrestin Recruitment to the D2 Dopamine Receptor
Authors: R Benjamin Free, Lani S Chun, Amy E Moritz, Brittney N Miller, Trevor B Doyle, Jennie L Conroy, Adrian Padron, Julie A Meade, Jingbo Xiao, Xin Hu
Journal: Molecular pharmacology (2014): 96--105

Distinct human and mouse membrane trafficking systems for sweet taste receptors T1r2 and T1r3
Authors: Madoka Shimizu, Masao Goto, Takayuki Kawai, Atsuko Yamashita, Yuko Kusakabe
Journal: PloS one (2014): e100425

Electrophysiological and morphological properties of rat supratrigeminal premotor neurons targeting the trigeminal motor nucleus
Authors: Shiro Nakamura, Kiyomi Nakayama, Ayako Mochizuki, Fumihiko Sato, Tahsinul Haque, Atsushi Yoshida, Tomio Inoue
Journal: Journal of neurophysiology (2014): 1770--1782

Identification of anti-allergic lactic acid bacteria that suppress Ca 2+ influx and histamine release in human basophilic cells
Authors: Kaoru Fujii, Tsukasa Fujiki, Ayaka Koiso, Kozue Hirakawa, Makiko Yamashita, Takashi Matsumoto, Takanori Hasegawa, Fumiki Morimatsu, Yoshinori Katakura
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Implication of transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 in 14, 15-epoxyeicosatrienoic acid-induced angiogenesis
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