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There are 19 citation(s) for Calcein Deep Red™ (Cat No. 21902).

Skin-Targeted Delivery of Extracellular Vesicle-Encapsulated Curcumin Using Dissolvable Microneedle Arrays
Authors: Yerneni, Saigopalakrishna S and Yalcintas, Ezgi P and Smith, Jason D and Averick, Saadyah and Campbell, Phil G and Ozdoganlar, O Burak
Journal: Acta Biomaterialia (2022)
Radioiodination of extravesicular surface constituents to study the biocorona, cell trafficking and storage stability of extracellular vesicles
Authors: Yerneni, Saigopalakrishna S and Solomon, Talia and Smith, Jason and Campbell, Phil G
Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects (2022): 130069
Functional imaging of neuronal activity of auditory cortex by using Cal-520 in anesthetized and awake mice
Authors: Li, Jingcheng and Zhang, Jianxiong and Wang, Meng and Pan, Junxia and Chen, Xiaowei and Liao, Xiang
Journal: Biomedical Optics Express (2017): 2599--2610
NINJ2--A novel regulator of endothelial inflammation and activation
Authors: Wang, Jingjing and Fa, Jingjing and Wang, Pengyun and Jia, Xinzhen and Peng, Huixin and Chen, Jing and Wang, Yifan and Wang, Chenhui and Chen, Qiuyun and Tu, Xin and others, undefined
Journal: Cellular Signalling (2017)
Influence of hypothermia and subsequent rewarming upon leukocyte-endothelial interactions and expression of Junctional-Adhesion-Molecules A and B
Authors: Bogert, Nicolai V and Werner, Isabella and Kornberger, Angela and Meybohm, Patrick and Moritz, Anton and Keller, Till and Stock, Ulrich A and Beiras-Fern, undefined and ez, Andres
Journal: Scientific reports (2016)
Inhibition of ABC transport proteins by oil sands process affected water
Authors: Alharbi, Hattan A and Saunders, David MV and Al-Mousa, Ahmed and Alcorn, Jane and Pereira, Alberto S and Martin, Jonathan W and Giesy, John P and Wiseman, Steve B
Journal: Aquatic Toxicology (2016): 81--88
Rapid generation of collagen-based microtissues to study cell--matrix interactions
Authors: Brett, Marie-Elena and Crampton, Alex and ra L , undefined and Wood, David K
Journal: Technology (2016): 1--8
Toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of chlorpyrifos is altered in embryos of Japanese medaka exposed to oil sands process-affected water: evidence for inhibition of P-glycoprotein
Authors: Alharbi, Hattan A and Alcorn, Jane and Al-Mousa, Ahmed and Giesy, John P and Wiseman, Steve B
Journal: Journal of Applied Toxicology (2016)
Flexible Endoscopic Spray Application of Respiratory Epithelial Cells as Platform Technology to Apply Cells in Tubular Organs
Authors: Thiebes, Anja Lena and Reddemann, Manuel Armin and Palmer, Johannes and Kneer, Reinhold and Jockenhoevel, Stefan and Cornelissen, Christian Gabriel
Journal: Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods (2016): 322--331
Erythropoietin Stimulates Endothelial Progenitor Cells to Induce Endothelialization in an Aneurysm Neck After Coil Embolization by Modulating Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Authors: Liu, Peixi and Zhou, Yingjie and An, Qingzhu and Song, Yaying and Chen, Xi and Yang, Guo-Yuan and Zhu, Wei
Journal: MEDICINE (2016): 1--8
Spraying respiratory epithelial cells to coat tissue-engineered constructs
Authors: Thiebes, Anja Lena and Albers, Stefanie and Klopsch, Christian and Jockenhoevel, Stefan and Cornelissen, Christian G
Journal: BioResearch open access (2015): 278--287
Visualization of adherent cell monolayers by cryo-electron microscopy: A snapshot of endothelial adherens junctions
Authors: Le Bihan, Olivier and Decossas, Marion and Gontier, Etienne and Gerbod-Giannone, Marie-Christine and Lambert, Olivier
Journal: Journal of structural biology (2015): 470--477
The efficient hemostatic effect of Antarctic krill chitosan is related to its hydration property
Authors: Wu, Shuai and Huang, Zhuoyao and Yue, Jianhui and Liu, Di and Wang, Ting and Ezanno, Pierre and Ruan, Changshun and Zhao, Xiaoli and Lu, William W and Pan, Haobo
Journal: Carbohydrate polymers (2015): 295--303
Programming and isolation of highly pure physiologically and pharmacologically functional sinus-nodal bodies from pluripotent stem cells
Authors: Jung, Julia Jeannine and Husse, Britta and Rimmbach, Christian and Krebs, Stefan and Stieber, Juliane and Steinhoff, Gustav and Dendorfer, Andreas and Franz, Wolfgang-Michael and David, Robert
Journal: Stem cell reports (2014): 592--605
Neutrophils mediate edema formation but not mechanical allodynia during zymosan-induced inflammation
Authors: Suo, Jing and Linke, Bona and dos Santos, Sascha Meyer and Pierre, S and ra , undefined and Stegner, David and Zhang, Dong Dong and Denis, Cecile V and Geisslinger, Gerd and Niesw, undefined and t, Bernhard and Scholich, Klaus
Journal: Journal of leukocyte biology (2014): 133--142
Biofunctionalized microfiber-assisted formation of intrinsic three-dimensional capillary-like structures
Authors: Wein, undefined and y, Stefan and Laffar, Simone and Unger, Ronald E and Flanagan, Thomas C and Loesel, Robert and Kirkpatrick, C James and van Z, undefined and voort, Marc and Hermanns-Sachweh, Benita and Dreier, Agnieszka and Klee, Doris and others, undefined
Journal: Tissue Engineering Part A (2014): 1858--1869
Microfluidic shear stress-regulated surfactant secretion in alveolar epithelial type II cells in vitro
Authors: Mahto, Sanjeev Kumar and Tenenbaum-Katan, Janna and Greenblum, Ayala and Rothen-Rutishauser, Barbara and Sznitman, Josué
Journal: American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology (2014): L672--L683
Methylene blue modulates transendothelial migration of peripheral blood cells
Authors: Werner, Isabella and Guo, Fengwei and Bogert, Nicolai V and Stock, Ulrich A and Meybohm, Patrick and Moritz, Anton and Beiras-Fern, undefined and ez, Andres
Journal: PloS one (2013): e82214
Bystander killing of malignant cells via the delivery of engineered thymidine-active deoxycytidine kinase for suicide gene therapy of cancer
Authors: Neschadim, A and Wang, JCM and Lavie, Arnon and Medin, JA
Journal: Cancer gene therapy (2012): 320--327

There are 84 reference(s) for Calcein Deep Red™ (Cat No. 21902).

Functional evidence that the self-renewal gene NANOG regulates esophageal squamous cancer development
Authors: Li, Deng and Xiang, Xiaocong and Yang, Fei and Xiao, Dongqin and Liu, Kang and Chen, Zhu and Zhang, Ruolan and Feng, Gang
Journal: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2017)
Localized functional chemical stimulation of TE 671 cells cultured on nanoporous membrane by calcein and acetylcholine
Authors: Zibek S, Stett A, Koltay P, Hu M, Zengerle R, Nisch W, Stelzle M.
Journal: Biophys J. (2006)
A vaccination and challenge model using calcein marked fish
Authors: Klesius PH, Evans JJ, Shoemaker CA, Pasnik DJ.
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Novel fluorescence assay using calcein-AM for the determination of human erythrocyte viability and aging
Authors: Bratosin D, Mitrofan L, Palii C, Estaquier J, Montreuil J.
Journal: Cytometry A (2005): 78
Cytotoxic effects of 100 reference compounds on Hep G2 and HeLa cells and of 60 compounds on ECC-1 and CHO cells. I mechanistic assays on ROS, glutathione depletion and calcein uptake
Authors: Schoonen WG, Westerink WM, de Roos JA, Debiton E.
Journal: Toxicol In Vitro (2005): 505
Calcein AM release-based cytotoxic cell assay for fish leucocytes
Authors: Iwanowicz LR, Densmore CL, Ottinger CA.
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Calcein-AM is a detector of intracellular oxidative activity
Authors: Uggeri J, Gatti R, Belletti S, Sc and roglio R, Corradini R, Rotoli BM, Orl and ini G., undefined
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Comparison of the usefulness of the MTT, ATP, and calcein assays to predict the potency of cytotoxic agents in various human cancer cell lines
Authors: Mueller H, Kassack MU, Wiese M.
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In vitro assay of mineralized-tissue formation on titanium using fluorescent staining with calcein blue
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The effects of calcium chloride and sodium chloride on the electroporation-mediated skin permeation of fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-dextrans in vitro
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The intracellular iron sensor calcein is catalytically oxidatively degraded by iron(II) in a hydrogen peroxide-dependent reaction
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Calcein as a fluorescent iron chemosensor for the determination of low molecular weight iron in biological fluids
Authors: Ali A, Zhang Q, Dai J, Huang X.
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Noninvasive fluorescent study in situ and in real time of glucose effects on the pharmacokinetic of calcein
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Detecting mitochondrial permeability transition by confocal imaging of intact cells pinocytically loaded with calcein
Authors: Jones RA, Smail A, Wilson MR.
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Detection of MRP functional activity: calcein AM but not BCECF AM as a Multidrug Resistance-related Protein (MRP1) substrate
Authors: Olson DP, Taylor BJ, Ivy SP.
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A fibre-optic calcium ion sensor using a calcein derivative
Authors: Sloan WD, Uttamlal M.
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Calcein assay for multidrug resistance reliably predicts therapy response and survival rate in acute myeloid leukaemia
Authors: Karaszi E, Jakab K, Homolya L, Szakacs G, Hollo Z, Telek B, Kiss A, Rejto L, Nahajevszky S, Sarkadi B, Kappelmayer J.
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Calcein-acetyoxymethyl cytotoxicity assay: standardization of a method allowing additional analyses on recovered effector cells and supernatants
Authors: Neri S, Mariani E, Meneghetti A, Cattini L, Facchini A.
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Determination of nucleic acids using calcein-neodymium complex as a fluorescence probe
Authors: Zhu Z., undefined
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Evaluation of a vincristine resistant Caco-2 cell line for use in a calcein AM extrusion screening assay for P-glycoprotein interaction
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Visualizing normal and defective bone development in zebrafish embryos using the fluorescent chromophore calcein
Authors: Du SJ, Frenkel V, Kindschi G, Zohar Y.
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Visualization of the secretory process involved in Ca2+-activated fluid secretion from rat submandibular glands using the fluorescent dye, calcein
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Semi-quantitative fluorescence analysis of calcein binding as a measurement of in vitro mineralization
Authors: Hale LV, Ma YF, Santerre RF.
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cAMP-Dependent potentiation of the Ca(2+)-activated release of the anionic fluorescent dye, calcein, from rat parotid acinar cells
Authors: Sugita M, Hirono C, Furuya K, Yamagishi S, Kanno Y, Shiba Y.
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Implications of the generation of reactive oxygen species by photoactivated calcein for mitochondrial studies
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A highly sensitive fluorimetric method for the determination of fluoride in biological material with Al3+-calcein complex
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Nramp 2 (DCT1/DMT1) expressed at the plasma membrane transports iron and other divalent cations into a calcein-accessible cytoplasmic pool
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Calcein as a fluorescent probe for ferric iron. Application to iron nutrition in plant cells
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Interpretation of intrinsic optical signals and calcein fluorescence during acute excitotoxic insult in the hippocampal slice
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Intracellular accumulation and retention of calcein in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells and their adriamycin-resistant strain
Authors: Asaumi J, Kawasaki S, Kuroda M, Takeda Y, Kishi K, Hiraki Y.
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Application of calcein-loaded liposomes for the determination of membrane channel size
Authors: Katsu T., undefined
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Transient and long-lasting openings of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore can be monitored directly in intact cells by changes in mitochondrial calcein fluorescence
Authors: Petronilli V, Miotto G, Canton M, Brini M, Colonna R, Bernardi P, Di Lisa F.
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Calcein permeability of liposomes mediated by type A botulinum neurotoxin and its light and heavy chains
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On the mechanism underlying calcein-induced cytotoxicity
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Comparison of annexin V and calcein-AM as early vital markers of apoptosis in adherent cells by confocal laser microscopy
Authors: Gatti R, Belletti S, Orl and ini G, Bussolati O, Dall'Asta V, Gazzola GC.
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Pgp and MRP activities using calcein-AM are prognostic factors in adult acute myeloid leukemia patients
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Demonstration of an Na+/H+ exchanger in mouse keratinocytes measured by the novel pH-sensitive fluorochrome SNARF-calcein
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