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Erythropoietin Stimulates Endothelial Progenitor Cells to Induce Endothelialization in an Aneurysm Neck After Coil Embolization by Modulating Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Authors: Peixi Liu, Yingjie Zhou, Qingzhu An, Yaying Song, Xi Chen, Guo-Yuan Yang, Wei Zhu
Journal: MEDICINE (2016): 1--8

Flexible Endoscopic Spray Application of Respiratory Epithelial Cells as Platform Technology to Apply Cells in Tubular Organs
Authors: Anja Lena Thiebes, Manuel Armin Reddemann, Johannes Palmer, Reinhold Kneer, Stefan Jockenhoevel, Christian Gabriel Cornelissen
Journal: Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods (2016): 322--331

Inhibition of ABC transport proteins by oil sands process affected water
Authors: Hattan A Alharbi, David MV Saunders, Ahmed Al-Mousa, Jane Alcorn, Alberto S Pereira, Jonathan W Martin, John P Giesy, Steve B Wiseman
Journal: Aquatic Toxicology (2016): 81--88

Rapid generation of collagen-based microtissues to study cell--matrix interactions
Authors: Marie-Elena Brett, Alexandra L Crampton, David K Wood
Journal: Technology (2016): 1--8

Toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of chlorpyrifos is altered in embryos of Japanese medaka exposed to oil sands process-affected water: evidence for inhibition of P-glycoprotein
Authors: Hattan A Alharbi, Jane Alcorn, Ahmed Al-Mousa, John P Giesy, Steve B Wiseman
Journal: Journal of Applied Toxicology (2016)

Spraying respiratory epithelial cells to coat tissue-engineered constructs
Authors: Anja Lena Thiebes, Stefanie Albers, Christian Klopsch, Stefan Jockenhoevel, Christian G Cornelissen
Journal: BioResearch open access (2015): 278--287

The efficient hemostatic effect of Antarctic krill chitosan is related to its hydration property
Authors: Shuai Wu, Zhuoyao Huang, Jianhui Yue, Di Liu, Ting Wang, Pierre Ezanno, Changshun Ruan, Xiaoli Zhao, William W Lu, Haobo Pan
Journal: Carbohydrate polymers (2015): 295--303

Visualization of adherent cell monolayers by cryo-electron microscopy: A snapshot of endothelial adherens junctions
Authors: Olivier Le Bihan, Marion Decossas, Etienne Gontier, Marie-Christine Gerbod-Giannone, Olivier Lambert
Journal: Journal of structural biology (2015): 470--477

Biofunctionalized microfiber-assisted formation of intrinsic three-dimensional capillary-like structures
Authors: Stefan Weinandy, Simone Laffar, Ronald E Unger, Thomas C Flanagan, Robert Loesel, C James Kirkpatrick, Marc van Zandvoort, Benita Hermanns-Sachweh, Agnieszka Dreier, Doris Klee
Journal: Tissue Engineering Part A (2014): 1858--1869

Microfluidic shear stress-regulated surfactant secretion in alveolar epithelial type II cells in vitro
Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Mahto, Janna Tenenbaum-Katan, Ayala Greenblum, Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, Josué Sznitman
Journal: American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology (2014): L672--L683

Neutrophils mediate edema formation but not mechanical allodynia during zymosan-induced inflammation
Authors: Jing Suo, Bona Linke, Sascha Meyer dos Santos, Sandra Pierre, David Stegner, Dong Dong Zhang, Cecile V Denis, Gerd Geisslinger, Bernhard Nieswandt, Klaus Scholich
Journal: Journal of leukocyte biology (2014): 133--142

Programming and isolation of highly pure physiologically and pharmacologically functional sinus-nodal bodies from pluripotent stem cells
Authors: Julia Jeannine Jung, Britta Husse, Christian Rimmbach, Stefan Krebs, Juliane Stieber, Gustav Steinhoff, Andreas Dendorfer, Wolfgang-Michael Franz, Robert David
Journal: Stem cell reports (2014): 592--605

Bystander killing of malignant cells via the delivery of engineered thymidine-active deoxycytidine kinase for suicide gene therapy of cancer
Authors: A Neschadim, JCM Wang, Arnon Lavie, JA Medin
Journal: Cancer gene therapy (2012): 320--327