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There are 3 citation(s) for Live or Dead™ Fixable Dead Cell Staining Kit *Blue Fluorescence* (Cat No. 22600).

Autophagy proteins are not universally required for phagosome maturation
Authors: Cemma, Marija and Grinstein, Sergio and Brumell, John H
Journal: Autophagy (2016): 1440--1446
Differential detection of tumor cells using a combination of cell rolling, multivalent binding, and multiple antibodies
Authors: Myung, Ja Hye and Gajjar, Khyati A and Chen, Jihua and Molokie, Robert E and Hong, Seungpyo
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2014): 6088--6094
Versatile fabrication of nanoscale sol--gel bioactive glass particles for efficient bone tissue regeneration
Authors: Lei, Bo and Chen, Xiaofeng and Han, Xue and Zhou, Jiaan
Journal: Journal of Materials Chemistry (2012): 16906--16913

There are 26 reference(s) for Live or Dead™ Fixable Dead Cell Staining Kit *Blue Fluorescence* (Cat No. 22600).

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