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There are 7 citation(s) for Cell Navigator® Mitochondrion Staining Kit *Green Fluorescence* (Cat No. 22666).

17$\beta$-estradiol rescues the damage of thiazolidinedione on chicken Sertoli cell proliferation via adiponectin
Authors: Zhang, Jiao Jiao and Li, Ya Qi and Shi, Mei and Deng, Cheng Chen and Wang, Yu Sha and Tang, Yao and Wang, Xian Zhong
Journal: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (2022): 113308
MicroRNA-7450 regulates non-thermal plasma-induced chicken Sertoli cell apoptosis via adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase activation
Authors: Zhang, Jiao Jiao and Wang, Xian Zhong and Do, Huynh Luong and Ch, undefined and imali, Nisansala and Kang, Tae Yoon and Kim, Nameun and Ghosh, Mrinmoy and Lee, Sang Baek and Mok, Young Sun and Kim, Seong Bong and others, undefined
Journal: Scientific Reports (2018): 8761
Co-delivery of VP-16 and Bcl-2-targeted antisense on PEG-grafted oMWCNTs for synergistic in vitro anti-cancer effects in non-small and small cell lung cancer
Authors: Heger, Zbynek and Polanska, Hana and Krizkova, Sona and Balvan, Jan and Raudenska, Martina and Dostalova, Simona and Moulick, Amitava and Masarik, Michal and Adam, Vojtech
Journal: Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2017): 131--140
Inhibition of heme oxygenase-1 enhances the chemosensitivity of laryngeal squamous cell cancer Hep-2 cells to cisplatin
Authors: Lv, Xin and Song, Dong-mei and Niu, Ying-hao and Wang, Bao-shan
Journal: Apoptosis (2016): 489--501
Effective two-photon excited photodynamic therapy of xenograft tumors sensitized by water-soluble bis (arylidene) cycloalkanone photosensitizers
Authors: Zou, Qianli and Zhao, Hongyou and Zhao, Yuxia and Fang, Yanyan and Chen, Defu and Ren, Jie and Wang, Xiaopu and Wang, Ying and Gu, Ying and Wu, Feipeng
Journal: Journal of medicinal chemistry (2015): 7949--7958
Melatonin promotes adipogenesis and mitochondrial biogenesis in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes
Authors: Kato, Hisashi and Tanaka, Goki and Masuda, Shinya and Ogasawara, Junetsu and Sakurai, Takuya and Kizaki, Takako and Ohno, Hideki and Izawa, Tetsuya
Journal: Journal of Pineal Research (2015): 267--275
L'histone D{\'e}sac{\'e}tylase HDAC1 Influence la R{\'e}ponse {\`A} Des Stress M{\'e}taboliques Dans Les Cellules {\'E}pith{\'e}liales Intestinales
Authors: Gonneaud, Alexis
Journal: (2014)

There are 70 reference(s) for Cell Navigator® Mitochondrion Staining Kit *Green Fluorescence* (Cat No. 22666).

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