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There are 4 citation(s) for Cell Meter™ Colorimetric Cell Cytotoxicity Assay Kit (Cat No. 22780).

Anti-Adhesion Behavior from Ring-Strain Amine cyclic Monolayers Grafted on Silicon (111) Surfaces
Authors: Ching, Jing Yuan and Huang, Brian J and Hsu, Yu-Ting and Khung, Yit Lung
Journal: Scientific Reports (2020): 1--15
Bioactivating silicon (100) surfaces with novel uv grafting of cyclopropylamine for promotion of cell adhesion
Authors: Ching, Jing Yuan and Lee, Chieh-Hua and Khung, Yit Lung
Journal: Materials (2018): 713
Grafting of ring-opened cyclopropylamine thin films on silicon (100) hydride via uv photoionization
Authors: Tung, J and Ching, JY and Ng, YM and Tew, LS and Khung, YL
Journal: ACS applied materials \& interfaces (2017): 31083--31094
Detection of thalidomide embryotoxicity by in vitro embryotoxicity testing based on human iPS cells
Authors: Aikawa, Nobuo and Kunisato, Atsushi and Nagao, Kenji and Kusaka, Hideaki and Takaba, Katsumi and Ohgami, Kinya
Journal: Journal of pharmacological sciences (2014): 201--207

There are 72 reference(s) for Cell Meter™ Colorimetric Cell Cytotoxicity Assay Kit (Cat No. 22780).

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A simplified new assay for assessment of fungal cell damage with the tetrazolium dye, (2,3)-bis-(2-methoxy-4-nitro-5-sulphenyl)-(2H)-tetrazolium-5-carboxanil ide (XTT)
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Tetrazolium-based cell bioassay for neurotoxins active on voltage-sensitive sodium channels: semiautomated assay for saxitoxins, brevetoxins, and ciguatoxins
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