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There are 93 reference(s) for Cell Meter™ Nuclear Apoptosis Assay Kit *Green Fluorescence Optimized for Flow Cytometry* (Cat No. 22811).

Curcumin induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human osteosarcoma (HOS) cells
Authors: Lee DS, Lee MK, Kim JH.
Journal: Anticancer Res (2009): 5039
Real-time in vivo imaging of retinal cell apoptosis after laser exposure
Authors: Schmitz-Valckenberg S, Guo L, Maass A, Cheung W, Vugler A, Moss SE, Munro PM, Fitzke FW, Cordeiro MF.
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Morphological study on apoptosis Hela cells induced by soyasaponins
Authors: Xiao JX, Huang GQ, Zhu CP, Ren DD, Zhang SH.
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Effects of neuraminidase on apoptosis of blood lymphocytes in rats with implanted Morris tumor
Authors: Grata-Borkowska U, Steciwko A, Pokorski M, Drobnik J, Gasiorowski K, Pirogowicz I, Cieslar-Marczak E.
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Effects of Chinese herbal recipe Weichang'an in inducing apoptosis and related gene expression in human gastric cancer grafted onto nude mice
Authors: Zhao AG, Yang JK, You SF, Li T, Zhao HL, Gu Y, Tang LD, Qiu JX.
Journal: Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao (2007): 287
Growth arrest and apoptosis induced by quercetin is not linked to adipogenic conversion of human preadipocytes
Authors: Morikawa K, Ikeda C, Nonaka M, Suzuki I.
Journal: Metabolism (2007): 1656
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3C-like protease-induced apoptosis
Authors: Lin CW, Lin KH, Hsieh TH, Shiu SY, Li JY.
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Apoptosis induction and mitochondria alteration in human HeLa tumour cells by photoproducts of Rose Bengal acetate
Authors: Panzarini E, Tenuzzo B, Palazzo F, Chionna A, Dini L.
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Cytoplasmic Ca2+ signals and cellular death by apoptosis in myocardiac H9c2 cells
Authors: Lax A, Soler F, Fern and ez-Belda F., undefined
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Hydroxycamptothecin-induced apoptosis in hepatoma SMMC-7721 cells and the role of mitochondrial pathway
Authors: Fu YR, Yi ZJ, Yan YR, Qiu ZY.
Journal: Mitochondrion (2006): 211
Stage-dependency of apoptosis and the blood-testis barrier in the dogfish shark (Squalus acanthias): cadmium-induced changes as assessed by vital fluorescence techniques
Authors: McClusky LM., undefined
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Lymphocyte apoptosis in the inflammatory reaction around Taenia solium metacestodes in porcine cysticercosis
Authors: Solano S, Cortes IM, Copitin NI, Tato P, Molinari JL.
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Growth inhibition and apoptosis inducing mechanisms of curcumin on human ovarian cancer cell line A2780
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Cell-free plasma DNA: a marker for apoptosis during hemodialysis
Authors: Atamaniuk J, Ruzicka K, Stuhlmeier KM, Karimi A, Eigner M, Mueller MM.
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Induction of apoptosis in K562 cells by jolkinolide B
Authors: Luo H, Wang A.
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Nuclear translocation of endonuclease G and apoptosis-inducing factor during acetaminophen-induced liver cell injury
Authors: Bajt ML, Cover C, Lemasters JJ, Jaeschke H.
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Histone deacetylase inhibitors differentially mediate apoptosis in prostate cancer cells
Authors: Fronsdal K, Saatcioglu F.
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Betulinic acid induces apoptosis in human chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cell line K-562 without altering the levels of Bcr-Abl
Authors: Raghuvar Gopal DV, Narkar AA, Badrinath Y, Mishra KP, Joshi DS.
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Increased carnitine-dependent fatty acid uptake into mitochondria of human colon cancer cells induces apoptosis
Authors: Wenzel U, Nickel A, Daniel H.
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Bud selection and apoptosis-like degradation of nuclei in yeast heterokaryons: a KAR1 effect
Authors: Nevzglyadova OV, Artyomov AV, Mikhailova EV, Soidla TR.
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Liposome-encapsulated curcumin: in vitro and in vivo effects on proliferation, apoptosis, signaling, and angiogenesis
Authors: Li L, Braiteh FS, Kurzrock R.
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Cadmium induces caspase-independent apoptosis in liver Hep3B cells: role for calcium in signaling oxidative stress-related impairment of mitochondria and relocation of endonuclease G and apoptosis-inducing factor
Authors: Lemarie A, Lagadic-Gossmann D, Morzadec C, Allain N, Fardel O, Vernhet L.
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Hsp72 inhibits apoptosis upstream of the mitochondria and not through interactions with Apaf-1
Authors: Steel R, Doherty JP, Buzzard K, Clemons N, Hawkins CJ, Anderson RL.
Journal: J Biol Chem (2004): 51490
Effects of naringin on cytosine arabinoside (Ara-C)-induced cytotoxicity and apoptosis in P388 cells
Authors: Kanno S, Shouji A, Hirata R, Asou K, Ishikawa M.
Journal: Life Sci (2004): 353
Optimization of an Acridine Orange-bisbenzimide procedure for the detection of apoptosis-associated fluorescence colour changes in etoposide-treated cell cultures
Authors: L, undefined and ex NL, Kayser L.
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Multiparametric evaluation of apoptosis: effects of standard cytotoxic agents and the cyanoguanidine CHS 828
Authors: Lovborg H, Nygren P, Larsson R.
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Osmotic diuretics induce adenosine A1 receptor expression and protect renal proximal tubular epithelial cells against cisplatin-mediated apoptosis
Authors: Pingle SC, Mishra S, Marcuzzi A, Bhat SG, Sekino Y, Rybak LP, Ramkumar V.
Journal: J Biol Chem (2004): 43157
Apoptosis of human carcinoma cells in the presence of potential anti-cancer drugs: III. Treatment of Colo-205 and SKBR3 cells with: cis -platin, Tamoxifen, Melphalan, Betulinic acid, L-PDMP, L-PPMP, and GD3 ganglioside
Authors: Basu S, Ma R, Boyle PJ, Mikulla B, Bradley M, Smith B, Basu M, Banerjee S.
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Alcohol-induced apoptosis of canine cerebral vascular smooth muscle cells: role of extracellular and intracellular calcium ions
Authors: Li W, Li J, Liu W, Altura BT, Altura BM.
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Minocycline prevents glutamate-induced apoptosis of cerebellar granule neurons by differential regulation of p38 and Akt pathways
Authors: Pi R, Li W, Lee NT, Chan HH, Pu Y, Chan LN, Sucher NJ, Chang DC, Li M, Han Y.
Journal: J Neurochem (2004): 1219
Induction of apoptosis in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line CNE-2Z by curcumin
Authors: Liang T, Chen MJ, Zhou KY, Tang XD, Wang XG.
Journal: Ai Zheng (2004): 1651
Nuclear factor-kappaB and IkappaB kinase are constitutively active in human pancreatic cells, and their down-regulation by curcumin (diferuloylmethane) is associated with the suppression of proliferation and the induction of apoptosis
Authors: Li L, Aggarwal BB, Shishodia S, Abbruzzese J, Kurzrock R.
Journal: Cancer (2004): 2351
Differential roles of STAT1alpha and STAT1beta in fludarabine-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human B cells
Authors: Baran-Marszak F, Feuillard J, Najjar I, Le Clorennec C, Bechet JM, Dusanter-Fourt I, Bornkamm GW, Raphael M, Fagard R.
Journal: Blood (2004): 2475
Suppression of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea/testosterone-induced rat prostate cancer growth by celecoxib: effects on cyclooxygenase-2, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis mechanism(s)
Authors: Narayanan BA, Condon MS, Bosl and MC, Narayanan NK, Reddy BS.
Journal: Clin Cancer Res (2003): 3503
Stimulation of phosphatidylserine biosynthesis and facilitation of UV-induced apoptosis in Chinese hamster ovary cells overexpressing phospholipid scramblase 1
Authors: Yu A, McMaster CR, Byers DM, Ridgway ND, Cook HW.
Journal: J Biol Chem (2003): 9706
A fluorescence microplate assay using yopro-1 to measure apoptosis: application to HL60 cells subjected to oxidative stress
Authors: Plantin-Carrenard E, Bringuier A, Derappe C, Pichon J, Guillot R, Bernard M, Foglietti MJ, Feldmann G, Aubery M, Braut-Boucher F.
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A potential role for cx43-hemichannels in staurosporin-induced apoptosis
Authors: Hur KC, Shim JE, Johnson RG.
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Involvement of nuclear factor-kappaB and apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 in G-protein-coupled receptor agonist-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
Authors: Hirotani S, Otsu K, Nishida K, Higuchi Y, Morita T, Nakayama H, Yamaguchi O, Mano T, Matsumura Y, Ueno H, Tada M, Hori M.
Journal: Circulation (2002): 509
Induction of apoptosis in human cancer cell lines by diospyrin, a plant-derived bisnaphthoquinonoid, and its synthetic derivatives
Authors: Chakrabarty S, Roy M, Hazra B, Bhattacharya RK.
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Microgravity-induced apoptosis in cultured glial cells
Authors: Uva BM, Masini MA, Sturla M, Bruzzone F, Giuliani M, Tagliafierro G, Strollo F.
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Involvement of apoptosis in progression of cochlear lesion following exposure to intense noise
Authors: Hu BH, Henderson D, Nicotera TM.
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Mitochondrial dysfunction is an early event in high-NaCl-induced apoptosis of mIMCD3 cells
Authors: Michea L, Combs C, Andrews P, Dmitrieva N, Burg MB.
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Intramitochondrial pyruvate attenuates hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis in bovine pulmonary artery endothelium
Authors: Kang YH, Chung SJ, Kang IJ, Park JH, Bunger R.
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Chromatin condensation and sensitivity of DNA in situ to denaturation during cell cycle and apoptosis--a confocal microscopy study
Authors: Dobrucki J, Darzynkiewicz Z.
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Apoptosis induced by human Fas-associated factor 1, hFAF1, requires its ubiquitin homologous domain, but not the Fas-binding domain
Authors: Ryu SW, Kim E.
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Measurement of DNA damage associated with apoptosis by laser scanning cytometry
Authors: Bacso Z, Eliason JF.
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Mitochondrial transmembrane potential changes support the concept of mitochondrial heterogeneity during apoptosis
Authors: Krysko DV, Roels F, Leybaert L, D'Herde K.
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Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase cleavage during apoptosis: when and where
Authors: Soldani C, Lazze MC, Bottone MG, Tognon G, Biggiogera M, Pellicciari CE, Scovassi AI.
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Low-affinity kainate receptor agonists induce insult-dependent apoptosis and necrosis in cultured murine cortical neurons
Authors: Moldrich RX, Beart PM, Pascoe CJ, Cheung NS.
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Caspase-3 protease activation during the process of genistein-induced apoptosis in TM4 testicular cells
Authors: Kumi-Diaka J, Butler A.
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Apoptosis in shed human corneal cells
Authors: Estil S, Primo EJ, Wilson G.
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Apoptosis of osteoclast-like cells induced by alendronate is related to Fas gene expression
Authors: Wang XM, Yu SF, Yang ZP.
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Inhibition of Fas-mediated apoptosis by Trypanosoma cruzi infection
Authors: Nakajima-Shimada J, Zou C, Takagi M, Umeda M, Nara T, Aoki T.
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Bcl-2 protects neuronal cells against taxol-induced apoptosis by inducing multi-nucleation
Authors: Nuydens R, Dispersyn G, Van Den Kieboom G, de Jong M, Connors R, Ramaekers F, Borgers M, Geerts H.
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Hoechst 33342 induces apoptosis in HL-60 cells and inhibits topoisomerase I in vivo
Authors: Zhang X, Chen J, Davis B, Kiechle F.
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Induction of human breast cancer cell apoptosis from G2/M preceded by stimulation into the cell cycle by Z-1,1-dichloro-2,3-diphenylcyclopropane
Authors: Balach, undefined and ran R, ter Haar E, Yalowich JC, Welsh MJ, Grant SG, Day BW.
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Generation of reactive oxygen intermediates, activation of NF-kappaB, and induction of apoptosis in human endothelial cells by glucose: role of nitric oxide synthase
Authors: Du X, Stocklauser-Farber K, Rosen P.
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Proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis in villous trophoblast at 13-41 weeks of gestation (including observations on annulate lamellae and nuclear pore complexes)
Authors: Mayhew TM, Leach L, McGee R, Ismail WW, Myklebust R, Lammiman MJ.
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Analysis of apoptosis by laser scanning cytometry
Authors: Bedner E, Li X, Gorczyca W, Melamed MR, Darzynkiewicz Z.
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Polyamines found in the inflamed periodontium inhibit priming and apoptosis in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes
Authors: Ratasirayakorn W, Leone P, Leblebicioglu B, Walters JD.
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Technetium-99m HYNIC-annexin V: a potential radiopharmaceutical for the in-vivo detection of apoptosis
Authors: Ohtsuki K, Akashi K, Aoka Y, Blankenberg FG, Kopiwoda S, Tait JF, Strauss HW.
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Mitochondrial depolarization is not required for neuronal apoptosis
Authors: Krohn AJ, Wahlbrink T, Prehn JH.
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Glutathione depletion induces giant DNA and high-molecular-weight DNA fragmentation associated with apoptosis through lipid peroxidation and protein kinase C activation in C6 glioma cells
Authors: Higuchi Y, Matsukawa S.
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Automated fluorescence microscopic measurement of apoptosis frequency following ionizing radiation exposure in cultured mammalian cells
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Differences in ethidium bromide and 4'-6-diamidino-2-phenylindole staining profiles with regard to DNA fragmentation during apoptosis
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Granzyme B (GraB) autonomously crosses the cell membrane and perforin initiates apoptosis and GraB nuclear localization
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