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There are 46 citation(s) for Cell Meter™ Cellular Senescence Activity Assay Kit *Green Fluorescence* (Cat No. 23005).

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Large T Antigen Induces Cellular Senescence for Host Growth Arrest and Viral Genome Persistence through Its Unique Domain
Authors: Pham, Alexander M and Ortiz, Luz E and Lukacher, Aron E and Kwun, Hyun Jin
Journal: Cells (2023): 380
Topological DNA damage, telomere attrition and T cell senescence during chronic viral infections
Authors: Ji, Y., Dang, X., Nguyen, L. N. T., Nguyen, L. N., Zhao, J., Cao, D., Khanal, S., Schank, M., Wu, X. Y., Morrison, Z. D., Zou, Y., El Gazzar, M., Ning, S., Wang, L., Moorman, J. P., Yao, Z. Q.
Journal: Immun Ageing (2019): 12
Cell senescence, apoptosis and DNA damage cooperate in the remodeling processes accounting for heart morphogenesis
Authors: Lorda-Diez, C. I., Solis-Mancilla, M. E., Sanchez-Fern and ez, C., Garcia-Porrero, J. A., Hurle, J. M., Montero, J. A.
Journal: J Anat (2019): 815-829
Dynamic transcriptome profiling in DNA damage-induced cellular senescence and transient cell-cycle arrest
Authors: Zhao, Z., Dong, Q., Liu, X., Wei, L., Liu, L., Li, Y., Wang, X.
Journal: Genomics (2019): ersion="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>23005.enlEndN
Stochastic modeling of aging cells reveals how damage accumulation, repair, and cell-division asymmetry affect clonal senescence and population fitness
Authors: Song, R., Acar, M.
Journal: BMC Bioinformatics (2019): 391
Regulatory T cells trigger effector T cell DNA damage and senescence caused by metabolic competition
Authors: Liu, X., Mo, W., Ye, J., Li, L., Zhang, Y., Hsueh, E. C., Hoft, D. F., Peng, G.
Journal: Nat Commun (2018): 249
The Novel Small Molecule STK899704 Promotes Senescence of the Human A549 NSCLC Cells by Inducing DNA Damage Responses and Cell Cycle Arrest
Authors: Park, C. W., Bak, Y., Kim, M. J., Srinivasrao, G., Hwang, J., Sung, N. K., Kim, B. Y., Yu, J. H., Hong, J. T., Yoon, D. Y.
Journal: Front Pharmacol (2018): 163
Leucine reduces the proliferation of MC3T3-E1 cells through DNA damage and cell senescence
Authors: da Luz Dias, R., Basso, B., Donadio, M. V. F., Pujol, F. V., Bartrons, R., Haute, G. V., Gassen, R. B., Bregolin, H. D., Krause, G., Viau, C., Saffi, J., Nunes, F. B., Rosa, J. L., de Oliveira, J. R.
Journal: Toxicol In Vitro (2018): 1-10
Hydrogen Treatment Protects against Cell Death and Senescence Induced by Oxidative Damage
Authors: Han, A. L., Park, S. H., Park, M. S.
Journal: J Microbiol Biotechnol (2017): 365-371
MicroRNA-16 feedback loop with p53 and Wip1 can regulate cell fate determination between apoptosis and senescence in DNA damage response
Authors: Issler, M. V. C., Mombach, J. C. M.
Journal: PLoS One (2017): e0185794
RCC1-dependent activation of Ran accelerates cell cycle and DNA repair, inhibiting DNA damage-induced cell senescence
Authors: Cekan, P., Hasegawa, K., Pan, Y., Tubman, E., Odde, D., Chen, J. Q., Herrmann, M. A., Kumar, S., Kalab, P.
Journal: Mol Biol Cell (2016): 1346-57
Dasatinib induces DNA damage and activates DNA repair pathways leading to senescence in non-small cell lung cancer cell lines with kinase-inactivating BRAF mutations
Authors: Peng, S., Sen, B., Mazumdar, T., Byers, L. A., Diao, L., Wang, J., Tong, P., Giri, U., Heymach, J. V., Kadara, H. N., Johnson, F. M.
Journal: Oncotarget (2016): 565-79
Resveratrol Protects against High-Fat Diet Induced Renal Pathological Damage and Cell Senescence by Activating SIRT1
Authors: Zhang, N., Li, Z., Xu, K., Wang, Y., Wang, Z.
Journal: Biol Pharm Bull (2016): 1448-54
IFNgamma induces oxidative stress, DNA damage and tumor cell senescence via TGFbeta/SMAD signaling-dependent induction of Nox4 and suppression of ANT2
Authors: Hubackova, S., Kucerova, A., Michlits, G., Kyjacova, L., Reinis, M., Korolov, O., Bartek, J., Hodny, Z.
Journal: Oncogene (2016): 1236-49
Assessment of DNA Damage and Cell Senescence in Corneal Epithelial Cells Exposed to Airborne Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Collected in Guangzhou, China
Authors: Gao, Z. X., Song, X. L., Li, S. S., Lai, X. R., Yang, Y. L., Yang, G., Li, Z. J., Cui, Y. H., Pan, H. W.
Journal: Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci (2016): 3093-102
GSE4, a Small Dyskerin- and GSE24.2-Related Peptide, Induces Telomerase Activity, Cell Proliferation and Reduces DNA Damage, Oxidative Stress and Cell Senescence in Dyskerin Mutant Cells
Authors: Iarriccio, L., Manguan-Garcia, C., Pintado-Berninches, L., Mancheno, J. M., Molina, A., Perona, R., Sastre, L.
Journal: PLoS One (2015): e0142980
Single-cell analysis challenges the connection between autophagy and senescence induced by DNA damage
Authors: Filippi-Chiela, E. C., Bueno e Silva, M. M., Thome, M. P., Lenz, G.
Journal: Autophagy (2015): 1099-113
Targeting genes in insulin-associated signalling pathway, DNA damage, cell proliferation and cell differentiation pathways by tocotrienol-rich fraction in preventing cellular senescence of human diploid fibroblasts
Authors: Durani, L. W., Jaafar, F., Tan, J. K., Tajul Arifin, K., Mohd Yusof, Y. A., Wan Ngah, W. Z., Makpol, S.
Journal: Clin Ter (2015): e365-73
DNA-damage-induced type I interferon promotes senescence and inhibits stem cell function
Authors: Yu, Q., Katlinskaya, Y. V., Carbone, C. J., Zhao, B., Katlinski, K. V., Zheng, H., Guha, M., Li, N., Chen, Q., Yang, T., Lengner, C. J., Greenberg, R. A., Johnson, F. B., Fuchs, S. Y.
Journal: Cell Rep (2015): 785-797
Axitinib induces DNA damage response leading to senescence, mitotic catastrophe, and increased NK cell recognition in human renal carcinoma cells
Authors: Morelli, M. B., Amantini, C., Santoni, M., Soriani, A., Nabissi, M., Cardinali, C., Santoni, A., Santoni, G.
Journal: Oncotarget (2015): 36245-59
p53 isoform Delta113p53/Delta133p53 promotes DNA double-strand break repair to protect cell from death and senescence in response to DNA damage
Authors: Gong, L., Gong, H., Pan, X., Chang, C., Ou, Z., Ye, S., Yin, L., Yang, L., Tao, T., Zhang, Z., Liu, C., Lane, D. P., Peng, J., Chen, J.
Journal: Cell Res (2015): 351-69
A newly identified berberine derivative induces cancer cell senescence by stabilizing endogenous G-quadruplexes and sparking a DNA damage response at the telomere region
Authors: Xiong, Y. X., Su, H. F., Lv, P., Ma, Y., Wang, S. K., Miao, H., Liu, H. Y., Tan, J. H., Ou, T. M., Gu, L. Q., Huang, Z. S.
Journal: Oncotarget (2015): 35625-35
The role of the DNA damage response in apoptosis and cell senescence
Authors: Korwek, Z., Alster, O.
Journal: Postepy Biochem (2014): 248-62
Plk1 inhibition causes post-mitotic DNA damage and senescence in a range of human tumor cell lines
Authors: Driscoll, D. L., Chakravarty, A., Bowman, D., Shinde, V., Lasky, K., Shi, J., Vos, T., Stringer, B., Amidon, B., D'Amore, N., Hyer, M. L.
Journal: PLoS One (2014): e111060
Hinokitiol induces DNA damage and autophagy followed by cell cycle arrest and senescence in gefitinib-resistant lung adenocarcinoma cells
Authors: Li, L. H., Wu, P., Lee, J. Y., Li, P. R., Hsieh, W. Y., Ho, C. C., Ho, C. L., Chen, W. J., Wang, C. C., Yen, M. Y., Yang, S. M., Chen, H. W.
Journal: PLoS One (2014): e104203
Sustained activation of DNA damage response in irradiated apoptosis-resistant cells induces reversible senescence associated with mTOR downregulation and expression of stem cell markers
Authors: Chitikova, Z. V., Gordeev, S. A., Bykova, T. V., Zubova, S. G., Pospelov, V. A., Pospelova, T. V.
Journal: Cell Cycle (2014): 1424-39
DAXX silencing suppresses mouse ovarian surface epithelial cell growth by inducing senescence and DNA damage
Authors: Pan, W. W., Yi, F. P., Cao, L. X., Liu, X. M., Shen, Z. F., Bu, Y. Q., Xu, Y., Fan, H. Y., Song, F. Z.
Journal: Gene (2013): 287-94
Monitoring DNA damage during cell senescence
Authors: Nelson, G., von Zglinicki, T.
Journal: Methods Mol Biol (2013): 197-213
Construction of a computable network model for DNA damage, autophagy, cell death, and senescence
Authors: Gebel, S., Lichtner, R. B., Frushour, B., Schlage, W. K., Hoang, V., Talikka, M., Hengstermann, A., Mathis, C., Veljkovic, E., Peck, M., Peitsch, M. C., Deehan, R., Hoeng, J., Westra, J. W.
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Selective inhibition of p300 HAT blocks cell cycle progression, induces cellular senescence, and inhibits the DNA damage response in melanoma cells
Authors: Yan, G., Eller, M. S., Elm, C., Larocca, C. A., Ryu, B., Panova, I. P., Dancy, B. M., Bowers, E. M., Meyers, D., Lareau, L., Cole, P. A., Taverna, S. D., Alani, R. M.
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Cellular senescence determines endothelial cell damage induced by uremia
Authors: Carracedo, J., Buendia, P., Merino, A., Soriano, S., Esquivias, E., Martin-Malo, A., Aljama, P., Ramirez, R.
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Persistent DNA damage caused by low levels of mitomycin C induces irreversible cell senescence
Authors: McKenna, E., Traganos, F., Zhao, H., Darzynkiewicz, Z.
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Roles of apoptosis, cell senescence, and DNA damage in the pathogenetic mechanism of COPD
Authors: Aoshiba, K.
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Kinetics of the cell biological changes occurring in the progression of DNA damage-induced senescence
Authors: Cho, S., Park, J., Hwang, E. S.
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Cancer cell survival following DNA damage-mediated premature senescence is regulated by mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)-dependent Inhibition of sirtuin 1
Authors: Back, J. H., Rezvani, H. R., Zhu, Y., Guyonnet-Duperat, V., Athar, M., Ratner, D., Kim, A. L.
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Ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM)-mediated DNA damage response in oxidative stress-induced vascular endothelial cell senescence
Authors: Zhan, H., Suzuki, T., Aizawa, K., Miyagawa, K., Nagai, R.
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Induction of reactive oxygen species by human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 tax correlates with DNA damage and expression of cellular senescence marker
Authors: Kinjo, T., Ham-Terhune, J., Peloponese, J. M., Jr., Jeang, K. T.
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Cell cycle alterations and senescence in response to DNA damage
Authors: Samusenko, A. V.
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Implications of cellular senescence in tissue damage response, tumor suppression, and stem cell biology
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Age dynamics of DNA damage, apoptosis and cell senescence in mice exposed to low dose gamma-irradiation in early development stages
Authors: Veligzhaninov, I. O., Moskalev, A. A.
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BCL6-mediated attenuation of DNA damage sensing triggers growth arrest and senescence through a p53-dependent pathway in a cell context-dependent manner
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By blocking apoptosis, Bcl-2 in p38-dependent manner promotes cell cycle arrest and accelerated senescence after DNA damage and serum withdrawal
Authors: Nelyudova, A., Aksenov, N., Pospelov, V., Pospelova, T.
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DNA-damage response network at the crossroads of cell-cycle checkpoints, cellular senescence and apoptosis
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Heterogeneity in premature senescence by oxidative stress correlates with differential DNA damage during the cell cycle
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Human cell senescence as a DNA damage response
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From telomere loss to p53 induction and activation of a DNA-damage pathway at senescence: the telomere loss/DNA damage model of cell aging
Authors: Vaziri, H., Benchimol, S.
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