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There are 1 citation(s) for Cell Meter™ Cellular Senescence Activity Assay Kit *Red Fluorescence* (Cat No. 23007).

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Large T Antigen Induces Cellular Senescence for Host Growth Arrest and Viral Genome Persistence through Its Unique Domain
Authors: Pham, Alexander M and Ortiz, Luz E and Lukacher, Aron E and Kwun, Hyun Jin
Journal: Cells (2023): 380

There are 50 reference(s) for Cell Meter™ Cellular Senescence Activity Assay Kit *Red Fluorescence* (Cat No. 23007).

Chronic Mild Stress Modified Epigenetic Mechanisms Leading to Accelerated Senescence and Impaired Cognitive Performance in Mice.
Authors: Puigoriol-Illamola, Dolors and Martínez-Damas, Mirna and Griñán-Ferré, Christian and Pallàs, Mercè
Journal: International journal of molecular sciences (2020)
miR‑20b inhibits the senescence of human umbilical vein endothelial cells through regulating the Wnt/β‑catenin pathway via the TXNIP/NLRP3 axis.
Authors: Dong, Feifei and Dong, Shaohua and Liang, Ying and Wang, Ke and Qin, Yongwen and Zhao, Xianxian
Journal: International journal of molecular medicine (2020): 847-857
The Arabidopsis Senescence Associated Gene 13 Regulates Dark-Induced Senescence and Plays Contrasting Roles in the Defense Against Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens.
Authors: Dhar, Nikhilesh and Caruana, Julie and Erdem, Irmak and Subbarao, Krishna V and Klosterman, Steven J and Raina, Ramesh
Journal: Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI (2020)
Deacetylation of LAMP1 drives lipophagy-dependent generation of free fatty acids by Abrus agglutinin to promote senescence in prostate cancer.
Authors: Panda, Prashanta Kumar and Patra, Srimanta and Naik, Prajna Paramita and Praharaj, Prakash Priyadarshi and Mukhopadhyay, Subhadip and Meher, Biswa Ranjan and Gupta, Piyush Kumar and Verma, Rama S and Maiti, Tapas K and Bhutia, Sujit K
Journal: Journal of cellular physiology (2020): 2776-2791
KLF2 induces the senescence of pancreatic cancer cells by cooperating with FOXO4 to upregulate p21.
Authors: Yuedi, Dai and Houbao, Liu and Pinxiang, Lu and Hui, Wang and Min, Tao and Dexiang, Zhang
Journal: Experimental cell research (2020): 111784
The potential role of senescence in limiting fibrosis caused by aging.
Authors: Meng, Xinghua and Wang, Haoran and Song, Xiaopeng and Clifton, Alancia C and Xiao, Jianhua
Journal: Journal of cellular physiology (2020): 4046-4059
Cell senescence and fibrotic lung diseases.
Authors: Liu, Rui-Ming and Liu, Gang
Journal: Experimental gerontology (2020): 110836
The novel protein CSAP accelerates leaf senescence and is negatively regulated by SAUL1 in the dark.
Authors: So, Won Mi and Kim, Soo Youn and Hyoung, Sujin and Shin, Jeong Sheop
Journal: Plant cell reports (2020): 325-334
The Importance of Stem Cell Senescence in Regenerative Medicine.
Authors: Khademi-Shirvan, Maliheh and Ghorbaninejad, Mahsa and Hosseini, Samaneh and Baghaban Eslaminejad, Mohamadreza
Journal: Advances in experimental medicine and biology (2020)
The role of ascorbic acid in rice leaf senescence and photo-carbon imbalance.
Authors: Yu, Le and Zhang, Qilei and Lu, Lina and Gao, Hui and Liu, Qiang and Liu, Yonghai and Yang, Chengwei and Peng, Changlian
Journal: Functional plant biology : FPB (2020)
Comparison of several commonly used detection indicators of cell senescence.
Authors: Xiao, Yuanyuan and Zhang, Yiyuan and Xiao, Fang
Journal: Drug and chemical toxicology (2020): 213-218
1,8-Cineole promotes G0/G1 cell cycle arrest and oxidative stress-induced senescence in HepG2 cells and sensitizes cells to anti-senescence drugs.
Authors: Rodenak-Kladniew, Boris and Castro, Agustina and Stärkel, Peter and Galle, Marianela and Crespo, Rosana
Journal: Life sciences (2020): 117271
Integrating physiological and metabolites analysis to identify ethylene involvement in petal senescence in Tulipa gesneriana.
Authors: Wang, Yaping and Zhao, Huimin and Liu, Chunli and Cui, Guangfen and Qu, Lianwei and Bao, Manzhu and Wang, Jihua and Chan, Zhulong and Wang, Yanping
Journal: Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB (2020): 121-131
NAMPT Inhibition Suppresses Cancer Stem-like Cells Associated with Therapy-Induced Senescence in Ovarian Cancer.
Authors: Nacarelli, Timothy and Fukumoto, Takeshi and Zundell, Joseph A and Fatkhutdinov, Nail and Jean, Stephanie and Cadungog, Mark G and Borowsky, Mark E and Zhang, Rugang
Journal: Cancer research (2020): 890-900
LPS-induced premature osteocyte senescence: Implications in inflammatory alveolar bone loss and periodontal disease pathogenesis.
Authors: Aquino-Martinez, Ruben and Rowsey, Jennifer L and Fraser, Daniel G and Eckhardt, Brittany A and Khosla, Sundeep and Farr, Joshua N and Monroe, David G
Journal: Bone (2020): 115220
SENEBLOC, a long non-coding RNA suppresses senescence via p53-dependent and independent mechanisms.
Authors: Xu, Cheng Lin and Sang, Ben and Liu, Guang Zhi and Li, Jin Ming and Zhang, Xu Dong and Liu, Lian Xin and Thorne, Rick F and Wu, Mian
Journal: Nucleic acids research (2020)
Deacetylation of MRTF-A by SIRT1 defies senescence induced down-regulation of collagen type I in fibroblast cells.
Authors: Yang, Yuyu and Li, Zilong and Guo, Junli and Xu, Yong
Journal: Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease (2020): 165723
The curious case of polyamines: spermidine drives reversal of B cell senescence.
Authors: Metur, Shree Padma and Klionsky, Daniel J
Journal: Autophagy (2020): 389-390
Autolysosomal degradation of cytosolic chromatin fragments antagonizes oxidative stress-induced senescence.
Authors: Han, Xiaojuan and Chen, Honghan and Gong, Hui and Tang, Xiaoqiang and Huang, Ning and Xu, Weitong and Tai, Haoran and Zhang, Gongchang and Zhao, Tingting and Gong, Chuhui and Wang, Shuang and Yang, Yu and Xiao, Hengyi
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (2020)
LINC00623/miR-101/HRAS axis modulates IL-1β-mediated ECM degradation, apoptosis and senescence of osteoarthritis chondrocytes.
Authors: Lü, Guohua and Li, Lei and Wang, Bing and Kuang, Lei
Journal: Aging (2020)
Ginsenoside Rg1 Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Induces Markers of Cell Senescence in CD34+CD38- Leukemia Stem Cells Derived from KG1α Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells by Activating the Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1)/Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 2 (TSC2) Signaling Pathway.
Authors: Tang, Yan-Long and Zhang, Cheng-Gui and Liu, Heng and Zhou, Yue and Wang, Ya-Ping and Li, Yuan and Han, Yan-Jun and Wang, Cui-Li
Journal: Medical science monitor : international medical journal of experimental and clinical research (2020): e918207
ES5 is involved in the regulation of phosphatidylserine synthesis and impacts on early senescence in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Authors: Rani, Mohammad Hasanuzzaman and Liu, Qunen and Yu, Ning and Zhang, Yingxin and Wang, Beifang and Cao, Yongrun and Zhang, Yue and Islam, Md Anowerul and Zegeye, Workie Anley and Cao, Liyong and Cheng, Shihua
Journal: Plant molecular biology (2020): 501-515
Exercise enhances skeletal muscle regeneration by promoting senescence in fibro-adipogenic progenitors.
Authors: Saito, Yuki and Chikenji, Takako S and Matsumura, Takashi and Nakano, Masako and Fujimiya, Mineko
Journal: Nature communications (2020): 889
T cell senescence accelerates Angiotensin II-induced target organ damage.
Authors: Pan, Xiao-Xi and Wu, Fang and Chen, Xiao-Hui and Chen, Dong-Rui and Chen, Hong-Jin and Kong, Ling-Ran and Ruan, Cheng-Chao and Gao, Ping-Jin
Journal: Cardiovascular research (2020)
The protective effects of HMGA2 in the senescence process of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells.
Authors: Yang, Ziying and Liu, Xuan and Wang, Longgang and Wang, Tao and Chen, Yueqiu and Teng, Xiaomei and Li, Jingjing and Shao, Lianbo and Hui, Jie and Ye, Wenxue and Shen, Zhenya
Journal: Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (2020)
Identification of Differentially Expressed miRNAs in the Response of Spleen CD4+ T Cells to Electroacupuncture in Senescence-Accelerated Mice.
Authors: Liu, Jianmin and Liu, Jing and Xiao, Ling and Wang, Yawen and Liu, Guangya and Li, Jia and Liang, Fengxia
Journal: Cell biochemistry and biophysics (2020)
M1 macrophages accelerate renal glomerular endothelial cell senescence through reactive oxygen species accumulation in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice.
Authors: Yu, Songyan and Cheng, Yu and Li, Bing and Xue, Jing and Yin, Yaqi and Gao, Jieqing and Gong, Zhengyuan and Wang, Jie and Mu, Yiming
Journal: International immunopharmacology (2020): 106294
Hyaluronan-binding protein 1 (HABP1) overexpression triggers induction of senescence in fibroblasts cells.
Authors: Somesh Vikramdeo, Kunwar and Saha, Paramita and Dutta, Shubhra and Kumar, Naveen and Roy Chowdhury, Anindya and Kumar, Sudhir and Kumar Tyagi, Rakesh and Ghosh, Ilora and Datta, Kasturi
Journal: Cell biology international (2020)
Changes in mediators of pro-cell growth, senescence, and inflammation during murine gestation.
Authors: Lavu, Narmada and Sheller-Miller, Samantha and Kechichian, Talar and Cayenne, Samir and Bonney, Elizabeth A and Menon, Ramkumar
Journal: American journal of reproductive immunology (New York, N.Y. : 1989) (2020): e13214
The protective role of omentin-1 in IL-1β-induced chondrocyte senescence.
Authors: Chai, Bin and Zheng, Zi-Hui and Liao, Xiang and Li, Kang-Yang and Liang, Jiang-Shan and Huang, Yong-Xiang and Tong, Chang-Jun and Ou, Di-Jun and Lu, Jun
Journal: Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology (2020): 8-14
Corrigendum: ATBS1-INTERACTING FACTOR 2 negatively regulates dark- and brassinosteroid-induced leaf senescence through interactions with INDUCER OF CBF EXPRESSION 1.
Authors: Kim, Yoon and Park, Seon-U and Shin, Dong-Min and Pham, Giang and Jeong, You Seung and Kim, Soo-Hwan
Journal: Journal of experimental botany (2020)
Chronic circadian misalignment accelerates immune senescence and abbreviates lifespan in mice.
Authors: Inokawa, Hitoshi and Umemura, Yasuhiro and Shimba, Akihiro and Kawakami, Eiryo and Koike, Nobuya and Tsuchiya, Yoshiki and Ohashi, Munehiro and Minami, Yoichi and Cui, Guangwei and Asahi, Takuma and Ono, Ryutaro and Sasawaki, Yuh and Konishi, Eiichi and Yoo, Seung-Hee and Chen, Zheng and Teramukai, Satoshi and Ikuta, Koichi and Yagita, Kazuhiro
Journal: Scientific reports (2020): 2569
Promotion of cellular senescence by THG-1/TSC22D4 knockout through activation of JUNB.
Authors: Zhang, Xin and Koga, Natsumi and Suzuki, Hiroyuki and Kato, Mitsuyasu
Journal: Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2020): 897-902
The effect of prolonged rhBMP-2 treatment on telomerase activity, replicative capacity and senescence of human nucleus pulposus cells.
Authors: Kim, Ki-Won and Jeong, Seo-Won and Park, Hyung-Youl and Heu, Jun-Young and Jung, Ho-Young and Lee, Jun-Seok
Journal: Biotechnic & histochemistry : official publication of the Biological Stain Commission (2020): 1-9
The E3 ubiquitin ligase STUB1 attenuates cell senescence by promoting the ubiquitination and degradation of the core circadian regulator BMAL1.
Authors: Ullah, Kifayat and Chen, Suping and Lu, Jiaqi and Wang, XiaoHui and Liu, Qing and Zhang, Yang and Long, Yaqiu and Hu, Zhanhong and Xu, Guoqiang
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (2020)
Legumain-deficient macrophages promote senescence of tumor cells by sustaining JAK1/STAT1 activation.
Authors: Shen, Long and Kang, Lichun and Wang, Dekun and Xun, Jing and Chen, Chuan'ai and Du, Lingfang and Zhang, Mianzhi and Gong, Junbo and Mi, Xue and Yue, Shijing and Zhang, Yuying and Song, Xiangrong and Xiang, Rong and Zhang, Zhujun and Tan, Xiaoyue
Journal: Cancer letters (2020): 40-49
Senescence-Associated Metabolomic Phenotype in Primary and iPSC-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells.
Authors: Fernandez-Rebollo, Eduardo and Franzen, Julia and Goetzke, Roman and Hollmann, Jonathan and Ostrowska, Alina and Oliverio, Matteo and Sieben, Torsten and Rath, Björn and Kornfeld, Jan-Wilhelm and Wagner, Wolfgang
Journal: Stem cell reports (2020): 201-209
MKK4/MKK5-MPK1/MPK2 cascade mediates SA-activated leaf senescence via phosphorylation of NPR1 in Arabidopsis.
Authors: Zhang, Jianjian and Gao, Jiong and Zhu, Zheng and Song, Yi and Wang, Xiaoyan and Wang, Xiaolei and Zhou, Xin
Journal: Plant molecular biology (2020): 463-475
Experimentally increased brood size accelerates actuarial senescence and increases subsequent reproductive effort in a wild bird population.
Authors: Boonekamp, Jelle J and Bauch, Christina and Verhulst, Simon
Journal: The Journal of animal ecology (2020)
Changes in the physicochemical properties of fish cell membranes during cellular senescence.
Authors: Shiomi, Akifumi and Nagao, Kohjiro and Kasai, Hisae and Hara, Yuji and Umeda, Masato
Journal: Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry (2020): 583-593
lncRNA HOTAIR upregulates autophagy to promote apoptosis and senescence of nucleus pulposus cells.
Authors: Zhan, Shengfeng and Wang, Kun and Xiang, Qian and Song, Yu and Li, Shuai and Liang, Hang and Luo, Rongjin and Wang, Bingjin and Liao, Zhiwei and Zhang, Yukun and Yang, Cao
Journal: Journal of cellular physiology (2020): 2195-2208
Substance P enhances cellular migration and inhibits senescence in human dermal fibroblasts under hyperglycemic conditions.
Authors: Yu, Jinyeong and Nam, Donghyun and Park, Ki-Sook
Journal: Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2020): 917-923
Cellular senescence: from anti-cancer weapon to anti-aging target.
Authors: Yuan, Lifeng and Alexander, Peter B and Wang, Xiao-Fan
Journal: Science China. Life sciences (2020)
Outburst of senescence-related VOC emissions from a bioenergy poplar plantation.
Authors: Portillo-Estrada, Miguel and Ariza-Carricondo, Cristina and Ceulemans, Reinhart
Journal: Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB (2020): 324-332
Establishment of a Temperature-Sensitive Model of Oncogene-Induced Senescence in Angiosarcoma Cells.
Authors: Costa, Adilson da and Bonner, Michael Y and Rao, Shikha and Gilbert, Linda and Sasaki, Maiko and Elsey, Justin and MacKelfresh, Jamie and Arbiser, Jack L
Journal: Cancers (2020)
Elucidating Proteoform Dynamics Underlying the Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype.
Authors: Doubleday, Peter F and Fornelli, Luca and Kelleher, Neil L
Journal: Journal of proteome research (2020): 938-948
FAM96B inhibits the senescence of dental pulp stem cells.
Authors: Liang, Hanbing and Li, Wenzhi and Yang, Haoqing and Cao, Yangyang and Ge, Lihua and Shi, Ruitang and Fan, Zhipeng and Dong, Rui and Zhang, Chen
Journal: Cell biology international (2020)
Oxidative stress, telomeres and cellular senescence: What non-drug interventions might break the link?
Authors: Erusalimsky, Jorge D
Journal: Free radical biology & medicine (2020)
Plasma exosomes in OSA patients promote endothelial senescence: effect of long-term adherent continuous positive airway pressure.
Authors: Khalyfa, Abdelnaby and Marin, Jose M and Qiao, Zhuanhong and Rubio, David Sanz and Kheirandish-Gozal, Leila and Gozal, David
Journal: Sleep (2020)
Doxorubicin-induced senescence through NF-κB affected by the age of mouse mesenchymal stem cells.
Authors: Bashiri Dezfouli, Ali and Salar-Amoli, Jamileh and Pourfathollah, Ali Akbar and Yazdi, Mina and Nikougoftar-Zarif, Mahin and Khosravi, Mohammad and Hassan, Jalal
Journal: Journal of cellular physiology (2020): 2336-2349