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There are 50 reference(s) for Cell Meter™ Cell Adhesion Assay Kit (Cat No. 23010).

The Protein A-mediated binding of Staphylococcus to antibodies in flow cytometric assays and its reduction using FcR blocking reagent.
Authors: Cronin, Ultan P and Girardeaux, Laura and O'Meara, Elaine and Wilkinson, Martin
Journal: Applied and environmental microbiology (2020)
Effect of advanced glycation end product on paraoxonase 2 expression: Its impact on endoplasmic reticulum stress and inflammation in HUVECs.
Authors: Ravi, Ramya and Ragavachetty Nagaraj, Nareshkumar and Subramaniam Rajesh, Bharathidevi
Journal: Life sciences (2020): 117397
Functionalized Graphene Nanoparticles Induce Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Express Distinct Extracellular Matrix Proteins Mediating Osteogenesis.
Authors: Newby, Steven D and Masi, Tom and Griffin, Christopher D and King, William J and Chipman, Anna and Stephenson, Stacy and Anderson, David E and Biris, Alexandru S and Bourdo, Shawn E and Dhar, Madhu
Journal: International journal of nanomedicine (2020): 2501-2513
Apolipoprotein M and sphingosine-1-phosphate complex alleviates TNF-α-induced endothelial cell injury and inflammation through PI3K/AKT signaling pathway.
Authors: Liu, Yang and Tie, Li
Journal: BMC cardiovascular disorders (2019): 279
Angiotensin II Type I Receptor Blockade Is Associated with Decreased Cutaneous Scar Formation in a Rat Model.
Authors: Murphy, Amanda and LeVatte, Terry and Boudreau, Colton and Midgen, Craig and Gratzer, Paul and Marshall, Jean and Bezuhly, Michael
Journal: Plastic and reconstructive surgery (2019): 803e-813e
Viable cryopreserved umbilical tissue (vCUT) reduces post-operative adhesions in a rabbit abdominal adhesion model.
Authors: Dhall, Sandeep and Coksaygan, Turhan and Hoffman, Tyler and Moorman, Matthew and Lerch, Anne and Kuang, Jin-Qiang and Sathyamoorthy, Malathi and Danilkovitch, Alla
Journal: Bioactive materials (2019): 97-106
Cardiomyocyte-myofibroblast contact dynamism is modulated by connexin-43.
Authors: Schultz, Francisca and Swiatlowska, Pamela and Alvarez-Laviada, Anita and Sanchez-Alonso, Jose L and Song, Qianqian and de Vries, Antoine A F and Pijnappels, Daniël A and Ongstad, Emily and Braga, Vania M M and Entcheva, Emilia and Gourdie, Robert G and Miragoli, Michele and Gorelik, Julia
Journal: FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (2019): 10453-10468
L-sepiapterin restores SLE serum-induced markers of endothelial function in endothelial cells.
Authors: Jones Buie, Joy N and Pleasant Jenkins, Dorea and Muise-Helmericks, Robin and Oates, Jim C
Journal: Lupus science & medicine (2019): e000294
Allogeneic platelet rich plasma serves as a scaffold for articular cartilage derived chondroprogenitors.
Authors: Vinod, Elizabeth and Vinod Francis, Deepak and Manickam Amirtham, Soosai and Sathishkumar, Solomon and Boopalan, P R J V C
Journal: Tissue & cell (2019): 107-113
Elucidating the expression and function of Numbl during cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance (CAM-DR) in multiple myeloma (MM).
Authors: Huang, Yuejiao and Huang, Xianting and Cheng, Chun and Xu, Xiaohong and Liu, Hong and Yang, Xiaojing and Yao, Li and Ding, Zongmei and Tang, Jie and He, Song and Wang, Yuchan
Journal: BMC cancer (2019): 1269
Monitoring kinetics reveals critical parameters of IgA-dependent granulocyte-mediated anti-tumor cell cytotoxicity.
Authors: Zwick, Anabel and Bernhard, Muriel and Knoerck, Arne and Linxweiler, Maximilian and Schick, Bernhard and Heinzelmann, Joana and Smola, Sigrun and Lohse, Stefan
Journal: Journal of immunological methods (2019): 112644
Passaging capability of human corneal endothelial cells derived from old donors with and without accelerating cell attachment.
Authors: Parekh, Mohit and Peh, Gary and Mehta, Jodhbir S and Ramos, Tiago and Ponzin, Diego and Ahmad, Sajjad and Ferrari, Stefano
Journal: Experimental eye research (2019): 107814
CD56 expression in breast cancer induces sensitivity to natural killer-mediated cytotoxicity by enhancing the formation of cytotoxic immunological synapse.
Authors: Taouk, Ghina and Hussein, Ola and Zekak, Moussa and Abouelghar, Ali and Al-Sarraj, Yasser and Abdelalim, Essam M and Karam, Manale
Journal: Scientific reports (2019): 8756
Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMC) crosslinked chitosan (CH) based scaffolds containing bioactive glass (BG) and zinc oxide (ZnO) for alveolar bone repair.
Authors: Zeeshan, Rabia and Mutahir, Zeeshan and Iqbal, Haffsah and Ali, Moazzam and Iqbal, Farasat and Ijaz, Kashif and Sharif, Faiza and Shah, Asma Tufail and Chaudhry, Aqif Anwar and Yar, Muhammad and Luan, Shifang and Khan, Ather Farooq and Ihtesham-Ur-Rehman,
Journal: Carbohydrate polymers (2018): 9-18
IgA Fc-folate conjugate activates and recruits neutrophils to directly target triple-negative breast cancer cells.
Authors: Frontera, Eric D and Khansa, Rafa M and Schalk, Dana L and Leakan, Lauren E and Guerin-Edbauer, Tracey J and Ratnam, Manohar and Gorski, David H and Speyer, Cecilia L
Journal: Breast cancer research and treatment (2018): 551-560
Three dimensionally printed pearl powder/poly-caprolactone composite scaffolds for bone regeneration.
Authors: Zhang, Xu and Du, Xiaoyu and Li, Dejian and Ao, Rongguang and Yu, Bin and Yu, Baoqing
Journal: Journal of biomaterials science. Polymer edition (2018): 1686-1700
Nano- and Micro-Patterned S-, H-, and X-PDMS for Cell-Based Applications: Comparison of Wettability, Roughness, and Cell-Derived Parameters.
Authors: Scharin-Mehlmann, Marina and Häring, Aaron and Rommel, Mathias and Dirnecker, Tobias and Friedrich, Oliver and Frey, Lothar and Gilbert, Daniel F
Journal: Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology (2018): 51
Comparison of Generic Fluorescent Markers for Detection of Extracellular Vesicles by Flow Cytometry.
Authors: de Rond, Leonie and van der Pol, Edwin and Hau, Chi M and Varga, Zoltan and Sturk, Auguste and van Leeuwen, Ton G and Nieuwland, Rienk and Coumans, Frank A W
Journal: Clinical chemistry (2018): 680-689
Genome-Wide Identification of Circular RNAs as a Novel Class of Putative Biomarkers for an Ocular Surface Disease.
Authors: Li, Xiu-Miao and Ge, Hui-Min and Yao, Jin and Zhou, Yun-Fan and Yao, Mu-Di and Liu, Chang and Hu, Hai-Tao and Zhu, Yun-Xi and Shan, Kun and Yan, Biao and Jiang, Qin
Journal: Cellular physiology and biochemistry : international journal of experimental cellular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology (2018): 1630-1642
SPIO labeling of endothelial cells using ultrasound and targeted microbubbles at diagnostic pressures.
Authors: Skachkov, Ilya and Luan, Ying and van Tiel, Sandra T and van der Steen, Antonius F W and de Jong, Nico and Bernsen, Monique R and Kooiman, Klazina
Journal: PloS one (2018): e0204354
Liver segment imaging using monocyte sequestration: a potential tool for fluorescence-guided liver surgery.
Authors: Qian, Baifeng and Kyuno, Daisuke and Schäfer, Michael and Gross, Wolfgang and Mehrabi, Arianeb and Ryschich, Eduard
Journal: Theranostics (2018): 6101-6110
Differential Modulation of Transcription Factors and Cytoskeletal Proteins in Prostate Carcinoma Cells by a Bacterial Lactone.
Authors: Kumar, Senthil R and Bryan, Jeffrey N and Eaton, Amanda M and Robinson, Katherine L and Gajagowni, Saivaroon
Journal: BioMed research international (2018): 6430504
Encapsulation of Rat Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Alginate Dialdehyde/Gelatin Microbeads with and without Nanoscaled Bioactive Glass for In Vivo Bone Tissue Engineering.
Authors: Rottensteiner-Brandl, Ulrike and Detsch, Rainer and Sarker, Bapi and Lingens, Lara and Köhn, Katrin and Kneser, Ulrich and Bosserhoff, Anja K and Horch, Raymund E and Boccaccini, Aldo R and Arkudas, Andreas
Journal: Materials (Basel, Switzerland) (2018)
Gap junctions contribute to anchorage-independent clustering of breast cancer cells.
Authors: Gava, Fabien and Rigal, Lise and Mondesert, Odile and Pesce, Elise and Ducommun, Bernard and Lobjois, Valérie
Journal: BMC cancer (2018): 221
Induction of Anoikis in Human Colorectal Cancer Cells by Fucoxanthinol.
Authors: Terasaki, Masaru and Maeda, Hayato and Miyashita, Kazuo and Mutoh, Michihiro
Journal: Nutrition and cancer (2017): 1043-1052
A new holistic 3D non-invasive analysis of cellular distribution and motility on fibroin-alginate microcarriers using light sheet fluorescent microscopy.
Authors: Duchi, Serena and Piccinini, Filippo and Pierini, Michela and Bevilacqua, Alessandro and Torre, Maria Luisa and Lucarelli, Enrico and Santi, Spartaco
Journal: PloS one (2017): e0183336
Corrigendum: Mesenchymal stem cells cultured on magnetic nanowire substrates (2017 Nanotechnology 28 055703).
Authors: Perez, Jose Efrain and Tavasi, Timothy and Kosel, Jurgen
Journal: Nanotechnology (2017)
Mesenchymal stem cells cultured on magnetic nanowire substrates.
Authors: Perez, Jose E and Ravasi, Timothy and Kosel, Jürgen
Journal: Nanotechnology (2017): 055703
Chitosan/hydroxyapatite (HA)/hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMC) spongy scaffolds-synthesis and evaluation as potential alveolar bone substitutes.
Authors: Iqbal, Haffsah and Ali, Moazzam and Zeeshan, Rabia and Mutahir, Zeeshan and Iqbal, Farasat and Nawaz, Muhammad Azhar Hayat and Shahzadi, Lubna and Chaudhry, Aqif Anwar and Yar, Muhammad and Luan, Shifang and Khan, Ather Farooq and Rehman, Ihtesham-Ur
Journal: Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces (2017): 553-563
Silk fibroin based carrier system for delivery of fibrinogen and thrombin as coagulant supplements.
Authors: Teuschl, Andreas H and Zipperle, Johannes and Huber-Gries, Carina and Kaplan, David L
Journal: Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A (2017): 687-696
ER stress dependent microparticles derived from smooth muscle cells promote endothelial dysfunction during thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection.
Authors: Jia, Li-Xin and Zhang, Wen-Mei and Li, Tao-Tao and Liu, Yan and Piao, Chun-Mei and Ma, You-Cai and Lu, Yu and Wang, Yuan and Liu, Ting-Ting and Qi, Yong-Fen and Du, Jie
Journal: Clinical science (London, England : 1979) (2017): 1287-1299
Pectin nanocoating of titanium implant surfaces - an experimental study in rabbits.
Authors: Gurzawska, Katarzyna and Dirscherl, Kai and Jørgensen, Bodil and Berglundh, Tord and Jørgensen, Niklas Rye and Gotfredsen, Klaus
Journal: Clinical oral implants research (2017): 298-307
Ultraviolet Irradiation-Induced Volume Alteration of Corneal Epithelial Cells.
Authors: Wang, Ling and Lu, Luo
Journal: Investigative ophthalmology & visual science (2016): 6747-6756
Chitosan scaffold modified with D-(+) raffinose and enriched with thiol-modified gelatin for improved osteoblast adhesion.
Authors: Galli, C and Parisi, L and Elviri, L and Bianchera, A and Smerieri, A and Lagonegro, P and Lumetti, S and Manfredi, E and Bettini, R and Macaluso, G M
Journal: Biomedical materials (Bristol, England) (2016): 015004
Development of living cell microarrays using non-contact micropipette printing.
Authors: Jonczyk, Rebecca and Timur, Suna and Scheper, Thomas and Stahl, Frank
Journal: Journal of biotechnology (2016): 109-11
Polyglutamine aggregates impair lipid membrane integrity and enhance lipid membrane rigidity.
Authors: Ho, Chian Sing and Khadka, Nawal K and She, Fengyu and Cai, Jianfeng and Pan, Jianjun
Journal: Biochimica et biophysica acta (2016): 661-70
Improved scaffold biocompatibility through anti-Fibronectin aptamer functionalization.
Authors: Galli, C and Parisi, L and Piergianni, M and Smerieri, A and Passeri, G and Guizzardi, S and Costa, F and Lumetti, S and Manfredi, E and Macaluso, G M
Journal: Acta biomaterialia (2016): 147-156
Polystyrene scaffolds based on microfibers as a bone substitute; development and in vitro study.
Authors: Terranova, Lisa and Mallet, Romain and Perrot, Rodolphe and Chappard, Daniel
Journal: Acta biomaterialia (2016): 380-388
[Biological evaluation of three-dimensional printed co-poly lactic acid/glycolic acid/tri-calcium phosphate scaffold for bone reconstruction].
Authors: Li, S Y and Zhou, M and Lai, Y X and Geng, Y M and Cao, S S and Chen, X M
Journal: Zhonghua kou qiang yi xue za zhi = Zhonghua kouqiang yixue zazhi = Chinese journal of stomatology (2016): 661-666
Peptide-incorporated 3D porous alginate scaffolds with enhanced osteogenesis for bone tissue engineering.
Authors: Luo, Zuyuan and Yang, Yue and Deng, Yi and Sun, Yuhua and Yang, Hongtao and Wei, Shicheng
Journal: Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces (2016): 243-251
Nanotubes connect CD4+ T cells to airway smooth muscle cells: novel mechanism of T cell survival.
Authors: Al Heialy, Saba and Zeroual, Melissa and Farahnak, Soroor and McGovern, Toby and Risse, Paul-André and Novali, Mauro and Lauzon, Anne-Marie and Roman, Horia N and Martin, James G
Journal: Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) (2015): 5626-34
An In Vitro Comparison of the Incorporation, Growth, and Chondrogenic Potential of Human Bone Marrow versus Adipose Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Clinically Relevant Cell Scaffolds Used for Cartilage Repair.
Authors: Kohli, Nupur and Wright, Karina T and Sammons, Rachel L and Jeys, Lee and Snow, Martyn and Johnson, William E B
Journal: Cartilage (2015): 252-63
Stretch-induced human myometrial cytokines enhance immune cell recruitment via endothelial activation.
Authors: Lee, Yu-Hui and Shynlova, Oksana and Lye, Stephen J
Journal: Cellular & molecular immunology (2015): 231-42
Resistance to cigarette smoke is increased in periodontal ligament cells by attachment to collagen and fibronectin.
Authors: Lallier, Thomas E and Maturin, Erin and Brady, Matt and Stoute, Diana and Ward, Tyrous
Journal: Journal of periodontology (2015): 91-100
Gap junction coupling is required for tumor cell migration through lymphatic endothelium.
Authors: Karpinich, Natalie O and Caron, Kathleen M
Journal: Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology (2015): 1147-55
Integrin β1, Osmosensing, and Chemoresistance in Mouse Ehrlich Carcinoma Cells.
Authors: Sørensen, Belinda Halling and Rasmussen, Line Jee Hartmann and Broberg, Bjørn Sindballe and Klausen, Thomas Kjær and Sauter, Daniel Peter Rafael and Lambert, Ian Henry and Aspberg, Anders and Hoffmann, Else Kay
Journal: Cellular physiology and biochemistry : international journal of experimental cellular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology (2015): 111-32
The use of biodegradable polymers in design of cellular scaffolds.
Authors: Orłowska, Joanna and Kurczewska, Urszula and Derwińska, Katarzyna and Orłowski, Wojciech and Orszulak-Michalak, Daria
Journal: Postepy higieny i medycyny doswiadczalnej (Online) (2015): 294-301
Delivery of Molecules into Human Corneal Endothelial Cells by Carbon Nanoparticles Activated by Femtosecond Laser.
Authors: Jumelle, Clotilde and Mauclair, Cyril and Houzet, Julien and Bernard, Aurélien and He, Zhiguo and Forest, Fabien and Peoc'h, Michel and Acquart, Sophie and Gain, Philippe and Thuret, Gilles
Journal: PloS one (2015): e0132023
Cellular attachment and differentiation on titania nanotubes exposed to air- or nitrogen-based non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma.
Authors: Seo, Hye Yeon and Kwon, Jae-Sung and Choi, Yu-Ri and Kim, Kwang-Mahn and Choi, Eun Ha and Kim, Kyoung-Nam
Journal: PloS one (2014): e113477
Effects of Titanium Surface Microtopography and Simvastatin on Growth and Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Estrogen-Deprived Cell Culture.
Authors: Arpornmaeklong, Premjit and Pripatnanont, Prisana and Chookiatsiri, Chonticha and Tangtrakulwanich, Boonsin
Journal: The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants : e35-e46