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Progesterone receptor potentiates macropinocytosis through CDC42 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Authors: Liao, Ying-Na and Gai, Yan-Zhi and Qian, Li-Heng and Pan, Hong and Zhang, Yi-Fan and Li, Pin and Guo, Ying and Li, Shu-Xin and Nie, Hui-Zhen
Journal: Oncogenesis (2024): 10
Placental cytotrophoblast microvillar stabilization is required for cell-cell fusion
Authors: Duan, Wendy K and Shaha, Sumaiyah Z and Patel, Khushali J and Domingo, Ivan K and Riddell, Meghan
Journal: bioRxiv (2024): 2024--02
Loss of TIM4-Dependent Efferocytosis in Kupffer Cells Promotes Liver Fibrosis in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
Authors: Shi, Hongxue and Wang, Xiaobo and Gerlach, Brennan and Yurdagul Jr, Arif and Moore, Mary and Mirshahi, Faridoddin and Ronzoni, Luisa and Sanyal, Arun and Valenti, Luca and Lin, Chyuan-Sheng and others,
Journal: bioRxiv (2024): 2024--01
Amphetamine increases vascular permeability by modulating endothelial actin cytoskeleton and NO synthase via PAR-1 and VEGF-R
Authors: B{\"o}ttner, Julia and Fischer-Schaepmann, Tina and Werner, Sarah and Knauth, Sarah and Jahnke, Heinz-Georg and Thiele, Holger and B{\"u}ttner, Petra
Journal: Scientific Reports (2024): 3596
Plectin plays a role in the migration and volume regulation of astrocytes: a potential biomarker of glioblastoma
Authors: {\v{Z}}ugec, Maja and Furlani, Borut and Casta{\~n}on, Maria J and Rituper, Bo{\v{s}}tjan and Fischer, Irmgard and Broggi, Giuseppe and Caltabiano, Rosario and Barbagallo, Giuseppe and Di Rosa, Michelino and Tibullo, Daniele and others,
Journal: Journal of Biomedical Science (2024): 1--22
Omentin reduces venous neointimal hyperplasia in arteriovenous fistula through hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha inhibition
Authors: Zhui, Li and Yuling, Chen and Hansheng, Wang and Xiangjie, Li
Journal: Microvascular Research (2024): 104688
SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro Main Protease Drives Cytoskeletal Reorganization and Tunnelling Nanotube Formation for Stealth Intercellular Infection
Authors: Overall, Christopher and Butler, Georgina and Vlok, Marli and de Jesus, Hugo and Baid, Kaushal and Machado, Yoan and Pablos, Isabel and Solis, Nestor and Kappelhoff, Reinhild and Bell, Peter and others,
Journal: (2024)
Human oligodendrocyte-like cell differentiation is promoted by TSPO-mediated endogenous steroidogenesis
Authors: Tremolanti, Chiara and Angeloni, Elisa and Da Pozzo, Eleonora and Germelli, Lorenzo and Giacomelli, Chiara and Scalzi, Eduardo and Taliani, Sabrina and Da Settimo, Federico and Mensah-Nyagan, Ayiko{\'e}-Guy and Martini, Claudia and others,
Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease (2024): 167174
The Role of SOX2 and SOX9 Transcription Factors in the Reactivation-Related Functional Properties of NT2/D1-Derived Astrocytes
Authors: Balint, Vanda and Peric, Mina and Dacic, Sanja and Stanisavljevic Ninkovic, Danijela and Marjanovic, Jelena and Popovic, Jelena and Stevanovic, Milena and Lazic, Andrijana
Journal: Biomedicines (2024): 796
Effect of Probiotics in Stress-Associated Constipation Model in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Larvae
Authors: Lee, Ayoung and Kim, Seung Young and Kang, Seyoung and Kang, Seong Hee and Kim, Dong Woo and Choe, Jung Wan and Hyun, Jong Jin and Jung, Sung Woo and Jung, Young Kul and Koo, Ja Seol and others,
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2024): 3669
Newcastle disease virus activates diverse signaling pathways via Src to facilitate virus entry into host macrophages
Authors: Shi, Qiankai and Zhao, Ran and Chen, Linna and Liu, Tianyi and Di, Tao and Zhang, Chunwei and Zhang, Zhiying and Wang, Fangfang and Han, Zongxi and Sun, Junfeng and others,
Journal: Journal of Virology (2024): e01915--23
A nutritional immunity blockade controls extracellular bacterial replication in Legionella pneumophila infections.
Authors: Torres-Escobar, Ascencion and Wilkins, Ashley and Juarez-Rodriguez, Maria D and Circu, Magdalena and Latimer, Brian and Dragoi, Ana-Maria and Ivanov, Stanimir S
Journal: bioRxiv (2024): 2024--01
Impact of Reactive Sulfur Species on Entamoeba histolytica: Modulating Viability, Motility, and Biofilm Degradation Capacity
Authors: Ye, Jun and Salti, Talal and Zanditenas, Eva and Trebicz-Geffen, Meirav and Benhar, Moran and Ankri, Serge
Journal: Antioxidants (2024): 245
Unraveling Verapamil's Multidimensional Role in Diabetes Therapy: From $\beta$-Cell Regeneration to Cholecystokinin Induction
Authors: Arefanian, Hossein and Al Madhoun, Ashraf and Al-Rashed, Fatema and Alzaid, Fawaz and Bahman, Fatemah and Nizam, Rasheeba and Alhusayan, Mohammed and John, Sumi Elsa and Jacob, Sindhu and Williams, Michayla R and others,
Journal: (2024)
Microvilli regulate the release modes of alpha-tectorin to organize the domain-specific matrix architecture of the tectorial membrane.
Authors: Niazi, Ava and Kim, Ju Ang and Kim, Dong-Kyu and Lu, Di and Sterin, Igal and Park, Joosang and Park, Sungjin
Journal: bioRxiv (2024): 2024--01
MYH10 activation rescues contractile defects in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy (ACM)
Authors: Garc{\'\i}a-Quint{\'a}ns, Nieves and Sacrist{\'a}n, Silvia and M{\'a}rquez-L{\'o}pez, Cristina and S{\'a}nchez-Ramos, Cristina and Martinez-de-Benito, Fernando and Siniscalco, David and Gonz{\'a}lez-Guerra, Andr{\'e}s and Camafeita, Emilio and Roche-Molina, Marta and Lytvyn, Mariya and others,
Journal: Nature Communications (2023): 6461
Loss of polarity regulators initiates gasdermin-E-mediated pyroptosis in syncytiotrophoblasts
Authors: Patel, Khushali and Nguyen, Jasmine and Shaha, Sumaiyah and Brightwell, Amy and Duan, Wendy and Zubkowski, Ashley and Domingo, Ivan K and Riddell, Meghan
Journal: Life Science Alliance (2023)
Phosphorylation-dependent recognition of diverse protein targets by the cryptic GK domain of MAGI MAGUKs
Authors: Zhang, Meng and Cao, Aili and Lin, Lin and Chen, Ying and Shang, Yuan and Wang, Chao and Zhang, Mingjie and Zhu, Jinwei
Journal: Science Advances (2023): eadf3295
Hydroxyapatite Nanocoating on Calcium Peroxide Microparticles for Sustained Oxygen Release
Authors: Tomioka, Daisuke and Fujita, Satoshi and Groll, Jürgen and Matsusaki, Michiya
Journal: Chemistry of Materials (2023)
Tuftelin1 Drives Experimental Pulmonary Fibrosis Progression by Facilitating Stress Fiber Assembly
Authors: Niu, Caoyuan and Xu, Kai and Hu, Yanan and Jia, Yanling and Pan, Xiaoyue and Wan, Ruyan and Lian, Hui and Wang, Qiwen and Wang, Lan and Yang, Juntang and others,
Journal: (2023)
A synthetic coolant (WS-23) in disposable electronic cigarettes impairs cytoskeletal function in EpiAirway microtissues exposed at the air liquid interface
Authors: Wong, Man and Martinez, Teresa and Tran, Mona and Zuvia, Cori and Gadkari, Alisa and Omaiye, Esther E and Luo, Wentai and McWhirter, Kevin J and Sha, Jihui and Kassem, Ahmad and others,
Journal: Scientific Reports (2023): 16906
Atypical Protein Kinase C isoforms maintain human placental syncytiotrophoblast polarity
Authors: Patel, Khushali
Journal: (2023)
The human microglial surveillant phenotype is preserved by de novo neurosteroidogenesis through the control of cholesterol homeostasis: Crucial role of 18 kDa Translocator Protein
Authors: Angeloni, Elisa and Germelli, Lorenzo and Marchetti, Laura and Da Pozzo, Eleonora and Tremolanti, Chiara and Wetzel, Christian H and Baglini, Emma and Taliani, Sabrina and Da Settimo, Federico and Martini, Claudia and others,
Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease (2023): 166751
Rare disease research workflow using multilayer networks elucidates the molecular determinants of severity in Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes
Authors: N{\'u}{\v{n}}ez-Carpintero, Iker and O'Connor, Emily and Rigau, Maria and Bosio, Mattia and Azuma, Yoshiteru and Topf, Ana and Thompson, Rachel and 't Hoen, Peter AC and Chamova, Teodora and Tournev, Ivailo and others,
Journal: bioRxiv (2023): 2023--01
A candidate nanoparticle vaccine comprised of multiple epitopes of the African swine fever virus elicits a robust immune response
Authors: Song, Jinxing and Wang, Mengxiang and Zhou, Lei and Tian, Panpan and Sun, ZhuoYa and Sun, Junru and Wang, Xuannian and Zhuang, Guoqing and Jiang, Dawei and Wu, Yanan and others,
Journal: Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2023): 1--18
Exosomal miR-146a-5p derived from human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells can alleviate antiphospholipid antibody-induced trophoblast injury and placental dysfunction by regulating the TRAF6/NF-$\kappa$B axis
Authors: Lv, Qingfeng and Wang, Yuan and Tian, Wei and Liu, Yuqiu and Gu, Mengqi and Jiang, Xiaotong and Cai, Yanjun and Huo, Ruiheng and Li, Yuchen and Li, Lei and others,
Journal: Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2023): 1--23
PLPPR4 haploinsufficiency causes neurodevelopmental disorders by disrupting synaptic plasticity via mTOR signalling
Authors: Li, Huanzheng and Zhang, Qian and Wan, Ru and Zhou, Lili and Xu, Xueqin and Xu, Chenyang and Yu, Yuan and Xu, Yunzhi and Xiang, Yanbao and Tang, Shaohua
Journal: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2023)
A Versatile Hydrogel with Antibacterial and Sequential Drug-Releasing Capability for the Programmable Healing of Infectious Keratitis
Authors: Meng, Shuqin and Hu, Hao and Qiao, Yujie and Wang, Fuyan and Zhang, Bi Ning and Sun, Difang and Zhou, Longfang and Zhao, Long and Xie, Lixin and Zhang, Hengrui and others,
Journal: ACS nano (2023)
Galectin 9 restricts viral replication in teleost via the autophagy-antiviral pathway and polarizes M2 macrophages for anti-inflammatory response: New insights into the functional properties of fish Galectin-9 from Planiliza haematocheilus
Authors: Warnakula, WADLR and Udayantha, HMV and Liyanage, DS and Omeka, WKM and Lim, Chaehyeon and Kim, Gaeun and Sirisena, DMKP and Jayamali, BPM Vileka and Wan, Qiang and Lee, Jehee
Journal: Fish \& Shellfish Immunology (2023): 109172
Characterization of cellular phenotype and proinflammatory response in Meniere’s Disease
Authors: Flook Pereira, Marisa and others,
Journal: (2023)
Rab3A/Rab27A System Silencing Ameliorates High Glucose-Induced Injury in Podocytes
Authors: Martinez-Arroyo, Olga and Flores-Chova, Ana and Sanchez-Garcia, Belen and Redon, Josep and Cortes, Raquel and Ortega, Ana
Journal: Biology (2023): 690
Effects of a novel ANLN E841K mutation associated with SRNS on podocytes and its mechanism
Authors: Lin, Li and Ye, Yuhong and Fu, Haidong and Gu, Weizhong and Zhao, Manli and Sun, Jingmiao and Cao, Zhongkai and Huang, Guoping and Xie, Yi and Liu, Fei and others,
Journal: Cell Communication and Signaling (2023): 1--15
Knockout of miR-184 in zebrafish leads to ocular abnormalities by elevating p21 levels
Authors: Zhang, Jing and Li, Ping and Sun, Luqian and Jiang, Ning and Guo, Wenya and Wang, Jungai and Gao, Fen and Li, Jing and Li, Hui and Zhang, Jun and others,
Journal: The FASEB Journal (2023): e22927
Protective effect of crocetin against cytoskeletal injury induced by acrolein from cigarette smoke extract in C2C12 myoblasts
Authors: Otsu, Wataru and Chinen, Naoki and Sugisawa, Emi and Kitano, Haru and Nakamura, Shinsuke and Umigai, Naofumi and Tsusaki, Hideshi and Shimazawa, Masamitsu
Journal: Journal of Functional Foods (2023): 105611
Estrogen ameliorates sepsis-induced vascular hyporeactivity in thoracic aorta of female rats via permissive effect of GR$\alpha$ expression
Authors: Wang, Shan and Wu, Jue and Yang, Kai and Liu, Chunlei and Li, Xin and Wu, Liben and Qi, Xiaoqin and Zhang, Ruizhi and Ni, Wenfeng and Pei, Jinlian and others,
Journal: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2023)
Actin cytoskeleton aggregation involves the water channel protein aquaporin 1-mediated human chondrocyte degeneration
Authors: Chen, Xiaoliang and Ma, Xiucai and Liu, Peng and Yang, Xiao and Yang, Yajun
Journal: Cellular and Molecular Biology (2023): 227--232
Double-Interlinked Colloidal Gels for Programable Fabrication of Supraparticle Architectures
Authors: Gon{\c{c}}alves, Leandro and Lavrador, Pedro and Amaral, Ad{\'e}rito JR and Ferreira, Lu{\'\i}s P and Gaspar, V{\'\i}tor M and Mano, Jo{\~a}o F
Journal: Advanced Functional Materials (2023): 2304628
Biocompatibility of Subperiosteal Dental Implants: Effects of Differently Treated Titanium Surfaces on the Expression of ECM-Related Genes in Gingival Fibroblasts
Authors: Roy, Marco and Corti, Alessandro and Dominici, Silvia and Pompella, Alfonso and Cerea, Mauro and Chelucci, Elisa and Dorocka-Bobkowska, Barbara and Daniele, Simona
Journal: Journal of Functional Biomaterials (2023): 59
Norepinephrine as the Intrinsic Contributor to Contact Lens--Induced Pseudomonas aeruginosa Keratitis
Authors: Zhang, Bi Ning and Qi, Benxiang and Chu, Wai Kit and Song, Fangying and Li, Suxia and Dong, Qiaoqiao and Shao, Zheng and Zhang, Bin and Du, Xianli and Ma, Xiubin and others,
Journal: Investigative Ophthalmology \& Visual Science (2023): 26--26
Degranulation of Murine Resident Cochlear Mast Cells: A Possible Factor Contributing to Cisplatin-Induced Ototoxicity and Neurotoxicity
Authors: Karayay, Bet{\"u}l and Olze, Heidi and Szczepek, Agnieszka J
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2023): 4620
Acceleration of burn wound healing by micronized amniotic membrane seeded with umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Authors: Zhou, Zixuan and Xun, Jingnan and Wu, Chenghao and Ji, Chao and Ji, Shizhao and Shu, Futing and Wang, Yuxiang and Chen, Hao and Zheng, Yongjun and Xiao, Shichu
Journal: Materials Today Bio (2023): 100686
Defective extracellular matrix remodeling in brown adipose tissue is associated with fibro-inflammation and reduced diet-induced thermogenesis
Authors: Pellegrinelli, Vanessa and Figueroa-Ju{\'a}rez, Elizabeth and Samuelson, Isabella and Mueez, U-Din and Rodriguez-Fdez, Sonia and Virtue, Samuel and Leggat, Jennifer and {\c{C}}ubuk, Cankut and Peirce, Vivian J and Niemi, Tarja and others,
Journal: Cell Reports (2023)
Response of Human Gingival Fibroblasts and Porphyromonas gingivalis to UVC-Activated Titanium Surfaces
Authors: Wen, Yin and Dong, Hao and Lin, Jiating and Zhuang, Xianxian and Xian, Ruoting and Li, Ping and Li, Shaobing
Journal: Journal of Functional Biomaterials (2023): 137
Different Cell Responses to Hinokitiol Treatment Result in Senescence or Apoptosis in Human Osteosarcoma Cell Lines
Authors: Yang, Shun-Cheng and Chen, Hsuan-Ying and Chuang, Wan-Ling and Wang, Hui-Chun and Hsieh, Cheng-Pu and Huang, Yi-Fu
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2022): 1632
Blockade of the pro-fibrotic reaction mediated by the miR-143/-145 cluster enhances the responses to targeted therapy in melanoma
Authors: Diazzi, Serena and Baeri, Alberto and Fassy, Julien and Lecacheur, Margaux and Marin-Bejar, Oskar and Girard, Christophe A and Lefevre, Lauren and Lacoux, Caroline and Irondelle, Marie and Mounier, Carine and others,
Journal: EMBO molecular medicine (2022): e15295
Reprogramming of ovarian aging epigenome by resveratrol
Authors: Gou, Mo and Li, Jie and Yi, Lizhi and Li, Huiyu and Ye, Xiaoying and Wang, Huasong and Liu, Linlin and Sun, Baofa and Zhang, Song and Zhu, Zhengmao and others,
Journal: PNAS Nexus (2022)
Calcium phosphate-adsorbable and acid-degradable carboxylated polyrotaxane consisting of $\beta$-cyclodextrins suppresses osteoclast resorptive activity
Authors: Yoshikawa, Yoshihiro and Tamura, Atsushi and Tsuda, Susumu and Domae, Eisuke and Zhang, Shunyao and Yui, Nobuhiko and Ikeo, Takashi and Yoshizawa, Tatsuya
Journal: Dental Materials Journal (2022): 2021--331
Synthetic Collagen-like Polymer That Undergoes a Sol--Gel Transition Triggered by O--N Acyl Migration at Physiological pH
Authors: Ichise, Shinichiro F and Koide, Takaki
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2022): 1584
Oral streptococci subvert the host innate immune response through hydrogen peroxide
Authors: Tang, Yi Ling and Sim, Tiow Suan and Tan, Kai Soo
Journal: Scientific Reports (2022): 1--13
Siglec-15-induced autophagy promotes invasion and metastasis of human osteosarcoma cells by activating the epithelial--mesenchymal transition and Beclin-1/ATG14 pathway
Authors: Zheng, Bingxin and Song, Keliang and Sun, Lingling and Gao, Yang and Qu, Yan and Ren, Chongmin and Yan, Peng and Chen, Wenfang and Guo, Wei and Zhou, Chuanli and others,
Journal: Cell \& Bioscience (2022): 1--15
Autophagy impairment is involved in midazolam-induced lipid droplet accumulation and consequent phagocytosis decrease in BV2 cells
Authors: Zhu, Xiao-ling and Zhang, Hui-wen and Peng, Wen-jing and Gao, Shan and Yang, Zhi-lai and Zhang, Ji-qian and Liu, Xue-sheng
Journal: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2022)
Construction of a T7 phage display nanobody library for bio-panning and identification of chicken dendritic cell-specific binding nanobodies
Authors: Xu, Hai and Li, Ling and Deng, Bihua and Hong, Weiming and Li, Ruiting and Guo, Zijie and Hou, Jibo and Govinden, Roshini and Chenia, Hafizah Y
Journal: Scientific Reports (2022): 1--11
Hypothiocyanous Acid Disrupts the Barrier Function of Brain Endothelial Cells
Authors: van Leeuwen, Eveline and Hampton, Mark B and Smyth, Leon CD
Journal: Antioxidants (2022): 608
Counts of hyaluronic acid-containing extracellular vesicles decrease in naturally occurring equine osteoarthritis
Authors: Mustonen, Anne-Mari and Lehmonen, Nina and Oikari, Sanna and Capra, Janne and Raekallio, Marja and Mykk{\"a}nen, Anna and Paakkonen, Tommi and Rilla, Kirsi and Niemel{\"a}, Tytti and Nieminen, Petteri
Journal: Scientific Reports (2022): 1--12
Bioelectronic Screening Platform for Real-Time Monitoring of Tumour-derived Extracellular Vesicle-Induced Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition
Authors: Traberg, Walther and Uribe, Johana and Druet, Victor and Hama, Adel and Moysidou, Chrysanthi-Maria and Huerta, Miriam and McCoy, Reece and Hayward, Daniel and Savva, Achilleas and Genovese, Amaury and others,
Journal: (2022)
Functionalized Microgel Rods Interlinked into Soft Macroporous Structures for 3D Cell Culture
Authors: Rommel, Dirk and Mork, Matthias and Vedaraman, Sitara and Bastard, C{\'e}line and Guerzoni, Luis PB and Kittel, Yonca and Vinokur, Rostislav and Born, Nikolai and Haraszti, Tam{\'a}s and De Laporte, Laura
Journal: Advanced Science (2022): 2103554
Effect of mechanical properties of Jurkat cell on adhesion properties of Jurkat integrin and VCAM-1: An AFM study
Authors: Zhao, Leqian and Fu, Xingliang and Zhang, Liyuan and Ye, Zhiyi
Journal: Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2022): 112784
Smurf1 regulates ameloblast polarization by ubiquitination-mediated degradation of RhoA
Authors: Niu, Haoman and Bi, Fei and Zhao, Wenjun and Xu, Yuchan and Han, Qi and Guo, Weihua and Chen, Yu
Journal: Cell Proliferation (2022): e13387
Engineered Bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles as Controllable Two-Way Adaptors to Activate Macrophage Phagocytosis for Improved Tumor Immunotherapy
Authors: Feng, Qingqing and Ma, Xiaotu and Cheng, Keman and Liu, Guangna and Li, Yao and Yue, Yale and Liang, Jie and Zhang, Lizhuo and Zhang, Tianjiao and Wang, Xinwei and others,
Journal: Advanced Materials (2022): 2206200
Tumor necrosis factor-$\alpha$ inhibition restores matrix formation by human adipose-derived stem cells in the late stage of chondrogenic differentiation
Authors: Wan, Jiang-Tao and Qiu, Xian-Shuai and Fu, Zhuo-Hang and Huang, Yong-Can and Min, Shao-Xiong
Journal: World Journal of Stem Cells (2022): 798--814
Circular RNA circIPO11 drives self-renewal of liver cancer initiating cells via Hedgehog signaling
Authors: Gu, Yang and Wang, Yanying and He, Luyun and Zhang, Jiahang and Zhu, Xiaoxiao and Liu, Nian and Wang, Jianyi and Lu, Tiankun and He, Lei and Tian, Yong and others,
Journal: Molecular Cancer (2021): 1--20
Somatic hypomethylation of pericentromeric SST1 repeats and tetraploidization in human colorectal cancer cells
Authors: Gonzalez, Beatriz and Navarro-Jim{\'e}nez, Maria and Alonso-De Gennaro, Mar{\'\i}a Jos{\'e} and Jansen, Sanne Marcia and Granada, Isabel and Perucho, Manuel and Alonso, Sergio
Journal: bioRxiv (2021)
6-Gingerol suppresses tumor cell metastasis by increasing YAPser127 phosphorylation in renal cell carcinoma
Authors: Xu, Shan and Zhang, Haibao and Liu, Tianjie and Wang, Zixi and Yang, Wenjie and Hou, Tao and Wang, Xinyang and He, Dalin and Zheng, Pengsheng
Journal: Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology (2021): e22609
Spatiotemporal Determination of Metabolite Activities in Multiple Corneal Epithelium Barriers on a Chip
Authors: Abdalkader, Rodi and Chaleckis, Romanas and Wheelock, Craig and Kamei, Ken-ichiro
Journal: bioRxiv (2021): 2021--01
The interruption of atypical PKC signaling and Temozolomide combination therapy against glioblastoma
Authors: Dey, Avijit and Islam, SM Anisul and Patel, Rekha and Acevedo-Duncan, Mildred
Journal: Cellular Signalling (2021): 109819
Pin1 Regulates IL-5 Induced Eosinophil Polarization and Migration
Authors: Shen, Zhong-Jian and Hu, Jie and O'Neal, Melissa A and Malter, James S
Journal: Cells (2021): 211
Light-induced osteogenic differentiation of BMSCs with graphene/TiO2 composite coating on Ti implant
Authors: Long, Xiaojun and Duan, Li and Weng, Wenjian and Cheng, Kui and Wang, Daping and Ouyang, Hongwei
Journal: Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2021): 111996
Protein Adsorption on Surfaces Functionalized with COOH Groups Promotes Anti-inflammatory Macrophage Responses
Authors: Buck, Emily and Lee, Seunghwan and Stone, Laura S and Cerruti, Marta
Journal: ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces (2021): 7021--7036
Phosphoproteomics of the developing heart identifies PERM1-An outer mitochondrial membrane protein
Authors: Aravamudhan, Sriram and T{\"u}rk, Clara and Bock, Theresa and Keufgens, Lena and Nolte, Hendrik and Lang, Franziska and Krishnan, Ramesh Kumar and K{\"o}nig, Tim and Hammerschmidt, Philipp and Schindler, Natalie and others,
Journal: Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology (2021): 41--59
Bicyclic RGD peptides enhance nerve growth in synthetic PEG-based Anisogels
Authors: Vedaraman, Sitara and Bernhagen, Dominik and Haraszti, Tamas and Licht, Christopher and Nava, Arturo Castro and Anarkoli, Abdolrahman Omidinia and Timmerman, Peter and De Laporte, Laura
Journal: Biomaterials Science (2021): 4329--4342
Development of paclitaxel-loaded poly (lactic acid)/hydroxyapatite core--shell nanoparticles as a stimuli-responsive drug delivery system
Authors: Lee, Sungho and Miyajima, Tatsuya and Sugawara-Narutaki, Ayae and Kato, Katsuya and Nagata, Fukue
Journal: Royal Society open science (2021): 202030
Comparison of Enterococcus faecalis Biofilm Removal Efficiency among Bacteriophage PBEF129, Its Endolysin, and Cefotaxime
Authors: Oh, Hyun Keun and Hwang, Yoon Jung and Hong, Hye-Won and Myung, Heejoon
Journal: Viruses (2021): 426
Dimeric lipo-$\alpha$/sulfono-$\gamma$-AA hybrid peptides as broad-spectrum antibiotic agents
Authors: Wei, Lulu and Gao, Ruixuan and Wang, Minghui and Wang, Yafeng and Shi, Yan and Gu, Meng and Cai, Jianfeng
Journal: Biomaterials science (2021): 3410--3424
Varying modalities of perinatal exposure to a pesticide cocktail elicit neurological adaptations in mice and zebrafish
Authors: Forner-Piquer, Isabel and Klement, Wendy and Gangarossa, Giuseppe and Zub, Emma and de Bock, Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric and Blaqui{\`e}re, Marine and Maurice, Tangui and Audinat, Etienne and Faucherre, Ad{\`e}le and Lasserre, Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric and others,
Journal: Environmental Pollution (2021): 116755
Characterization of hyaluronan-coated extracellular vesicles in synovial fluid of patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Authors: Mustonen, Anne-Mari and Capra, Janne and Rilla, Kirsi and Lehenkari, Petri and Oikari, Sanna and K{\"a}{\"a}ri{\"a}inen, Tommi and Joukainen, Antti and Kr{\"o}ger, Heikki and Paakkonen, Tommi and Matilainen, Johanna and others,
Journal: BMC musculoskeletal disorders (2021): 1--11
Betulin inhibits mTOR and induces autophagy to promote apoptosis in human osteosarcoma cell lines
Authors: Lin, Yung-Chi and Chen, Hsuan-Ying and Hsieh, Cheng-Pu and Huang, Yi-Fu and Chang, Ing-Lin
Journal: Environmental Toxicology (2020)
Substrate Dissipation Energy Regulates Cell Adhesion and Spreading
Authors: Sacco, Pasquale and Baj, Gabriele and Asaro, Fioretta and Marsich, Eleonora and Donati, Ivan
Journal: Advanced Functional Materials (2020): 2001977
A Core-Shell Guanosine Diphosphate Crosslinked Chitosan Scaffold as a Potential Co-Encapsulation Platform
Authors: Baudequin, Timoth{\'e}e and Agnes, Celine and Tabrizian, Maryam
Journal: Carbohydrate Polymers (2020): 117499
Authors: Martinez-Arroyo, Olga and Ortega, Ana and Perez-Hernandez, Javier and Chaves, Felipe Javier and Redon, Josep and Cortes, Raquel
Journal: American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology (2020)
Intermedin alleviates the inflammatory response and stabilizes the endothelial barrier in LPS-induced ARDS through the PI3K/Akt/eNOS signaling pathway
Authors: Fan, Shulei and Qi, Di and Yu, Qian and Tang, Xumao and Wen, Xiaoting and Wang, Daoxin and Deng, Xinyu
Journal: International Immunopharmacology (2020): 106951
Myocyte enhancer factor 2A (MEF2A) defines oxytocin-induced morphological effects and regulates mitochondrial function in neurons
Authors: Meyer, Magdalena and Kuffner, Kerstin and Winter, Julia and Neumann, Inga D and Wetzel, Christian H and Jurek, Benjamin
Journal: International journal of molecular sciences (2020): 2200
Carbachol protects the intestinal barrier in severe acute pancreatitis by regulating Cdc42/F-actin cytoskeleton
Authors: Wang, Hanlin and Jiang, Yingjian and Li, Hongbo and Wang, Jiang and Li, Chang and Zhang, Dianliang
Journal: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine (2020)
Oxidation of Reduced Graphene Oxide via Cellular Redox Signaling Modulates Actin-Mediated Neurotransmission
Authors: Kang, Yiyuan and Liu, Jia and Yin, Suhan and Jiang, Yanping and Feng, Xiaoli and Wu, Junrong and Zhang, Yanli and Chen, Aijie and Zhang, Yaqing and Shao, Longquan
Journal: ACS nano (2020): 3059--3074
Study of the effect of a proteasome inhibitor on actin cytoskeleton remodeling in the nerve cells by fluorescence imaging
Authors: Maximova, Natalia S and Pershin, Vladimir I and Tkachenko, Natalia M and Gainullin, Murat R and Mukhina, Irina V and Kovaleva, Tatiana F
Journal: (2020): 114570F
Natural polysaccharide derived carbon dot based in situ facile green synthesis of silver nanoparticles: Synergistic effect on breast cancer
Authors: Ghosal, Krishanu and Ghosh, Santanu and Ghosh, Debjani and Sarkar, Kishor
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Facile Method for Fabrication of Meter-Long Multifunctional Hydrogel Fibers with Controllable Biophysical and Biochemical Features
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