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There are 50 reference(s) for Cell Meter™ Fluorescence Gap Junction Tracing Kit (Cat No. 23600).

Regulation of connexin 43 by interleukin 1β in adult rat cardiac fibroblasts and effects in an adult rat cardiac myocyte: fibroblast co-culture model.
Authors: McArthur, Lisa and Riddell, Alexandra and Chilton, Lisa and Smith, Godfrey L and Nicklin, Stuart A
Journal: Heliyon (2020): e03031
Cilostamide and forskolin maintain gap junction function of incubated dog follicles.
Authors: Thongkittidilok, Chommanart and Doriguzzi, Nicole and Nagashima, Jennifer and Brown, Megan and Chansaenroj, Ajjima and Songsasen, Nucharin
Journal: Theriogenology (2020): 222-228
Granulosa secreted factors improve the developmental competence of cumulus oocyte complexes from small antral follicles in sheep.
Authors: Rouhollahi Varnosfaderani, Shiva and Hajian, Mehdi and Jafarpour, Farnoosh and Ghazvini Zadegan, Faezeh and Nasr-Esfahani, Mohammad Hossein
Journal: PloS one (2020): e0229043
G protein-coupled receptor 30 mediates meiosis resumption and gap junction communications downregulation in goat cumulus-oocyte complexes by 17β-estradiol.
Authors: Zhang, Hui and Wei, Qiang and Gao, Zhen and Ma, Chiyuan and Yang, Zhenshan and Zhao, Hui and Liu, Chen and Liu, Jie and Zhao, Xiaoe and Ma, Baohua
Journal: The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology (2019): 58-67
An Assay to Assess Gap Junction Communication in Cell Lines.
Authors: Warawdekar, Ujjwala M
Journal: Journal of biomolecular techniques : JBT (2019): 1-6
Cx43-Gap Junctions Accumulate at the Cytotoxic Immunological Synapse Enabling Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Melanoma Cell Killing.
Authors: Hofmann, Francisca and Navarrete, Mariela and Álvarez, Javiera and Guerrero, Israel and Gleisner, María Alejandra and Tittarelli, Andrés and Salazar-Onfray, Flavio
Journal: International journal of molecular sciences (2019)
Cardiomyocyte-myofibroblast contact dynamism is modulated by connexin-43.
Authors: Schultz, Francisca and Swiatlowska, Pamela and Alvarez-Laviada, Anita and Sanchez-Alonso, Jose L and Song, Qianqian and de Vries, Antoine A F and Pijnappels, Daniël A and Ongstad, Emily and Braga, Vania M M and Entcheva, Emilia and Gourdie, Robert G and Miragoli, Michele and Gorelik, Julia
Journal: FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (2019): 10453-10468
Perfluorooctanoic acid disrupts gap junction intercellular communication and induces reactive oxygen species formation and apoptosis in mouse ovaries.
Authors: López-Arellano, Patricia and López-Arellano, Keila and Luna, Jaquelinne and Flores, Diana and Jiménez-Salazar, Javier and Gavia, Graciela and Teteltitla, Mario and Rodríguez, Juan José and Domínguez, Alejandro and Casas, Eduardo and Bahena, Ivan and Betancourt, Miguel and González, Cristina and Ducolomb, Yvonne and Bonilla, Edmundo
Journal: Environmental toxicology (2019): 92-98
Response of Fibroblasts MRC-5 to Flufenamic Acid-Grafted MCM-41 Nanoparticles.
Authors: Lara, Giovanna Gomes and Cipreste, Marcelo Fernandes and Andrade, Gracielle Ferreira and Silva, Wellington Marcos da and Sousa, Edésia Martins Barros de
Journal: Bioengineering (Basel, Switzerland) (2018)
Heat stress impairs gap junction communication and cumulus function of bovine oocytes.
Authors: Campen, Kelly A and Abbott, Chelsea R and Rispoli, Louisa A and Payton, Rebecca R and Saxton, Arnold M and Edwards, J Lannett
Journal: The Journal of reproduction and development (2018): 385-392
Gap junctions contribute to anchorage-independent clustering of breast cancer cells.
Authors: Gava, Fabien and Rigal, Lise and Mondesert, Odile and Pesce, Elise and Ducommun, Bernard and Lobjois, Valérie
Journal: BMC cancer (2018): 221
Calcium-Dependent Arrhythmogenic Foci Created by Weakly Coupled Myocytes in the Failing Heart.
Authors: Lang, Di and Sato, Daisuke and Jiang, Yanyan and Ginsburg, Kenneth S and Ripplinger, Crystal M and Bers, Donald M
Journal: Circulation research (2017): 1379-1391
Connexin-43 channels are a pathway for discharging lactate from glycolytic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells.
Authors: Dovmark, T H and Saccomano, M and Hulikova, A and Alves, F and Swietach, P
Journal: Oncogene (2017): 4538-4550
Myosin VI facilitates connexin 43 gap junction accretion.
Authors: Waxse, Bennett J and Sengupta, Prabuddha and Hesketh, Geoffrey G and Lippincott-Schwartz, Jennifer and Buss, Folma
Journal: Journal of cell science (2017): 827-840
Temporal regulation of gap junctional communication between tenocytes subjected to static tensile strain with physiological and non-physiological amplitudes.
Authors: Maeda, Eijiro and Pian, Haicheng and Ohashi, Toshiro
Journal: Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2017): 1170-1175
A Cell-Based High-Throughput Assay for Gap Junction Communication Suitable for Assessing Connexin 43-Ezrin Interaction Disruptors Using IncuCyte ZOOM.
Authors: Dukic, Aleksandra R and McClymont, David W and Taskén, Kjetil
Journal: SLAS discovery : advancing life sciences R & D (2017): 77-85
Molecular Diffusion through Cyanobacterial Septal Junctions.
Authors: Nieves-Morión, Mercedes and Mullineaux, Conrad W and Flores, Enrique
Journal: mBio (2017)
Dexamethasone and levetiracetam reduce hetero-cellular gap-junctional coupling between F98 glioma cells and glial cells in vitro.
Authors: Ismail, Fatme Seval and Moinfar, Zahra and Prochnow, Nora and Dambach, Hannes and Hinkerohe, Daniel and Haase, Claus Gert and Förster, Eckart and Faustmann, Pedro Michael
Journal: Journal of neuro-oncology (2017): 469-476
Interleukin 1alpha-induced disruption of the Sertoli cell cytoskeleton affects gap junctional communication.
Authors: Chojnacka, Katarzyna and Bilinska, Barbara and Mruk, Dolores D
Journal: Cellular signalling (2016): 469-480
Alternation in the gap-junctional intercellular communication capacity during the maturation of osteocytes in the embryonic chick calvaria.
Authors: Wang, Ziyi and Odagaki, Naoya and Tanaka, Tomoyo and Hashimoto, Mana and Nakamura, Masahiro and Hayano, Satoru and Ishihara, Yoshihito and Kawanabe, Noriaki and Kamioka, Hiroshi
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Characterization of intercellular communication and mitochondrial donation by mesenchymal stromal cells derived from the human lung.
Authors: Sinclair, Kenneth Andrew and Yerkovich, Stephanie Terase and Hopkins, Peter Mark-Anthony and Chambers, Daniel Charles
Journal: Stem cell research & therapy (2016): 91
Using Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching to Study Gap Junctional Communication In Vitro.
Authors: Kuzma-Kuzniarska, Maria and Yapp, Clarence and Hulley, Philippa A
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2016): 171-9
Prognostic impact of reduced connexin43 expression and gap junction coupling of neoplastic stromal cells in giant cell tumor of bone.
Authors: Balla, Peter and Maros, Mate Elod and Barna, Gabor and Antal, Imre and Papp, Gergo and Sapi, Zoltan and Athanasou, Nicholas Anthony and Benassi, Maria Serena and Picci, Pierro and Krenacs, Tibor
Journal: PloS one (2015): e0125316
Mechano-regulation of gap junction communications between tendon cells is dependent on the magnitude of tensile strain.
Authors: Maeda, Eijiro and Ohashi, Toshiro
Journal: Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2015): 281-6
Gap junction coupling is required for tumor cell migration through lymphatic endothelium.
Authors: Karpinich, Natalie O and Caron, Kathleen M
Journal: Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology (2015): 1147-55
Direct Cell-Cell Contact with Chondrocytes Is a Key Mechanism in Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Mediated Chondrogenesis.
Authors: de Windt, Tommy S and Saris, Daniel B F and Slaper-Cortenbach, Ineke C M and van Rijen, Mattie H P and Gawlitta, Debby and Creemers, Laura B and de Weger, Roel A and Dhert, Wouter J A and Vonk, Lucienne A
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Evidence for Transfer of Membranes from Mesenchymal Stem Cells to HL-1 Cardiac Cells.
Authors: Boomsma, Robert A and Geenen, David L
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Amplification of human platelet activation by surface pannexin-1 channels.
Authors: Taylor, K A and Wright, J R and Vial, C and Evans, R J and Mahaut-Smith, M P
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Multilayer spheroids to quantify drug uptake and diffusion in 3D.
Authors: Achilli, Toni-Marie and McCalla, Stephanie and Meyer, Julia and Tripathi, Anubhav and Morgan, Jeffrey R
Journal: Molecular pharmaceutics (2014): 2071-81
Connexins form functional hemichannels in porcine ciliary epithelium.
Authors: Shahidullah, Mohammad and Delamere, Nicholas A
Journal: Experimental eye research (2014): 20-9
Prevention of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity by the inhibition of gap junctional intercellular communication in auditory cells.
Authors: Kim, Yeon Ju and Kim, Jangho and Tian, Chunjie and Lim, Hye Jin and Kim, Young Sun and Chung, Jong Hoon and Choung, Yun-Hoon
Journal: Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS (2014): 3859-71
Characterization of a gap-junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) assay using cigarette smoke.
Authors: Roemer, Ewald and Lammerich, Hans-Peter and Conroy, Lynda L and Weisensee, Dirk
Journal: Toxicology letters (2013): 248-53
Intercellular interactions between mast cells and fibroblasts promote pro-inflammatory signaling.
Authors: Termei, R and Laschinger, C and Lee, W and McCulloch, C A
Journal: Experimental cell research (2013): 1839-1851
A high-throughput assay for connexin 43 (Cx43, GJA1) gap junctions using codon-optimized aequorin.
Authors: Haq, Nazia and Grose, David and Ward, Emma and Chiu, Oiyee and Tigue, Natalie and Dowell, Simon J and Powell, Andrew J and Chen, Mao Xiang
Journal: Assay and drug development technologies (2013): 93-100
The 3.5 ångström X-ray structure of the human connexin26 gap junction channel is unlikely that of a fully open channel.
Authors: Zonta, Francesco and Polles, Guido and Sanasi, Maria Federica and Bortolozzi, Mario and Mammano, Fabio
Journal: Cell communication and signaling : CCS (2013): 15
Fibroblasts regulate osteoblasts through gap junctional communication.
Authors: Pirraco, Rogério Pedro and Cerqueira, Mariana Teixeira and Reis, Rui Luís and Marques, Alexandra Pinto
Journal: Cytotherapy (2012): 1276-87
Regulation of gap-junctional communication between cumulus cells during in vitro maturation in swine, a gap-FRAP study.
Authors: Santiquet, Nicolas W and Develle, Yann and Laroche, Anthony and Robert, Claude and Richard, François J
Journal: Biology of reproduction (2012): 46
Gap junction permeability between tenocytes within tendon fascicles is suppressed by tensile loading.
Authors: Maeda, Eijiro and Ye, Shangjun and Wang, Wen and Bader, Dan L and Knight, Martin M and Lee, David A
Journal: Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology (2012): 439-47
NOS inhibition synchronizes calcium oscillations in human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells by increasing gap-junctional coupling.
Authors: Sauer, Heinrich and Sharifpanah, Fatemeh and Hatry, Myriam and Steffen, Paul and Bartsch, Caroline and Heller, Regine and Padmasekar, Manju and Howaldt, Hans-Peter and Bein, Gregor and Wartenberg, Maria
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In vitro cardiomyogenic potential of human amniotic fluid stem cells.
Authors: Guan, Xuan and Delo, Dawn M and Atala, Anthony and Soker, Shay
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Dominant Cx26 mutants associated with hearing loss have dominant-negative effects on wild type Cx26.
Authors: Zhang, Junxian and Scherer, Steven S and Yum, Sabrina W
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A combined gene and cell therapy approach for restoration of conduction.
Authors: Hofshi, Anat and Itzhaki, Ilanit and Gepstein, Amira and Arbel, Gil and Gross, Gil J and Gepstein, Lior
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High throughput assay of diffusion through Cx43 gap junction channels with a microfluidic chip.
Authors: Bathany, Cédric and Beahm, Derek and Felske, James D and Sachs, Frederick and Hua, Susan Z
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2011): 933-9
Transcriptional suppression of connexin43 by TBX18 undermines cell-cell electrical coupling in postnatal cardiomyocytes.
Authors: Kapoor, Nidhi and Galang, Giselle and Marbán, Eduardo and Cho, Hee Cheol
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (2011): 14073-9
[Aberrant expression pattern of a novel mutation in connexin 26 gene resulting in autosomal recessive deafness].
Authors: Yang, Zhong-chun and Xiao, Zi-an and Xie, Ding-hua and Xia, Kun
Journal: Zhonghua yi xue yi chuan xue za zhi = Zhonghua yixue yichuanxue zazhi = Chinese journal of medical genetics (2010): 241-5
Dominant connexin26 mutants associated with human hearing loss have trans-dominant effects on connexin30.
Authors: Yum, Sabrina W and Zhang, Junxian and Scherer, Steven S
Journal: Neurobiology of disease (2010): 226-36
The human deafness-associated connexin 30 T5M mutation causes mild hearing loss and reduces biochemical coupling among cochlear non-sensory cells in knock-in mice.
Authors: Schütz, Melanie and Scimemi, Pietro and Majumder, Paromita and De Siati, Romolo Daniele and Crispino, Giulia and Rodriguez, Laura and Bortolozzi, Mario and Santarelli, Rosamaria and Seydel, Anke and Sonntag, Stephan and Ingham, Neil and Steel, Karen P and Willecke, Klaus and Mammano, Fabio
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Non-invasive microfluidic gap junction assay.
Authors: Chen, Sisi and Lee, Luke P
Journal: Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro (2010): 130-8
In vitro study of stem cell communication via gap junctions for fibrocartilage regeneration at entheses.
Authors: Nayak, Bibhukalyan Prasad and Goh, James Cho Hong and Toh, Siew Lok and Satpathy, Gyan Ranjan
Journal: Regenerative medicine (2010): 221-9
Hypoxic preconditioning increases gap-junctional graft and host communication.
Authors: Jäderstad, Johan and Brismar, Hjalmar and Herlenius, Eric
Journal: Neuroreport (2010): 1126-32