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There are 14 reference(s) for mFluor™ UV 460 Biotin Conjugate (Cat No. 3112).

Detection of the level of DNMT1 based on self-assembled probe signal amplification technique in plasma.
Authors: Wan, Zhenzhen and Gong, Fangfang and Zhang, Mimi and He, Leiliang and Wang, Yilin and Yu, Songcheng and Liu, Jie and Wu, Yuming and Liu, Li'e and Wu, Yongjun and Qu, Lingbo and Sun, Jiaqi and Yu, Fei
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Temperature-Responsive Hydrogel-Coated Gold Nanoshells.
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Novel DNA ligase with broad nucleotide cofactor specificity from the hyperthermophilic crenarchaeon Sulfophobococcus zilligii: influence of ancestral DNA ligase on cofactor utilization.
Authors: Sun, Younguk and Seo, Moo Seok and Kim, Jae Hyun and Kim, Yun Jae and Kim, Gun A and Lee, Jong Il and Lee, Jung-Hyun and Kwon, Suk-Tae
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Genetic engineering, expression, and activity of a chimeric monoclonal antibody-avidin fusion protein for receptor-mediated delivery of biotinylated drugs in humans.
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Dynamics of fluorescence dequenching of ostrich-quenched fluorescein biotin: a multifunctional quantitative assay for biotin.
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Use of a nested PCR-enzyme immunoassay with an internal control to detect Chlamydophila psittaci in turkeys.
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