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There are 50 reference(s) for mFluor™ Violet 500 Biotin Conjugate (Cat No. 3113).

A low-noise ratiometric fluorescence biosensor for detection of Pb2+ based on DNAzyme and exonuclease III-assisted cascade signal amplification.
Authors: Jin, Huali and Liu, Ruike and Bai, Tian and Wei, Min and He, Baoshan and Suo, Zhiguang
Journal: Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry (2022): 1899-1907
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Alleviate M1 Microglial Activation in Brain Injury of Mice With Subarachnoid Hemorrhage via microRNA-140-5p Delivery.
Authors: Qian, Yu and Li, Qiaoyu and Chen, Lulu and Sun, Jinyu and Cao, Kan and Mei, Zhaojun and Lu, Xinyu
Journal: The international journal of neuropsychopharmacology (2022): 328-338
In Vitro and In Situ Activity-Based Labeling of Fibroblast Activation Protein with UAMC1110-Derived Probes.
Authors: Van Rymenant, Yentl and Tanc, Muhammet and Van Elzen, Roos and Bracke, An and De Wever, Olivier and Augustyns, Koen and Lambeir, Anne-Marie and Kockx, Mark and De Meester, Ingrid and Van Der Veken, Pieter
Journal: Frontiers in chemistry (2021): 640566
Multicolor fluorescence encoding of different microRNAs in lung cancer tissues at the single-molecule level.
Authors: Li, Chen-Chen and Chen, Hui-Yan and Luo, Xiliang and Hu, Juan and Zhang, Chun-Yang
Journal: Chemical science (2021): 12407-12418
Global Detection of Proteins by Label-Based Antibody Array.
Authors: Kuang, Zhizhou and Chen, Li-Pai and Huang, Ruochun and Huang, Ruo-Pan
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2021): 45-53
The poly-thymine based DNA photolithography onto electrostatic coupling substrates.
Authors: Song, Youngjun
Journal: Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications (2020): 110795
A signal-enhanced and sensitive lateral flow aptasensor for the rapid detection of PDGF-BB.
Authors: Cheng, Na and Liu, Yujie and Mukama, Omar and Han, Xiaobo and Huang, Hualin and Li, Shuai and Zhou, Peng and Lu, Xuewen and Li, Zhiyuan
Journal: RSC advances (2020): 18601-18607
Protein-induced fluorescence enhancement for a simple and universal detection of protein/small molecule interactions.
Authors: Kim, Hansol and Lee, Chang Yeol and Song, Jayeon and Yoon, Junhyeok and Park, Ki Soo and Park, Hyun Gyu
Journal: RSC advances (2018): 39913-39917
Incorporation of isotopic, fluorescent, and heavy-atom-modified nucleotides into RNAs by position-selective labeling of RNA.
Authors: Liu, Yu and Holmstrom, Erik and Yu, Ping and Tan, Kemin and Zuo, Xiaobing and Nesbitt, David J and Sousa, Rui and Stagno, Jason R and Wang, Yun-Xing
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Evaluation of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibition by Peptide Microarray-Based Fluorescence Assay on Polymer Brush Substrate and in Vivo Assessment.
Authors: Lei, Zhen and Chen, Hongda and Zhang, Hua and Wang, Yaoqi and Meng, Xianying and Wang, Zhenxin
Journal: ACS applied materials & interfaces (2017): 44241-44250
Rapid visual identification of PCR amplified nucleic acids by centrifugal gel separation: Potential use for molecular point-of-care tests.
Authors: Hwang, Sang-Hyun and Kim, Dong-Eun and Im, Ji-Hyun and Kang, Su-Jin and Lee, Do-Hoon and Son, Sang Jun
Journal: Biosensors & bioelectronics (2016): 829-34
Microarrays as Model Biosensor Platforms to Investigate the Structure and Affinity of Aptamers.
Authors: Martin, Jennifer A and Chushak, Yaroslav and Chávez, Jorge L and Hagen, Joshua A and Kelley-Loughnane, Nancy
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Applications of PLOR in labeling large RNAs at specific sites.
Authors: Liu, Yu and Yu, Ping and Dyba, Marzena and Sousa, Rui and Stagno, Jason R and Wang, Yun-Xing
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Measuring Attachment and Internalization of Influenza A Virus in A549 Cells by Flow Cytometry.
Authors: Pohl, Marie O and Stertz, Silke
Journal: Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE (2015): e53372
Fluorescent Quantification of DNA Based on Core-Shell Fe3O4@SiO2@Au Nanocomposites and Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification.
Authors: Fan, Jing and Yang, Haowen and Liu, Ming and Wu, Dan and Jiang, Hongrong and Zeng, Xin and Elingarami, Sauli and Ll, Zhiyang and Li, Song and Liu, Hongna and He, Nongyue
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Luminescence resonance energy transfer-based nucleic acid hybridization assay on cellulose paper with upconverting phosphor as donors.
Authors: Zhou, Feng and Noor, M Omair and Krull, Ulrich J
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An immunohistochemical assay on human tissue using a human primary antibody.
Authors: Peuscher, Anne and Gassler, Nikolaus and Schneider, Ursula and Thom, Pascal and Rasche, Stefan and Spiegel, Holger and Schillberg, Stefan
Journal: Journal of immunoassay & immunochemistry (2014): 322-34
High-contrast fluorescence microscopy for a biomolecular analysis based on polarization techniques using an optical interference mirror slide.
Authors: Yasuda, Mitsuru and Akimoto, Takuo
Journal: Biosensors (2014): 513-22
Microfluidic biosensor for the detection of DNA by fluorescence enhancement and the following streptavidin detection by fluorescence quenching.
Authors: Wang, Jun and Aki, Michihiko and Onoshima, Daisuke and Arinaga, Kenji and Kaji, Noritada and Tokeshi, Manabu and Fujita, Shozo and Yokoyama, Naoki and Baba, Yoshinobu
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Biotinylated amphiphile-single walled carbon nanotube conjugate for target-specific delivery to cancer cells.
Authors: Brahmachari, Sayanti and Ghosh, Moumita and Dutta, Sounak and Das, Prasanta Kumar
Journal: Journal of materials chemistry. B (2014): 1160-1173
Development and application of antibody microarray for lymphocystis disease virus detection in fish.
Authors: Sheng, Xiuzhen and Xu, Xiaoli and Zhan, Wenbin
Journal: Journal of virological methods (2013): 243-9
Specific and reversible photochemical labeling of plasmid DNA using photoresponsive oligonucleotides containing 3-cyanovinylcarbazole.
Authors: Fujimoto, Kenzo and Hiratsuka-Konishi, Kaoru and Sakamoto, Takashi and Ohtake, Tomoko and Shinohara, Ken-ichi and Yoshimura, Yoshinaga
Journal: Molecular bioSystems (2012): 491-4
Comparing the intracellular fate of components within a noncovalent streptavidin nanoparticle with covalent conjugation.
Authors: Liu, Yuxia and Cheng, Dengfeng and Liu, Xinrong and Liu, Guozheng and Dou, Shuping and Xiao, Nan and Chen, Ling and Rusckowski, Mary and Hnatowich, Donald J
Journal: Nuclear medicine and biology (2012): 101-7
In vivo imaging of immuno-spin trapped radicals with molecular magnetic resonance imaging in a diabetic mouse model.
Authors: Towner, Rheal A and Smith, Nataliya and Saunders, Debra and Henderson, Michael and Downum, Kristen and Lupu, Florea and Silasi-Mansat, Robert and Ramirez, Dario C and Gomez-Mejiba, Sandra E and Bonini, Marcelo G and Ehrenshaft, Marilyn and Mason, Ronald P
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Highly sensitive fluorescence detection of avidin/streptavidin with an optical interference mirror slide.
Authors: Yasuda, Mitsuru and Akimoto, Takuo
Journal: Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (2012): 947-52
Single molecule imaging of the trans-translation entry process via anchoring of the tagged ribosome.
Authors: Zhou, Zhan-Ping and Shimizu, Yoshihiro and Tadakuma, Hisashi and Taguchi, Hideki and Ito, Koichi and Ueda, Takuya
Journal: Journal of biochemistry (2011): 609-18
Sequence-dependent fluorescence of cyanine dyes on microarrays.
Authors: Agbavwe, Christy and Somoza, Mark M
Journal: PloS one (2011): e22177
Molecular MRI assessment of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 in rat C6 gliomas.
Authors: He, Ting and Smith, Nataliya and Saunders, Debra and Doblas, Sabrina and Watanabe, Yasuko and Hoyle, Jessica and Silasi-Mansat, Robert and Lupu, Florea and Lerner, Megan and Brackett, Daniel J and Towner, Rheal A
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DNA microarrays for visual detection of human pathogenic microorganisms based on tyramine signal amplification coupled with gold label silver stain.
Authors: Qi, Hong-Juan and Chen, Su-Hong and Zhang, Min-Li and Shi, Hua and Wang, Sheng-Qi
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Encapsulation of pancreatic islets within nano-thin functional polyethylene glycol coatings for enhanced insulin secretion.
Authors: Kizilel, Seda and Scavone, Andrew and Liu, Xiang and Nothias, Jean-Manuel and Ostrega, Diane and Witkowski, Piotr and Millis, Michael
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Development and clinical evaluation of a microarray for hepatitis C virus genotyping.
Authors: Park, Jae-Chan and Kim, Jong-Man and Kwon, Oh-Joong and Lee, Kyoung-Ryul and Chai, Young-Guy and Oh, Heung-Bum
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Quantification and identification of mitochondrial proteins containing vicinal dithiols.
Authors: Requejo, Raquel and Chouchani, Edward T and James, Andrew M and Prime, Tracy A and Lilley, Kathryn S and Fearnley, Ian M and Murphy, Michael P
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Photo- and biophysical studies of lectin-conjugated fluorescent nanoparticles: reduced sensitivity in high density assays.
Authors: Wang, Yaqi and Gildersleeve, Jeffrey C and Basu, Amit and Zimmt, Matthew B
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In vivo detection of inducible nitric oxide synthase in rodent gliomas.
Authors: Towner, Rheal A and Smith, Nataliya and Doblas, Sabrina and Garteiser, Philippe and Watanabe, Yasuko and He, Ting and Saunders, Debra and Herlea, Oana and Silasi-Mansat, Robert and Lupu, Florea
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Prostasin-dependent activation of epithelial Na+ channels by low plasmin concentrations.
Authors: Svenningsen, Per and Uhrenholt, Torben R and Palarasah, Yaseelan and Skjødt, Karsten and Jensen, Boye L and Skøtt, Ole
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SNPs detection by a single-strand specific nuclease on a PNA zip-code microarray.
Authors: Mun, Hyo Young and Girigoswami, Agnishwar and Jung, Cheulhee and Cho, Dae-Yeon and Park, Hyun Gyu
Journal: Biosensors & bioelectronics (2009): 1706-11
A microarray based approach for the identification of common foodborne viruses.
Authors: Ayodeji, Mobolanle and Kulka, Michael and Jackson, Scott A and Patel, Isha and Mammel, Mark and Cebula, Thomas A and Goswami, Biswendu B
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[A novel protein microarray detection technique based on biotin-avidin conjugation probe].
Authors: Yu, Xiaobo and Zhao, Tianming and Sun, Zhidan and Yuan, Hongkun and He, Wei and Xu, Danke
Journal: Sheng wu gong cheng xue bao = Chinese journal of biotechnology (2008): 515-20
Development of a fluorescent and colorimetric detection methods-based protein microarray for serodiagnosis of TORCH infections.
Authors: Jiang, Li and Yu, Zhangbin and Du, Weidong and Tang, Zuming and Jiang, Tao and Zhang, Chunxiu and Lu, Zuhong
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Microarray-based detection of Korean-specific BRCA1 mutations.
Authors: Jung, Cheulhee and Yim, Seong-Chun and Cho, Dae-Yeon and Chang, Ho Nam and Park, Hyun Gyu
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PCR-free mutation detection of BRCA1 on a zip-code microarray using ligase chain reaction.
Authors: Girigoswami, Agnishwar and Jung, Cheulhee and Mun, Hyo Young and Park, Hyun Gyu
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Construction of an antibody microarray based on agarose-coated slides.
Authors: Lv, Lin-Li and Liu, Bi-Cheng and Zhang, Chun-Xiu and Tang, Zu-Ming and Zhang, Lu and Lu, Zu-Hong
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Redirecting lipoic acid ligase for cell surface protein labeling with small-molecule probes.
Authors: Fernández-Suárez, Marta and Baruah, Hemanta and Martínez-Hernández, Laura and Xie, Kathleen T and Baskin, Jeremy M and Bertozzi, Carolyn R and Ting, Alice Y
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Qdot nanocrystal conjugates conjugated to bombesin or ANG II label the cognate G protein-coupled receptor in living cells.
Authors: Young, Steven H and Rozengurt, Enrique
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[Mechanism of the formation of a special inv(Y): a case study].
Authors: Zhou, Bo and Tang, Yan-Ping and Liu, Yong-Zhang
Journal: Yi chuan = Hereditas (2006): 148-52
C-terminal modifications of a protein by UAG-encoded incorporation of puromycin during in vitro protein synthesis in the absence of release factor 1.
Authors: Agafonov, Dmitry E and Rabe, Kersten S and Grote, Michael and Voertler, C Stefan and Sprinzl, Mathias
Journal: Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology (2006): 330-6
Affibody protein capture microarrays: synthesis and evaluation of random and directed immobilization of affibody molecules.
Authors: Renberg, Björn and Shiroyama, Ikue and Engfeldt, Torun and Nygren, Per-Ke and Karlström, Amelie Eriksson
Journal: Analytical biochemistry (2005): 334-43
Micropatterning of biomolecules on glass surfaces modified with various functional groups using photoactivatable biotin.
Authors: Choi, Hyun Ju and Kim, Nam Hyun and Chung, Bong Hyun and Seong, Gi Hun
Journal: Analytical biochemistry (2005): 60-6
Secretagogin-containing neurons in the mouse main olfactory bulb.
Authors: Kosaka, Katsuko and Kosaka, Toshio
Journal: Neuroscience research : 16-32
A biotin label-based antibody array for high-content profiling of protein expression.
Authors: Huang, Ruochun and Jiang, Weidong and Yang, Jean and Mao, Ying Qing and Zhang, Ying and Yang, Weiming and Yang, Dongzi and Burkholder, Brett and Huang, Rani Fan and Huang, Ruo-Pan
Journal: Cancer genomics & proteomics : 129-41