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There are 2 citation(s) for Cell Meter™ Fluorimetric Cellular Voltage Assay Kit (Cat No. 35000).

Activation of the LINC00242/miR-141/FOXC1 axis underpins the development of gastric cancer
Authors: Zhong, Xiongdong and Yu, Xianchang and Wen, Xiaoyan and Chen, Lei and Gu, Ni
Journal: Cancer Cell International (2020): 1--11
MicroRNA-1305 inhibits the stemness of LCSCs and tumorigenesis by repressing the UBE2T-dependent Akt-signaling pathway
Authors: Wei, Xiaoyong and You, Xiaolong and Zhang, Jianlong and Zhou, Cuncai
Journal: Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids (2019): 721--732

There are 12 reference(s) for Cell Meter™ Fluorimetric Cellular Voltage Assay Kit (Cat No. 35000).

Assessing Spatiotemporal and Functional Organization of Mitochondrial Networks.
Authors: Kurz, Felix T and Aon, Miguel A and O'Rourke, Brian and Armoundas, Antonis A
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Visualizing and Quantifying the Effect of the Inhibition of HSP70 on Breast Cancer Cells Based on Laser Scanning Microscopy.
Authors: Yu, Biying and Yang, Hongqin and Zhang, Xiaoman and Li, Hui
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Two-photon deep-tissue spatially resolved mitochondrial imaging using membrane potential fluorescence fluctuations.
Authors: Tehrani, Kayvan Forouhesh and Pendleton, Emily G and Southern, William M and Call, Jarrod A and Mortensen, Luke J
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Calcineurin/nuclear factor-κB signaling mediates isoflurane-induced hippocampal neuroinflammation and subsequent cognitive impairment in aged rats.
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Amplification of arsenic genotoxicity by TiO2 nanoparticles in mammalian cells: new insights from physicochemical interactions and mitochondria.
Authors: Wang, Xinan and Liu, Yun and Wang, Juan and Nie, Yaguang and Chen, Shaopeng and Hei, Tom K and Deng, Zhaoxiang and Wu, Lijun and Zhao, Guoping and Xu, An
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The novel isoxazoline ectoparasiticide fluralaner: selective inhibition of arthropod γ-aminobutyric acid- and L-glutamate-gated chloride channels and insecticidal/acaricidal activity.
Authors: Gassel, Michael and Wolf, Christian and Noack, Sandra and Williams, Heike and Ilg, Thomas
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A cell-sparing electric field stimulation technique for high-throughput screening of voltage-gated ion channels.
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