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There are 37 reference(s) for XFD488 tetrazine *Same Structure to Alexa Fluor™ 488 tetrazine* (Cat No. 4600).

Nanobody click chemistry for convenient site-specific fluorescent labelling, single step immunocytochemistry and delivery into living cells by photoporation and live cell imaging.
Authors: Hebbrecht, Tim and Liu, Jing and Zwaenepoel, Olivier and Boddin, Gaëlle and Van Leene, Chloé and Decoene, Klaas and Madder, Annemieke and Braeckmans, Kevin and Gettemans, Jan
Journal: New biotechnology (2020): 33-43
A novel tracer for in vivo optical imaging of fatty acid metabolism in the heart and brown adipose tissue.
Authors: Panagia, Marcello and Yang, Jing and Gale, Eric and Wang, Huan and Luptak, Ivan and Chen, Howard H and Patel, Dakshesh and Croteau, Dominique and Pimentel, David Richard and Bachschmid, Markus Michael and Colucci, Wilson S and Ran, Chongzhao and Sosnovik, David E
Journal: Scientific reports (2020): 11209
Tylophorine reduces protein biosynthesis and rapidly decreases cyclin D1, inhibiting vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in vitro and in organ culture.
Authors: Joa, Helge and Blažević, Tina and Grojer, Christoph and Zeller, Iris and Heiss, Elke H and Atanasov, Atanas G and Feldler, Ines and Gruzdaitis, Päivi and Czaloun, Christa and Proksch, Peter and Messner, Barbara and Bernhard, David and Dirsch, Verena M
Journal: Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology (2019): 152938
PET imaging of EGFR expression using an 18F-labeled RNA aptamer.
Authors: Cheng, Siyuan and Jacobson, Orit and Zhu, Guizhi and Chen, Zhen and Liang, Steve H and Tian, Rui and Yang, Zhen and Niu, Gang and Zhu, Xiaohua and Chen, Xiaoyuan
Journal: European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging (2019): 948-956
Long-term live cells observation of internalized fluorescent Fe@C nanoparticles in constant magnetic field.
Authors: Garanina, Anastasiia and Kireev, Igor and Zhironkina, Oxana and Strelkova, Olga and Shakhov, Anton and Alieva, Irina and Davydov, Valery and Murugesan, Sankaran and Khabashesku, Valery and Majouga, Alexander and Agafonov, Viatcheslav and Uzbekov, Rustem
Journal: Journal of nanobiotechnology (2019): 27
Cell-type-specific quantification of protein synthesis in vivo.
Authors: Hidalgo San Jose, Lorena and Signer, Robert A J
Journal: Nature protocols (2019): 441-460
Bioorthogonal click chemistry for fluorescence imaging of choline phospholipids in plants.
Authors: Paper, Janet M and Mukherjee, Thiya and Schrick, Kathrin
Journal: Plant methods (2018): 31
Detection of oriC-Independent Replication in Escherichia coli Cells.
Authors: Martel, Makisha and Balleydier, Aurélien and Brochu, Julien and Drolet, Marc
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2018): 131-138
Flow cytometry in formamide treated cells.
Authors: Radicchio, Giovanna and Colicchia, Valeria and Marrapodi, Ramona and Carbonari, Maurizio
Journal: Cytometry. Part A : the journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology (2018): 829-836
Intracellular in situ labeling of TiO2 nanoparticles for fluorescence microscopy detection.
Authors: Brown, Koshonna and Thurn, Ted and Xin, Lun and Liu, William and Bazak, Remon and Chen, Si and Lai, Barry and Vogt, Stefan and Jacobsen, Chris and Paunesku, Tatjana and Woloschak, Gayle E
Journal: Nano research (2018): 464-476
Thiol-ene click chemistry towards easy microarraying of half-antibodies.
Authors: Alonso, Rafael and Jiménez-Meneses, Pilar and García-Rupérez, Jaime and Bañuls, María-José and Maquieira, Ángel
Journal: Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) (2018): 6144-6147
Fluorescent Labeling of Collagen Production by Cells for Noninvasive Imaging of Extracellular Matrix Deposition.
Authors: Bardsley, Katie and Yang, Ying and El Haj, Alicia J
Journal: Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods (2017): 228-236
Metabolism-Based Click-Mediated Platform for Specific Imaging and Quantification of Cell Surface Sialic Acids.
Authors: Liang, Yong and Jiang, Xin and Yuan, Rong and Zhou, Yang and Ji, Caixia and Yang, Limin and Chen, Haifeng and Wang, Qiuquan
Journal: Analytical chemistry (2017): 538-543
A Potent Inhibitor of Protein Sequestration by Expanded Triplet (CUG) Repeats that Shows Phenotypic Improvements in a Drosophila Model of Myotonic Dystrophy.
Authors: Luu, Long M and Nguyen, Lien and Peng, Shaohong and Lee, JuYeon and Lee, Hyang Yeon and Wong, Chun-Ho and Hergenrother, Paul J and Chan, H Y Edwin and Zimmerman, Steven C
Journal: ChemMedChem (2016): 1428-35
Activity-Based Protein Profiling of Ammonia Monooxygenase in Nitrosomonas europaea.
Authors: Bennett, Kristen and Sadler, Natalie C and Wright, Aaron T and Yeager, Chris and Hyman, Michael R
Journal: Applied and environmental microbiology (2016): 2270-2279
How do the alkaloids emetine and homoharringtonine kill trypanosomes? An insight into their molecular modes of action.
Authors: Krstin, Sonja and Mohamed, Tamer and Wang, Xiaojuan and Wink, Michael
Journal: Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology (2016): 1771-1777
A Clickable Analogue of Ketamine Retains NMDA Receptor Activity, Psychoactivity, and Accumulates in Neurons.
Authors: Emnett, Christine and Li, Hairong and Jiang, Xiaoping and Benz, Ann and Boggiano, Joseph and Conyers, Sara and Wozniak, David F and Zorumski, Charles F and Reichert, David E and Mennerick, Steven
Journal: Scientific reports (2016): 38808
Isolation of Plant Nuclei at Defined Cell Cycle Stages Using EdU Labeling and Flow Cytometry.
Authors: Wear, Emily E and Concia, Lorenzo and Brooks, Ashley M and Markham, Emily A and Lee, Tae-Jin and Allen, George C and Thompson, William F and Hanley-Bowdoin, Linda
Journal: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2016): 69-86
Artificial Formation and Tuning of Glycoprotein Networks on Live Cell Membranes: A Single-Molecule Tracking Study.
Authors: Möckl, Leonhard and Lindhorst, Thisbe K and Bräuchle, Christoph
Journal: Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry (2016): 829-35
New functionalized mercaptoundecahydrododecaborate derivatives for potential application in boron neutron capture therapy: synthesis, characterization and dynamic visualization in cells.
Authors: Genady, Afaf R and Ioppolo, Joseph A and Azaam, Mohamed M and El-Zaria, Mohamed E
Journal: European journal of medicinal chemistry (2015): 574-83
Multifunctional porous silicon nanoparticles for cancer theranostics.
Authors: Wang, Chang-Fang and Sarparanta, Mirkka P and Mäkilä, Ermei M and Hyvönen, Maija L K and Laakkonen, Pirjo M and Salonen, Jarno J and Hirvonen, Jouni T and Airaksinen, Anu J and Santos, Hélder A
Journal: Biomaterials (2015): 108-18
CaRuby-Nano: a novel high affinity calcium probe for dual color imaging.
Authors: Collot, Mayeul and Wilms, Christian D and Bentkhayet, Asma and Marcaggi, Païkan and Couchman, Kiri and Charpak, Serge and Dieudonné, Stéphane and Häusser, Michael and Feltz, Anne and Mallet, Jean-Maurice
Journal: eLife (2015)
Labeling proteins on live mammalian cells using click chemistry.
Authors: Nikić, Ivana and Kang, Jun Hee and Girona, Gemma Estrada and Aramburu, Iker Valle and Lemke, Edward A
Journal: Nature protocols (2015): 780-91
Erythropoietin protects neuroblastoma cells against etoposide and vincristine by activating ERK and AKT pathways but has no effect in kidney cells.
Authors: Vazquez-Mellado, Maria Jose and Aguilar, Cecilia and Rocha-Zavaleta, Leticia
Journal: Life sciences (2015): 142-9
Constitutive stable DNA replication in Escherichia coli cells lacking type 1A topoisomerase activity.
Authors: Martel, Makisha and Balleydier, Aurélien and Sauriol, Alexandre and Drolet, Marc
Journal: DNA repair (2015): 37-47
Chemoenzymatic strategy for the synthesis of site-specifically labeled immunoconjugates for multimodal PET and optical imaging.
Authors: Zeglis, Brian M and Davis, Charles B and Abdel-Atti, Dalya and Carlin, Sean D and Chen, Aimei and Aggeler, Robert and Agnew, Brian J and Lewis, Jason S
Journal: Bioconjugate chemistry (2014): 2123-8
Exploring a 2-naphthoic acid template for the structure-based design of P2Y14 receptor antagonist molecular probes.
Authors: Kiselev, Evgeny and Barrett, Matthew O and Katritch, Vsevolod and Paoletta, Silvia and Weitzer, Clarissa D and Brown, Kyle A and Hammes, Eva and Yin, Andrew L and Zhao, Qiang and Stevens, Raymond C and Harden, T Kendall and Jacobson, Kenneth A
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Total chemical synthesis of biologically active fluorescent dye-labeled Ts1 toxin.
Authors: Dang, Bobo and Kubota, Tomoya and Correa, Ana M and Bezanilla, Francisco and Kent, Stephen B H
Journal: Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) (2014): 8970-4
Super-resolution imaging of plasma membrane glycans.
Authors: Letschert, Sebastian and Göhler, Antonia and Franke, Christian and Bertleff-Zieschang, Nadja and Memmel, Elisabeth and Doose, Sören and Seibel, Jürgen and Sauer, Markus
Journal: Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) (2014): 10921-4
4-Alkyloxyimino-cytosine nucleotides: tethering approaches to molecular probes for the P2Y6 receptor.
Authors: Jayasekara, P Suresh and Barrett, Matthew O and Ball, Christopher B and Brown, Kyle A and Kozma, Eszter and Costanzi, Stefano and Squarcialupi, Lucia and Balasubramanian, Ramachandran and Maruoka, Hiroshi and Jacobson, Kenneth A
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Double click: dual functionalized polymeric micelles with antibodies and peptides.
Authors: Chan, Dianna P Y and Owen, Shawn C and Shoichet, Molly S
Journal: Bioconjugate chemistry (2013): 105-13
Novel fluorescent antagonist as a molecular probe in A(3) adenosine receptor binding assays using flow cytometry.
Authors: Kozma, Eszter and Kumar, T Santhosh and Federico, Stephanie and Phan, Khai and Balasubramanian, Ramachandran and Gao, Zhan-Guo and Paoletta, Silvia and Moro, Stefano and Spalluto, Giampiero and Jacobson, Kenneth A
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Reactive polymer coatings: a general route to thiol-ene and thiol-yne click reactions.
Authors: Wu, Jyun-Ting and Huang, Chi-Hui and Liang, Wei-Chieh and Wu, Yen-Lin and Yu, Jiashing and Chen, Hsien-Yeh
Journal: Macromolecular rapid communications (2012): 922-7
Metabolic delivery of methacryloyl groups on living cells and cell surface modification via thiol-ene "click" reaction.
Authors: Iwasaki, Yasuhiko and Matsuno, Hiroshi
Journal: Macromolecular bioscience (2011): 1478-83
Increasing the efficacy of bioorthogonal click reactions for bioconjugation: a comparative study.
Authors: Besanceney-Webler, Christen and Jiang, Hao and Zheng, Tianqing and Feng, Lei and Soriano del Amo, David and Wang, Wei and Klivansky, Liana M and Marlow, Florence L and Liu, Yi and Wu, Peng
Journal: Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) (2011): 8051-6
Click-iT proliferation assay with improved DNA histograms.
Authors: Krishan, Awtar and Hamelik, Ronald M
Journal: Current protocols in cytometry (2010): Unit7.36
New strategy for synthesis of mercaptoundecahydrododecaborate derivatives via click chemistry: possible boron carriers and visualization in cells for neutron capture therapy.
Authors: El-Zaria, Mohamed E and Nakamura, Hiroyuki
Journal: Inorganic chemistry (2009): 11896-902