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Large-scale deorphanization of Nematostella vectensis neuropeptide G protein-coupled receptors supports the independent expansion of bilaterian and cnidarian peptidergic systems
Authors: Thiel, Daniel and Guerra, Luis Alfonso Ya{\~n}ez and Kieswetter, Amanda and Cole, Alison G and Temmerman, Liesbet and Technau, Ulrich and J{\'e}kely, G{\'a}sp{\'a}r
Journal: eLife (2024): RP90674
circ\_0008285 Regulates Glioma Progression via the miR-384/HMGB1 Axis
Authors: Yan, Manli and Hu, Caihong and Hu, Qi and Ma, Heran and Lei, Changjiang and Liu, Yamei and others,
Journal: International Journal of Genomics (2023)
Discovery of paralogous GnRH and corazonin signaling systems in an invertebrate chordate
Authors: Yanez-Guerra, Luis Alfonso and Zandawala, Meet
Journal: bioRxiv (2023): 2023--03
SINE Insertion in the Intron of Pig GHR May Decrease Its Expression by Acting as a Repressor
Authors: Chen Cai, and Zheng, Yao and Wang Mengli, and Murani, Eduard and D'Alessandro, Enrico and Moawad, Ali Shoaib and Wang, Xiaoyan and Wimmers, Klaus and Song, Chengyi
Journal: Animals (2021): 1871
A Litopenaeus vannamei TRIM32 gene is involved in oxidative stress response and innate immunity
Authors: Wang, Lei and Lu, Ke-Cheng and Chen, Guo-Liang and Li, Ming and Zhang, Chao-Zheng and Chen, Yi-Hong
Journal: Fish \& Shellfish Immunology (2020): 547--555
A Powerful Transfection Reagent for Building Stable GPCR Expressing Cell Lines
Authors: Kan, Shu and Liao, Jinfang and Diwu, Zhenjun
Journal: Biophysical Journal (2020): 564a--565a
Lipofectamine 2000/siRNA complexes cause endoplasmic reticulum unfolded protein response in human endothelial cells
Authors: Li, Z., Zhang, C., Wang, Z., Shen, J., Xiang, P., Chen, X., Nan, J., Lin, Y.
Journal: J Cell Physiol (2019): 21166-21181
Transfection reagent Lipofectamine triggers type I interferon signaling activation in macrophages
Authors: Guo, X., Wang, H., Li, Y., Leng, X., Huang, W., Ma, Y., Xu, T., Qi, X.
Journal: Immunol Cell Biol (2019): 92-96
Comparison between Lipofectamine RNAiMAX and GenMute transfection agents in two cellular models of human hepatoma
Authors: Berardo, C., Siciliano, V., Di Pasqua, L. G., Richelmi, P., Vairetti, M., Ferrigno, A.
Journal: Eur J Histochem (2019): ersion="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>60200.enlEndN
Correction to: Nematollahi et al., Ternary complex of plasmid DNA with NLS-Mu-Mu protein and cationic niosome for biocompatible and efficient gene delivery: a comparative study with protamine and lipofectamine
Authors: name="60200.enl" path="C:\Users\aatbi\Dropbox (AAT Bioquest)\Website Working Files\Product References\60200.enl">60200.enlEndNote4417Correction to: Nematollahi et al., Ternary complex of plasmid DNA with NLS-Mu-Mu protein and cationic niosome for biocompatible , undefined and efficient gene delivery: a comparative study with protamine , undefined and lipofectamineArtif Cells Nanomed BiotechnolArtif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol19924682017/12/062018Dec2169-141X (Electronic)&#xD;2169-1401 (Linking)29205060eng&#xD;Published Erratum&#xD;Engl, undefined and &#xD;Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol. 2018 Dec;46(8):1992. doi: 10.1080/21691401.2017.1405231. Epub 2017 Dec 5.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2920506010.1080/21691401.2017.1405231</electronic-reso, undefined
Journal: Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol (2018): 1992
Ternary complex of plasmid DNA with NLS-Mu-Mu protein and cationic niosome for biocompatible and efficient gene delivery: a comparative study with protamine and lipofectamine
Authors: Nematollahi, M. H., Torkzadeh-Mahanai, M., Pardakhty, A., Ebrahimi Meim and , H. A., Asadikaram, G.
Journal: Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol (2018): 1781-1791
The vector-related influences of autophagic microRNA delivery by Lipofectamine 2000 and polyethylenimine 25K on mouse embryonic fibroblast cells
Authors: Lin, C. W., Jan, M. S., Kuo, J. S.
Journal: Eur J Pharm Sci (2017): 11-21
The Utilization of RNA Silencing Technology to Mitigate the Voriconazole Resistance of Aspergillus Flavus; Lipofectamine-Based Delivery
Authors: Nami, S., Baradaran, B., Mansoori, B., Kordbacheh, P., Rezaie, S., Falahati, M., Mohamed Khosroshahi, L., Safara, M., Zaini, F.
Journal: Adv Pharm Bull (2017): 53-59
The intracellular trafficking mechanism of Lipofectamine-based transfection reagents and its implication for gene delivery
Authors: Cardarelli, F., Digiacomo, L., Marchini, C., Amici, A., Salomone, F., Fiume, G., Rossetta, A., Gratton, E., Pozzi, D., Caracciolo, G.
Journal: Sci Rep (2016): 25879
Improved delivery of Cas9 protein/gRNA complexes using lipofectamine CRISPRMAX
Authors: Yu, X., Liang, X., Xie, H., Kumar, S., Ravinder, N., Potter, J., de Mollerat du Jeu, X., Chesnut, J. D.
Journal: Biotechnol Lett (2016): 919-29
Evaluating Electroporation and Lipofectamine Approaches for Transient and Stable Transgene Expressions in Human Fibroblasts and Embryonic Stem Cells
Authors: Sharifi Tabar, M., Hesaraki, M., Esf and iari, F., Sahraneshin Samani, F., Vakilian, H., Baharv and , H.
Journal: Cell J (2015): 438-50
Gene expression of ternary complexes through the compaction of nanofiber-polyplexes by mixing with lipofectamine
Authors: Aono, R., Nomura, K., Yuba, E., Harada, A., Kono, K.
Journal: Biomater Sci (2015): 764-70
The Comparative Utility of Viromer RED and Lipofectamine for Transient Gene Introduction into Glial Cells
Authors: Rao, S., Morales, A. A., Pearse, D. D.
Journal: Biomed Res Int (2015): 458624
Recombinant adeno-associated virus-, polyethylenimine/plasmid- and lipofectamine/carboxyfluorescein-labeled small interfering RNA-based transfection in retinal pigment epithelial cells with ultrasound and/or SonoVue
Authors: Li, H., Wan, C., Li, F.
Journal: Mol Med Rep (2015): 3609-14
Increasing cellular uptake of mesoporous silica nanoparticles in human embryonic kidney cell line 293T cells by using Lipofectamine 2000
Authors: Wang, J., Teng, Z., Tian, Y., Fang, T., Ma, J., Sun, J., Zhu, F., Wu, J., Wang, X., Yang, N., Zhou, X., Yun, S., Lu, G.
Journal: J Biomed Nanotechnol (2013): 1882-90
Escherichia coli bactofection using Lipofectamine
Authors: Narayanan, K., Lee, C. W., Radu, A., Sim, E. U.
Journal: Anal Biochem (2013): 142-4
Effects of Lipofectamine 2000/siRNA complexes on autophagy in hepatoma cells
Authors: Mo, R. H., Zaro, J. L., Ou, J. H., Shen, W. C.
Journal: Mol Biotechnol (2012): 1-8
Sonoporation using microbubbles promotes lipofectamine-mediated siRNA transduction to rat retina
Authors: Zheng, X., Ji, P., Hu, J.
Journal: Bosn J Basic Med Sci (2011): 147-52
Effect of PRX-2 gene transferred by lipofectamine on the proliferation of human skin fibroblasts
Authors: Song, H. F., Chai, J. K., Lin, Z. H.
Journal: Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi (2011): 2600-3
In vitro non-viral lipofectamine delivery of the gene for glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor to human umbilical cord blood CD34+ cells
Authors: Yu, G., Borlongan, C. V., Ou, Y., Stahl, C. E., Yu, S., Bae, E., Kaneko, Y., Yang, T., Yuan, C., Fang, L.
Journal: Brain Res (2010): 147-54
The third helix of the Hoxc8 homeodomain peptide enhances the efficiency of gene transfer in combination with lipofectamine
Authors: Gadi, J., Ruthala, K., Kong, K. A., Park, H. W., Kim, M. H.
Journal: Mol Biotechnol (2009): 41-8
Water soluble polymer protected lipofectamine 2000/DNA complexes for solid-phase transfection
Authors: Zhang, Q., Cheng, S. X., Zhang, X. Z., Zhuo, R. X.
Journal: Macromol Biosci (2009): 1262-71
Synergistic effects on gene delivery--co-formulation of small disulfide-linked dendritic polycations with Lipofectamine 2000
Authors: Hardy, J. G., Love, C. S., Gabrielson, N. P., Pack, D. W., Smith, D. K.
Journal: Org Biomol Chem (2009): 789-93
The efficiency of CD40 down regulation by siRNA and antisense ODN: comparison of lipofectamine and FuGENE6
Authors: Ebadi, P., Karimi, M. H., Pourfathollah, A. A., Saheb Ghadam Lotfi, A., Soheili, Z. S., Samiee, S., Hajati, S., Nadali, F., Geramizadeh, B., Moazzeni, S. M.
Journal: Iran J Immunol (2009): 1-11
Lipofectamine RNAiMAX: an efficient siRNA transfection reagent in human embryonic stem cells
Authors: Zhao, M., Yang, H., Jiang, X., Zhou, W., Zhu, B., Zeng, Y., Yao, K., Ren, C.
Journal: Mol Biotechnol (2008): 19-26
Dependence of reactive oxygen species and FLICE inhibitory protein on lipofectamine-induced apoptosis in human lung epithelial cells
Authors: Kongkaneramit, L., Sarisuta, N., Azad, N., Lu, Y., Iyer, A. K., Wang, L., Rojanasakul, Y.
Journal: J Pharmacol Exp Ther (2008): 969-77
Toxicity of cationic liposome Lipofectamine 2000 in human pancreatic cancer Capan-2 cells
Authors: Zhong, Y. Q., Wei, J., Fu, Y. R., Shao, J., Liang, Y. W., Lin, Y. H., Liu, J., Zhu, Z. H.
Journal: Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao (2008): 1981-4
Complexation of lipofectamine and cholesterol-modified DNA sequences studied by single-molecule fluorescence techniques
Authors: Margineanu, A., De Feyter, S., Melnikov, S., March and , D., van Aerschot, A., Herdewijn, P., Habuchi, S., De Schryver, F. C., Hofkens, J.
Journal: Biomacromolecules (2007): 3382-92
The stable expression of human tissue-type plasminogen activator gene mediated by lipofectamine in human vein endothelial cell line cells
Authors: Liu, X., Zhang, K., Jiang, X., Wang, J., Huang, Y.
Journal: Sheng Wu Yi Xue Gong Cheng Xue Za Zhi (2007): 1330-3
A comparative evaluation of poly-L-lysine-palmitic acid and Lipofectamine 2000 for plasmid delivery to bone marrow stromal cells
Authors: Clements, B. A., Incani, V., Kucharski, C., Lavasanifar, A., Ritchie, B., Uludag, H.
Journal: Biomaterials (2007): 4693-704
Preliminary study of primarily cultured C57 articular cartilage transfected with plasmid IDO-EGFP by lipofectamine
Authors: Duan, X. H., He, X. H., Cui, P. C., Wang, X. Y., Wu, M. M., Shi, J. B., Xu, G., Jiang, X.
Journal: Xi Bao Yu Fen Zi Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi (2007): 1110-2
Growth inhibitory effects of lipofectamine-mediated DCC gene on ovarian epithelial carcinoma
Authors: Li, P. L., Hu, C. J., Li, C. M., Meng, C. Y., Gao, L.
Journal: Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi (2006): 186-9
Metafectene is superior to lipofectamine in the transfection of G(s) alpha prostate cancer cells
Authors: Iczkowski, K. A., Omara-Opyene, A. L., Klosel, R.
Journal: Mol Biotechnol (2004): 97-103
Advanced transfection with Lipofectamine 2000 reagent: primary neurons, siRNA, and high-throughput applications
Authors: Dalby, B., Cates, S., Harris, A., Ohki, E. C., Tilkins, M. L., Price, P. J., Ciccarone, V. C.
Journal: Methods (2004): 95-103
AP-4F, antennapedia peptide linked to an amphipathic alpha helical peptide, increases the efficiency of Lipofectamine-mediated gene transfection in endothelial cells
Authors: Ou, J., Geiger, T., Ou, Z., Ackerman, A. W., Oldham, K. T., Pritchard, K. A., Jr.
Journal: Biochem Biophys Res Commun (2003): 605-10
Experimental study of plasmid TGF-beta 1 DNA gene transfer with lipofectamine into rabbit corneal epithelial cells in vitro
Authors: Huang, Q., Hu, Y., Jiang, F., Chen, H.
Journal: J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci (2002): 62-5
Expression of a human FL eukaryotic expressing plasmid mediated by lipofectamine in HFCL cells
Authors: Ma, L. J., Wang, G. J., Li, L., Hong, X., Pei, X. T.
Journal: Zhongguo Ying Yong Sheng Li Xue Za Zhi (2001): 113-6
A powerful cooperative interaction between a fusogenic peptide and lipofectamine for the enhancement of receptor-targeted, non-viral gene delivery via integrin receptors
Authors: Zhang, X., Collins, L., Fabre, J. W.
Journal: J Gene Med (2001): 560-8
Introduction of C3 exoenzyme into cultured endothelium by lipofectamine
Authors: Borbiev, T., Nurmukhambetova, S., Liu, F., Verin, A. D., Garcia, J. G.
Journal: Anal Biochem (2000): 260-4
Recombinant adenoviral vector-lipofectAMINE complex for gene transduction into human T lymphocytes
Authors: Di Nicola, M., Milanesi, M., Magni, M., Bregni, M., Carlo-Stella, C., Longoni, P., Tomanin, R., Ravagnani, F., Scarpa, M., Jordan, C., Gianni, A. M.
Journal: Hum Gene Ther (1999): 1875-84
Cationic lipids (lipofectamine) and disturbance of cellular cholesterol and sphingomyelin distribution modulates gamma-secretase activity within amyloid precursor protein in vitro
Authors: Urmoneit, B., Turner, J., Dyrks, T.
Journal: Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat (1998): 331-43
Lipofectamine and related cationic lipids strongly improve adenoviral infection efficiency of primitive human hematopoietic cells
Authors: Byk, T., Haddada, H., Vainchenker, W., Louache, F.
Journal: Hum Gene Ther (1998): 2493-502
Lipofection of cultured mouse muscle cells: a direct comparison of Lipofectamine and DOSPER
Authors: Dodds, E., Dunckley, M. G., Naujoks, K., Michaelis, U., Dickson, G.
Journal: Gene Ther (1998): 542-51