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There are 3 citation(s) for Cy3B NHS ester (Cat No. 941).

Homogeneous fluorescence anisotropy-based assay for characterization of ligand binding dynamics to GPCRs in budded baculoviruses: the case of Cy3B-NDP-alpha-MSH binding to MC4 receptors
Authors: Veiksina, S., Kopanchuk, S., Mazina, O., Link, R., Lille, A., Rinken, A.
Journal: Methods Mol Biol (2015): 37-50
A highly fluorescent DNA toolkit: synthesis and properties of oligonucleotides containing new Cy3, Cy5 and Cy3B monomers
Authors: Hall, L. M., Gerowska, M., Brown, T.
Journal: Nucleic Acids Res (2012): e108
Cy3B: improving the performance of cyanine dyes
Authors: Cooper, M., Ebner, A., Briggs, M., Burrows, M., Gardner, N., Richardson, R., West, R.
Journal: J Fluoresc (2004): 145-50