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There are 7 reference(s) for Cy3B alkyne (Cat No. 944).

Sequence-Specific Post-Synthetic Oligonucleotide Labeling for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Applications.
Authors: Egloff, David and Oleinich, Igor A and Zhao, Meng and König, Sebastian L B and Sigel, Roland K O and Freisinger, Eva
Journal: ACS chemical biology (2016): 2558-67
Synthesis and labeling of α-(2,9)-trisialic acid with cyanine dyes for imaging of glycan-binding receptors on living cells.
Authors: Zhang, Xiao-tai and Gu, Zhen-yuan and Liu, Libing and Wang, Shu and Xing, Guo-wen
Journal: Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) (2015): 8606-9
A combination of metabolic labeling and 2D-DIGE analysis in response to a farnesyltransferase inhibitor facilitates the discovery of new prenylated proteins.
Authors: Palsuledesai, Charuta C and Ochocki, Joshua D and Markowski, Todd W and Distefano, Mark D
Journal: Molecular bioSystems (2014): 1094-103
Clickable degradable aliphatic polyesters via copolymerization with alkyne epoxy esters: synthesis and postfunctionalization with organic dyes.
Authors: Teske, Nele S and Voigt, Julia and Shastri, V Prasad
Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014): 10527-33
Rapid labeling of metabolically engineered cell-surface glycoconjugates with a carbamate-linked cyclopropene reporter.
Authors: Späte, Anne-Katrin and Bußkamp, Holger and Niederwieser, Andrea and Schart, Verena F and Marx, Andreas and Wittmann, Valentin
Journal: Bioconjugate chemistry (2014): 147-54
Size-matched alkyne-conjugated cyanine fluorophores to identify differences in protein glycosylation.
Authors: Burnham-Marusich, Amanda R and Plechaty, Anna M and Berninsone, Patricia M
Journal: Electrophoresis (2014): 2621-5
Stepwise orthogonal click chemistry toward fabrication of paclitaxel/galactose functionalized fluorescent nanoparticles for HepG2 cell targeting and delivery.
Authors: Lai, Chian-Hui and Chang, Tsung-Che and Chuang, Yung-Jen and Tzou, Der-Lii and Lin, Chun-Cheng
Journal: Bioconjugate chemistry (2013): 1698-709