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Posted on October 17, 2023
Are there more sodium ions on the outside of cells or the inside?
Cellular Structures and OrganellesIntracellular IonsMembrane Potential and ChannelsMitochondriaPlasma membrane

Posted on January 9, 2023
What is the role of ATP in active transport?
Chemical ReagentsATPCell Proliferation AssaysCell SignalingCellular Structures and OrganellesEnzymesMembrane MarkerPlasma membrane

Posted on February 19, 2020
What is cell lipofection?
Plasma membraneTransfectioncell toxicitylive cell assay

Posted on December 11, 2019
Do B cells have b7?
Cell Plasma Membrane probesPlasma membraneB CellsCD80Receptor Proteins

Posted on December 5, 2019
Are Cell Navigator® Cell Plasma Membrane Staining Kits suitable for cell culture medium samples?
Cell Plasma Membrane probesPlasma membranePlasma membrane staining