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Biocytin hydrazide *CAS 102743-85-1*

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Physical properties
Molecular weight386.51
Storage, safety and handling
H-phraseH303, H313, H333
Hazard symbolXN
Intended useResearch Use Only (RUO)
R-phraseR20, R21, R22
StorageFreeze (< -15 °C)


Molecular weight
This water-soluble biocytin hydrazide is used for the selective non-radioactive detection of glycoconjugates. The method involves either chemical (periodate-induced) or enzymatic (via galactose oxidase) oxidation of glycoconjugates, the resultant aldehyde groups are then labeled with biocytin hydrazide, followed by interaction with an avidin-based enzyme probe.


Common stock solution preparation

Table 1. Volume of Water needed to reconstitute specific mass of Biocytin hydrazide *CAS 102743-85-1* to given concentration. Note that volume is only for preparing stock solution. Refer to sample experimental protocol for appropriate experimental/physiological buffers.

0.1 mg0.5 mg1 mg5 mg10 mg
1 mM258.726 µL1.294 mL2.587 mL12.936 mL25.873 mL
5 mM51.745 µL258.726 µL517.451 µL2.587 mL5.175 mL
10 mM25.873 µL129.363 µL258.726 µL1.294 mL2.587 mL

Molarity calculator

Enter any two values (mass, volume, concentration) to calculate the third.

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Product Family

NameExcitation (nm)Emission (nm)Extinction coefficient (cm -1 M -1)Correction Factor (280 nm)
ICG hydrazide7898132300000.076



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