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CytoCite™ GR100 Portable Fluorometer

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The CytoCite™ Fluorometer GR100 is a cloud-integrated, palm-sized fluorometer designed for reading red fluorescence (Ex/Em = 530 nm/620 nm), with a sensitivity limit capable of detecting as little as 1 nM of resorufin, making it highly optimal for running essential quantification assays. With its small footprint, it is the most compact fluorometer on the market, allowing for easy integration into any laboratory setup, point of care use and field tests. Furthermore, as the only cloud-enabled fluorometer available, the CytoCite™ Fluorometer offers several key advantages over other similar products, such as the Qubit™ (trademark of ThermoFisher). These include a). unlimited storage of sample results; b). automated daily data backups to prevent unexpected data loss; c). synchronization of sample results across different platforms, accessible from any authenticated device, such as a smartphone; compatibility with AAT Bioquest's comprehensive Quest Graph™ analysis suite, for fast and easy regression modeling, IC50 calculations and more. For assays, the CytoCite™ Fluorometer can utilize sample volumes of as little as 1 uL and is several orders of magnitude more sensitive than the Nanodrop™ (trademark of ThermoFisher) for both DNA (abs = 260 nm) and protein (abs = 280 nm) quantification. It is also compatible with a comprehensive library of bioassays and fluorometric reagents, allowing for rapid, repeatable quantification of biological molecules such as calcium, mercury, HRP, hydrogen peroxide, glucose, glucose oxidase, choline, calcium, magnesium, glutamic acid, acetylcholine esterase, NAD/NADH, NADP/NADPH, phosphatases, glycosidases, ascorbic acid, lactate, glycerol, endotoxins, proteins, DNA, RNA, and many others.