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ReadiPrep™ Protein G-Agarose Resin

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ReadiPrep™ Protein G-Agarose Resin is a high-quality affinity resin designed for the isolation and purification of immunoglobulin classes, subclasses, and fragments from mammalian serum and biological fluids. It features recombinant protein G, derived from E. coli, anchored to 4% and 6% highly cross-linked agarose matrices to ensure high yield and purity. The recombinant Protein G has been designed to eliminate the albumin and cell surface binding domains to minimize nonspecific binding while retaining efficient binding to the Fc region. ReadiPrep™ is effective for purifying polyclonal IgG from sources like mouse, human, and cow serum, including human IgG3 and mouse IgG1 isotypes. It is compatible with various affinity purification systems, including FPLC and HPLC, and is optimized for high-flow conditions.