Signal Guard™ HRP conjugate stabilizer

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Storage Freeze (<-15 °C)
Minimize light exposure
Category Enzyme Detection
Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)
Related Secondary Reagents
The major advantage of a liquid HRP-conjugate is that it eliminates the chance for human error when dissolving or diluting the lyophilized or concentrated conjugate. Adding too much or not enough buffer results in assay to assay variation. Until now, the disadvantage of this format was the inherent instability of the liquid HRP-conjugates. Our HRP-conjugate stabilizer is formulated to allow you to provide pre-diluted, ready-to-use conjugates. This formulation can be used to create stock solutions (1:1,000) or ready-to-use assay reagents (1:100,000) that can be stored at 4°C for 24 monthss or at room temperature for six months.


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This protocol only provides a guideline, and should be modified according to your specific needs.

Note 1: Use buffers, such as Hepes, Tris, Tricine, Mops, PIPES or MES, that contain < 10% phosphate with this HRP Conjugate Stabilizer. Buffers containing > 10% phosphate or significant amounts of borate and carbonate may cause precipitation.

  • Dilute the primary or secondary peroxidase conjugated antibody or other protein or compound with the HRP Conjugate Stabilizer to the desired 1X working concentration determined for your conjugate.
  • This HRP conjugate stabilizer dilutes and stabilizes HRP conjugates in a single step.
  • Do not freeze the HRP conjugates once the HRP conjugate stabilizer is added. Many HRP-conjugates prepared in this manner maintain HRP activity for up to 12 months or longer when properly stored.

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