Stain-All *CAS 7423-31-6*

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Chemical structure for Stain-All *CAS 7423-31-6*
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CAS #7423-31-6
Storage Freeze (<-15 °C)
Minimize light exposure
Category Nucleic Acid Detection
RNA Detection
Related General proteins
DNA Detection
Stains-all is suitable for differential staining of nucleic acids and proteins. It stains RNA on bluish purple, DNA in blue and proteins in red. As little as 3 ng (123 BP fragment) of pBR322/Hae III digest DNA and 90 ng tRNA can be detected on a polyacrylamide gel. PAGE gels are stained in the dark and then destaining by removing the gel from the staining solution and exposing it to the light from a light box until sufficient destaining has occurred. A staining solution is typically made by dissolving the dye in formamide and buffer.

Common stock solution preparation

Table 1. Volume of DMSO needed to reconstitute specific mass of Stain-All *CAS 7423-31-6* to given concentration. Note that volume is only for preparing stock solution. Refer to sample experimental protocol for appropriate experimental/physiological buffers.

Molarity calculator

Table 2. Enter any two values (mass, volume, concentration) to calculate the third.

Mass Molecular weight Volume Concentration Moles
/ = x =


Quick Preview

This protocol only provides a guideline, and should be modified according to your specific needs.
At a glance

Store at -20 °C. Expiration date is one year from the date of receipt.

Maximum Excitation: 573 nm
Maximum Emission: 609 nm

Preparation of stock solution
Unless otherwise noted, all unused stock solutions should be divided into single-use aliquots and stored at -20 °C after preparation. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

1. 0.1% Stains-All stock stain:
Add 10 mg of Stains-All into 10 mL of formamide and mix well.

Preparation of working solution

Stains-All working solution:
Mix 1 mL stock stain, 1 mL formamide, 5 mL isopropranol, 100 μL Tris-HCl (3.0 M, pH-8.8) and 12.9 mL water, Mix well.

Sample experimental protocol

Table 1. Stain colors of different biomolecules with Stain-All

Biomolecule Stain Color
RNA Bluish Purple
DNA Blue
Proteins Red
Acid Mucopolysaccarides Various

Gel Electrophoresis

  1. Stain gel by soaking it in a covered container for 18 to 24 hours, protected from light.

  2. Destain the gel by soaking it in water, protected from light. Note: Exposure to light will produce a dull yellow background. Note: Destaining may also be done by exposing the gel to light for 30 minutes.
Example data analysis and figures

Figure 1. Chemical structure for Stain-All *CAS 7423-31-6*
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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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