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AssayWise Letters 2020, Vol. 9(1)

Exploration of SYTO® 9 Variabilities of Labeling Live Bacterial Cells and Analysis of MycoLight™ Fluorophore Alternatives for Live Bacterial Labeling and Viability Assessment
The proprietary cell-permeable nucleic acid probe SYTO® 9 is commonly used in microbiology as either a standalone dye or in combination with propidium iodide (PI) in bacterial viability assays. The usefulness of SYTO® 9, in general, overcomes the negative aspects such as high cytotoxicity, but cell-permeable

RATIOWORKS pH 165, AM: A Dual Excitation/Emission Fluorescence Probe For Imaging Live Cells
A novel dual excitation/emission fluorescent probe has been developed for specific and sensitive determination of intracellular pH in cellular processes. The present study explores the effectiveness of RatioWorksTM pH 165, AM as a pH-sensitive fluorescent indicator by analyzing the spectral

Transfectamine 5000: an efficient and reliable DNA delivery system
The impact of any protein in cells is widely studied by over expressing a protein of interest and investigating the biomolecular alterations that occur due to the overexpression of that protein. These studies are undertaken to better understand the functionality of vital proteins, such as tumor suppressor

Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Fluorescent Labeling Tools for Imaging and Flow Cytometry
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) represent a promising class of biopharmaceutical tools revolutionizing the treatment landscape of immunological disorders, reversal of drug effects, and cancer therapy. Since the late 1990s to 2018, the total number of approved therapeutic mAbs by the