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How long can I store the oligonucleotide?

Posted October 19, 2020


Oligonucleotides are relatively stable molecules and be stored for up to a maximum of 2 years under optimum handling and storage conditions. The exact storage time depends on the storage conditions.

Storage temperatureStorage conditionApproximate storage time at which Oligonucleotides will remain stable
Freezer at -20°Dry or in water or TE buffer solution2 years
Refrigerator at 4°C or lower temperatureDry or in water or TE buffer solution

1 year

Room temperatureDry or in TE buffer solution3-6 months
Higher temperatures such as when stored in shipping or storage warehouse under non-temperature controlled conditionsDry or in TE buffer solution1-2 months

The shelf lives mentioned above are estimates only. Various other factors may affect the stability of Oligonucleotides.

To keep Oligonucleotides stable:

  • TE buffer is the best option for dissolving Oligonucleotides at all temperatures.
  • Water that is used to create the storage solution should also be at neutral pH to prevent depurination. Laboratory-grade water may be slightly acidic, which slowly damages DNA over time.
  • Oligonucleotides should never be stored in water at temperatures above 4°C.
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