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How to measure total cholesterol level?

Posted October 21, 2019

How do i quantify total cholesterol in salivary samples?


Amplite® Cholesterol Quantiation Kit (Cat No. 40006) uses a simple method to quantify total cholesterol in salivary samples. See sample protocol below.

Sample Collection

Prep each patient prior to collecting salivary sample. Patients must aviod chewing gum for at least 30 minutes prior to sample collection. In some cases patients may need to fast overnight for 12-14 hours prior to sample collection.

  1. Have each patient brush their teeth thoroughly without toothpaste
  2. Next, have each patient floss
  3. Rinse patient's mouth with distilled water and collect sample
  4. Store sample on ice

Sample Preparation

Centrifuge samples collected from each patient at high speeds and collect supernatant. For immediate testing, store supernatant on ice, otherwise store supernatant at -20°C. Dilute supernatant 25 to 100 fold with assay buffer (component B, Cat No. 40006). Add 50 µL/well of sample to test.

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