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What is the best way to stain cells with Membrane Marker 1-43 (MM 1-43)?

Posted April 19, 2018

Can you provide a protocol?


Below is a brief protocol for staining cells with MM 1-43:

  1. Dissolve MM 1-43 in DMSO to make a 10 mg/mL stock solution.
    1. Recommended storage temperature for stock solution is 4oC.
  2. Dilute your stock solution to 100 μg/mL in DMSO and then dilute with water before staining.
    1. Your final stain concentration should be approximately 1-10 μg/mL.  Make sure to prepare a fresh solution in water every time prior to use.
  3. Incubate your sample for 15-30 minutes at room temperature, protected from light.
  4. Rinse your sample gently with sterilized water.
  5. Image your sample immediately after washing.
    1. Ex/Em = ~510/626 nm
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