AAT Bioquest

COVID-19 Update

Actively helping customers, employees and the global community during the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is fast moving, but AAT Bioquest is doing everything that we can to maintain supply of products and services during this unprecedented time, with the goal of contributing towards the response and research efforts within the global community.

We are Open

We are focused on keeping our employees safe, while actively monitoring ways to mitigate the impact to our customers. During this time, our business hours remain unchanged but safety policies may disrupt manufacturing capacity. We are a critical supplier of detection reagents and tools for pandemic-related research. Our customer service and technical support teams remain available to provide assistance for any research questions and needs. Essential operations staff will also be working with full safety precautions to deliver upon our customers' orders, especially in response to protecting public health worldwide.

Contributing to Advancing Assay Technologies

AAT Bioquest's products are used by researchers in universities and diagnostic and drug discovery companies, as tools for the development of COVID-19 assays, screening and vaccine research. We have partnered with some of the largest companies in the biotechnology and life sciences industry in an effort to support the global community during this health crisis. Some of our research products include:

Oligo, FRET and PCR Reagents for use in identification, detection and quantification of viral random

Antibody, Secondary and ELISA Reagents for use in detection of primary antibodies for serology applications such as ELISA and LFIA

Sequencing, Protease Substrates and RNA Reagents for use in screening and research into new therapeutics

Need help?

For any questions or inquiries, you can find the appropriate contact information here.