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Bromocresol purple *CAS 115-40-2* *Ultrapure grade*

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Physical properties
Molecular weight540.22
Storage, safety and handling
H-phraseH303, H313, H333
Hazard symbolXN
Intended useResearch Use Only (RUO)
R-phraseR20, R21, R22
StorageRoom temperature (10-25 °C); Minimize light exposure


Molecular weight
Bromocresol purple (BCP) or 5',5-dibromo-o-cresolsulfophthalein, is a pH indicator. In its sultone form, it has a pKa value of 6.3, and is usually prepared as a 0.04% aqueous solution. Besides its primary function as an indicator, bromocresol purple is used in medical laboratories to measure albumin.


Common stock solution preparation

Table 1. Volume of Water needed to reconstitute specific mass of Bromocresol purple *CAS 115-40-2* *Ultrapure grade* to given concentration. Note that volume is only for preparing stock solution. Refer to sample experimental protocol for appropriate experimental/physiological buffers.

0.1 mg0.5 mg1 mg5 mg10 mg
1 mM185.11 µL925.549 µL1.851 mL9.255 mL18.511 mL
5 mM37.022 µL185.11 µL370.22 µL1.851 mL3.702 mL
10 mM18.511 µL92.555 µL185.11 µL925.549 µL1.851 mL

Molarity calculator

Enter any two values (mass, volume, concentration) to calculate the third.

Mass (Calculate)Molecular weightVolume (Calculate)Concentration (Calculate)Moles



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