AAT Bioquest

AssayWise Letters 2017, Vol. 6(2)

Latest News and Events: Update to Spectrum Viewer
Our Spectrum Viewer is a tool that allows scientists to easily compare spectral data from our extensive catalog of fluorophores. They can then make informed decisions about which products suit their experimental goals and equipment (ie. lasers and filter sets). Since the Spectrum Viewer launch last

A practical guide for use of PE and APC in flow cytometry
A general examination of the abilities that phycoerythrin (PE) and allophycocyanine (APC) can provide in flow cytometry, and how to get the most out of each.

Selecting the right ROS probe
Reactive oxygen species, with its wide range of associated forms and targets, enjoys a number of tools able to monitor them.

A highly sensitive direct ELISA of cAMP without acetylation
Without acetylation of cAMP, anti-cAMP primary antibodies bind at a much lower rate, though acetylation also causes complications to cAMP's function. AAT Bioquest offers a solution that resolves both issues.

Quantitative comparison of iFluor™ 488- and FITC- conjugated antibodies for use in cell labeling
Investigations show the superiority of iFluor™ 488-conjugated antibodies as compared to FITC-conjugated antibodies, both in its brightness and photostability over time.